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You can find your Psychic predictions for 2023 and beyond, here on this website.  Everything that you see listed is his Original content and Copyrighted material and is Psychic information that is not copied or found anywhere else on the Internet.  He is the author and sole source of every Prediction on this site, whereas, many other sites copy or collect predictions from various sources and post them on their pages including copying the ones that he created.

How I see my World Predictions:
He’s an Empath and a Clairvoyant, that means he learns and understands everything through his own personal experiences. He sees everything while awake in images and visions and interprets them mostly from Intuition using no tools, cards, props, or instruments. His yearly predictions are sought out by International & National websites, National Newspapers, Radio Shows, and Interviews around the world.

LaMont was the ONLY documented Psychic in the world to warn people about 9/11 a full 12 years ahead of the tragic event all the way back to 1988 through his lectures and audio tapes long before the Internet was even invented*. (*by Al Gore of course..lol).

Unlike Nostradamus (Michel de Nostradamus) whom made his predictions in quatrains or cryptic verses. LaMont’s visions and predictions are based on what you’ll probably hear or see in news headlines, he didn’t intend for them to come out that way, but that’s the unique way that they were revealed to him over time.

Some people refer to him as “The Headline Psychic” since most of his predictions resembled or show up in headlines, but others that have known him longer see him as “The Baby Psychic” since he specializes in reading a lot of unborn children either while still in Spirit or prenatal, to bring special messages to their parents…..Visit the Blog section for more interesting stories and experiences that may interest you..

His prediction abilities are a God-given talent and he takes no credit for their creation. While many of his visions do take place or come true, he still occasionally makes mistakes in interpreting what he sees since everything is conveyed to him daily in still images which can either be symbolic or literal in meaning or the outcome can be changed through Karmic intervention.

He’s written well over 3000 predictions just on this website alone since 2008-2022 and that doesn’t even include thousands more made in lectures, radio shows, or personal consultations.

Even though many Psychics can use Astrology, Tarot cards, Runes, Tea leaves, Automatic Writing, Dreams, Auras, or other tools, it doesn’t mean that their information is ‘less’ valid, in fact, it can be just as insightful, but LaMont has a unique ability to pull predictions out of thin air at any time which can number as low as 10 or as high as 75 at a time. That’s how he writes each Prediction Series and explains why some blogs are shorter than others…

The VIP Private Predictions Blog site is for those people who are interested in knowing what will happen in the near future (the chaos in the Middle East, Earth changes, Earthquake predictions for the US, the coming unrest around the world, and Special Predictions that I won’t make public) with hundreds of new predictions not found in my other blogs.

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Here are a few of my Current Predictions that have been in the News:

** As of 2020 I stopped trying to add Predictions that came true since there’s so many that it would take too much time to post all of them!

Updated June, 02, 2022

  1. Prediction #27: People will have to take at least 2-3 different vaccines to fight the NEW strains of CV19 in 2021! – (2021-World Psychic Predictions)
  2. Prediction #15: Elon Musk of Telsa fame will overtake Amazon’s Bezos by 2024 as the richest American  – (2021-World Psychic Predictions)
  3. “The case against sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, will never go to court since he will be killed in jail, or commit suicide – which will be a staged event- August or September could be month that it happens as well”. (Prediction #6, August 2019)..
  4. “North Korea will be unified with South Korea and create one of the top successful economic forces in the region.”  (Prediction #19, January 2015 – Predictions seen by 2020)
  5. “I feel that Donald Trump will be the eventual winner of the 2016 elections by a landslide margin in many states.”  (Prediction #6, November 2016 – VIP) .
  6. “…we’re going to be opening up another gateway in April that may bring a lot of violence or earth changes in that month so don’t be surprised to see a huge earthquake in Japan, Mexico, the US, and even in Canada during April”. (March 2016 VIP – Opening comments) …
  7. “News of something good will occur this month concerning Cuba which could relate to the passing of Fidel Castro or an economic bridge is built between the US and that country”…..(April 2013 VIP Blog – Prediction #10) .
  8. “The US removes the blockade of Cuba for humanitarian reasons…”….(2012 Part III – Prediction #22) .
  9. “Janet Napolitano will eventually resign amid controversy/health issues “…..(June 2013-VIP – Prediction #4) .
  10. “Report of a Health issues sidelines President Obama with a respiratory condition”….(March 2013-VIP – Prediction #5) .
  11. “A new environmental drive to limit or ban Styrofoam/paper containers gets some traction in a few States”…..(February 2013-VIP – Prediction #12) .
  12. “The “Polar Vortex” that hit the upper Minnesota region in 2013 will come back this year farther East to NY and the New England state, but for a shorter period of time this year”…..(November 2014-VIP – Prediction #11) .
  13. “The US overall Unemployment rate will hit the mid 5% by November of this year”….(August 2014-VIP – Prediction #4) .
  14. “A major Dow Jones Stock market adjustment (another way of saying mild crash) will be realized shortly after it reaches 17,000 between now and this Fall.”….(July 2014-VIP – Prediction #4) .
  15. “The President will Pardon some illegal aliens that are already in jail for misdemeanor crimes by summer’s end”….(May 2014-VIP – Prediction #7) .
  16. “Another new typhoon of the year slams Philippines before the summer months are over. (Japan as well)”….(April 2014-VIP – Prediction #11) .
  17. “A rare violent Hurricane season will involve some major storms/hurricanes off the New England Atlantic coast this year  (flooding too)”….(July 2012 VIP Blog – Prediction #12) .
  18. “Winter will start earlier this year creating a lot of havoc with the jet stream and bring very harsh weather to the American Northeast coast line and New England states”…(Sept. 2012 VIP Blog – Prediction #15).
  19. “An earthquake will hit the nation’s capital before 2012 that will damage the White House and/or surrounding buildings”. (World Predictions 2011- Part I – Sept 06, 2010)
  20. “Japan, Burma, Hawaii, China, Taiwan, Indonesia will have Great tidal waves/Tsunami/storms during the years now to 2011…I see 2 -3 large events during this time….especially for Japan”. (World Predictions 2012- Part I – July 29, 2008)
  21. “Major illness/death around Jack Lalanne by 2012” ..(January VIP Blog – Jan. 15, 2011)
  22. “I saw many disturbing images of people in this country going after politicians and trying to harm them now through the years 2012…” (World Predictions 2012- Part II – Aug 6, 2008)
  23. “I’ve had a vision for many years of (previously unknown) undeveloped film (or even pictures) of the JFK assassination being discovered..” (World Predictions 2010- Part III – Oct 14, 2009)
  24. “I see a major Headline confrontation in the coming years over the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms”. (World Predictions 2012- Part II – Aug 6, 2008)
  25. “A major cruise ship or vessel will be damaged at sea…” (World Predictions 2009 – Part III Feb. 16, 2009).
  26. “Winter for most of the USA and Southern Canada will be much colder in 2010 with ice storms crushing small towns all over the Headline US..” (World Predictions 2010- Part IV – Dec 05, 2009)
  27. “California should be experiencing a major earthquake by Christmas (or early in the New Year)..something in the neighborhood of a 6.0 -7.3 scale event..” (World Predictions 2010- Part III – Oct 14, 2009)
  28. “At least 2 US allies will start to splinter away from America in the next yr…Mostly over military operations and policies…” (World Predictions 2010- Part II – Sept 05, 2009)
  29. “I see an attempt on the Pope’s life uncovered before the end of the year…(close call during travel?)” (World Predictions for 2009 – Part V – June 11, 2009)
  30. “Danger/Illness around President Obama during the holidays…” (World Predictions 2010- Part III – Oct 14, 2009)
  31. “Christmas will bring some fatalities to Americans either overseas or here in the States by the hands of terrorists during the holidays…” (World Predictions 2010- Part III – Oct 14, 2009)
  32. “Family issues surrounding Tiger Woods in the news…” (World Predictions for 2009 – Part 111 – Feb 16, 2009)
  33. “Oprah walks away from her TV show to begin a new format to include a larger audience with more interaction with her audience/fans…” (World Predictions 2009 – Part I – Apr 26, 2008)
  34. “Major earthquake seen in Iran by October or late Fall..” (World Predictions for 2009 – Part V – June 11, 2009)
  35. “Violence at the Temple Mount will inflame Muslims worldwide…” (World Predictions 2008 – Part III – Oct 10, 2008)
  36. “Indonesia storm (earthquake?) kills over 200 – water seen! by 2009…” (World Predictions 2010- Part I – May 2, 2008)
  37. “Danger/illness surround the Pope during a travel period this summer…” (World Predictions for 2009 – Part V – June 11, 2009)
  38. “A Government program that will reward anonymous tipsters to spy on people that may look or act suspicious like criminals will be enacted in 2010…” (World Predictions 2010- Part II- Sept 05, 2009)
  39. “Relations with Japan strained by Obama policies/statements… ” (World Predictions for 2009 – Part V – June 11, 2009)
  40. “Permission to fly to some states like NY & California will be required by 2010…” (World Predictions 2010- Part I – May 2, 2008).
  41. “Stock market hits 9300-9500 by summers end…” (World Predictions for 2009 – Part V – June 11, 2009)
  42. “A Major oil field will be discovered in Brazil between now and the end of 2009 that will dwarf those found in Venezuela…” (World Predictions 2012- Part II – Aug 6, 2008)
  43. “New cars will be ordered over the internet as dealerships dwindle…” (World Predictions for 2009 – Part 111 – Feb 16, 2009)
  44. “A Revolution will occur in Cuba within the next 18 months with drastic changes being made by Fidel’s brother to open its borders for people to leave or visit Cuba for the first time…” (World Predictions 2008 Part I – Jan 10, 2008)
  45. “Sarah Palin in the news, rumor of divorce/separation in the family heard…” (World Predictions 2009 – Part III Feb. 16, 2009).
  46. “Major flooding in the Midwest seen again this year…” (World Predictions 2009 – Part III Feb. 16, 2009).
  47. “A breach/damage at a major Dam will occur this year” (World Predictions 2009 – Part III Feb. 16, 2009).
  48. “Some former Russian countries will fail due to internal chaos/conflict” (World Predictions 2009 – Part III Feb. 16, 2009).
  49. “The Dow Jones stock market will drop to 6000-7000 soon…” (World Predictions 2008 – Part III – Oct 10, 2008)
  50. “Stock Market plunges after President’s State of the Union Address in 2009” (World Predictions 2008 – Part III – Oct 10, 2008)
  51. “India will experience another deadly train wreck where hundreds will be injured/killed” (World Predictions – 2009 – Part II Dec 29, 2008)
  52. “Satellite or Spacecraft explosion in space (early 2009? -China?)…” (World Predictions 2010- Part I – May 2, 2008)
  53. “Caroline Kennedy will not be accepted as a New York Senator…” (World Predictions 2009 – Part II Dec 29, 2008).
  54. “Caylee (Anthony) will be found by a male looking under some weeds or overgrowth..” (Missing Persons Report – Part I Caylee Anthony Nov 6, 2008)
  55. “Caroline Kennedy enters politics (runs for office)” (World Predictions 2008 – Part II June 9, 2008)
  56. “Great barges and Ships will be hijacked at sea in an effort to exploit the stolen oil” (World Predictions 2012- Part II – Aug 6, 2008)
  57. “New discoveries in Egypt will uncover a lost pyramid buried deep under the sand……” (World Predictions 2012- Part II – Aug 6, 2008)
  58. “Space rover on Mars gets stuck, loses communication. ” (World Predictions 2008 – Part II June 9, 2008)
  59. “New planet/solar system discovered by early 2009” (World Predictions 2008 – Part II June 9, 2008)
  60. “Massive layoffs in the US auto industry will be reported before Christmas” (World Predictions 2008 – Part III – Oct 10, 2008)