Psychic Predictions 2017 – Part I

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Psychic Predictions – 2017 Part I

These Predictions were: – Posted Dec 23, 2016 2:10 pm. CDT.


Please note that these predictions were written prior to Dec 19, 2016 and were submitted to the website on that date just in case some have already come true since that date. See the article in early January 2017 by noted Paranormal Author: Stephen Wagner – >  Link HERE! (when available).

(Stephen Wagner has been an investigator of many aspects of paranormal phenomena for over 30 years. He has written articles for numerous magazines, including FATE, and is the author of “Touched By a Miracle: True Stories of Ordinary People and Extraordinary Experiences“).

2017 will be a year of great economic change for the better as our new President, Donald Trump, spreads his wings of influence around Washington, DC and pushes for economic reform. While there will always be a lot of people who will not accept him, his actions may win over more people than any other candidate in modern history as his policies create more jobs in the first year than some previous presidents in 4 years. Due to the overwhelming changes and policies that I see coming soon, I’ve decided to devote a whole blog to President, Donald Trump that will probably shock most people so please take time to read it.



This is a 12 month to 24 month Prediction Series:


Prediction #1: One million jobs will be created, or saved in the year 2017 by President Trump.

Prediction #2:: NASA will be tasked by President Trump to return to the moon within the next 3-5 years.

Prediction #3: An explosion in or near the Trump Tower is seen during the year, but no serious injuries are reported.

Prediction #4: Russian President, Putin will be invited to the White House and to speak before Congress.

Prediction #5: At least 2 people will be fired or resign from the Trump Cabinet.staff in the first half of 2017.

Prediction #6 A Serious Illness or accident is seen around Shirley MacLaine in the New Year.

Prediction #7: Restrictions on Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries from buying up distressed farmland in drought-afflicted regions of the U.S. Southwest will be enacted after new laws are drafted to impede or reduce the acquisition of farm land and commercial agricultural businesses in the future.

Prediction #8: 2017 will be remembered for a historic expansion in the definition of Free Speech as the Supreme Court rules that some cursing should be allowed in public media as Free Speech.

Prediction #9: Land Lines (home phones) will be making a come back due to the dangers of Cell phones and overloaded cellphone bands in the near future.

Prediction #10: North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-Un discovers that his wife, Ri Sol-Ju has ties to communist China as an agent.

Prediction #11: A Naval conflict or incident will occur between the US and China over the disputed South China Sea islands where an US vessel will be damaged.

Prediction #12: Pet funeral homes will become the rage and some will be as expensive as a regular human funeral.

Prediction #13: The new faces on $20 bills with Harriet Tubman & Martin Luther King on the $5 bills will be rejected by many people in protest over the removal of Andrew Jackson’s image as America shifts away from the Politically Correct (PC) culture in 2017.

Prediction #14: The Euro’s value will drop below the US dollar before the end of the year.

Prediction #15: Micro-organisms/bacteria will invade the International Space Station within the next year and pose a health or safety hazard to crew members.

Prediction #16: A scientific discovery will be found that plants communicate through a hierarchy where older or more healthy plants relay information to new or unhealthy species through their roots and ground organisms.

Prediction #17: Micro chipping through the use of nano-sensors of US soldiers will begin to track and treat military employees and streamline record keeping.

Prediction #18: There will be a sizable earthquake (6.0 or more) in China or Russia within the next 10 months of this year.

Prediction #19: Something will be in the news concerning O.J. Simpson which could be an appeal, or an issue related to his failing health where he will be released early.

Prediction #20: Two or more major volcanoes will erupt in this calendar year as earthquakes dangerously shift the earth’s crust and this could include Mt. St. Helen’s.

Prediction #21: Action to remove the current airline TSA agents in favor of a more private civilian security force will be initiated this year.

Prediction #22:  Miracle “weeping” sightings of the Virgin Mary statues will increase around the globe this year and will include another birth of the sacred Hopi White Buffalo.

Prediction #23: China or Russia will more than likely be the first country to publicly release breaking news concerning possibly discovering life in outer space.

Prediction #24: German Chancellor, Angel Merkel will eventually be forced out of office due to the frustration over the immigration of Syrian Muslims into her country.

Prediction #25: The recent approval by the US Government to allow private companies like Moon Express to mine and explore the moon will be delayed due to equipment failures & protest by other countries over residual taxes.

Prediction #26: Mid 2017 will be a really good time for investments as the economy takes off again and regains a lot of ground due to new investment opportunities and economic growth.

Prediction #27: Nationalism and Patriotism are the new mantras of the Nation and that will bring back more enthusiasm for our country going beyond 2017 and it will shape new major legislation this year.

Prediction #28: New controversial International legislation will be created that will ban micro-plastics, or miniature plastic products since they do not dissolve, or if they can be ingested in our food supplies by animals and fish.

Prediction #29: Some US cities will ban women from wearing Burka’s in public places due to safety concerns.

Prediction #30: Congress will mandate that businesses cannot refuse to accept US currency as payment for goods and services since some businesses are starting to refuse cash as payment.

Prediction #31: India’s Space Agency’s attempt to Launch 68 Satellites in One Mission next year will fail due to a mishap (Electrical or Mechanical).

Prediction #32: The race to hide assets or a new (a virtual Swiss like cloud) banking systems will be created in space far from the reach of world governments and tax regulations. This Space Banking System will protect citizens and international companies (like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) from being taxed or regulated since they will be shielded from territorial boundaries because their physical assets will not reside on planet earth.

Prediction #33: An initiative to re-introduce cursive writing back in our schools will begin soon as the art of writing is being lost due to the technical revolution of computers and phones limits its use.

Prediction #34: New US/UN legislation to reduce air conditioner refrigerants will be delayed at least 3 years once president Obama leaves office.

Prediction #35: A major movie studio will be sold to a foreign company this year, but the sale will be blocked for legal reasons.

Prediction #36: Many citizens and organizations will be charged with voter fraud over this past election and some states will change the way that voting is done or the results are verified.

Prediction #37: All major cable networks will reshuffle their news content and style after millions of Americans boycott their networks due to fraudulent and unethical reporting.

Prediction #38: The US economy (GDP) will grow to or above 3.5% by 2018, beating all forecasts

Prediction #39: Manufacturing output in the US will increase by the end of the year to a 7-10 year high.

Prediction #40: The National adjusted Unemployment rate in the US will drop below 4% by the end of 2017.

Prediction #41: The administration of President, Donald Trump, will be the most aggressive business minded and successful forward thinking economic government in the past 70 years.

Prediction #42: Militarily, President Trump will initiate a draw down in all wars or conflicts in the next 2 years due in part by an aggressive military command directive to finish our jobs abroad and bring our service members back home as-soon-as possible. .There will be no more ISIS in the next 18 months or so after the US partners with Russia to expeditiously get rid of them.



***The information included below is additional BONUS Predictions that were not included in the published article mentioned above***

Prediction #43: Robots used as sex mates will be banned in some states and countries by the end of 2018, or illegal without a doctor’s prescription.

Prediction #44: The first biggest military test for President Trump will not be the Russians, Iran, or even Syria, but will involve China in a Naval blockade.

Prediction #45: A war on criminal gangs will be initiated in 2017 by mid-year specifically targeting MS-13 and other violent entities which in turn will create many credible threats against Congressmen and the President.

Prediction #46: Former, President Obama will continue to be the face of the Democratic Party once he leaves office and will even try his hand as being a Basketball Sports Announcer.

Prediction #47: An Illness or accident is seen around former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani in the new year.

Prediction #48: New income tax reform legislation will include the elimination of the 1040 form.

Prediction #49: A revolt against “Fake News” reporting will motivate new legislation or FCC rules against major networks from reporting on news stories that have not been first vetted or verified.

Prediction #50: 2017/2018 will go down in history as one of the top deadliest years involving earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, and natural aquatic disasters.



Please email me if you observe something in the news that I’ve missed in updating this website..



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anonymous August 26, 2017 at 3:01 pm

La Mont wrote :
“Prediction #33: An initiative to re-introduce cursive writing back in our schools will begin soon as the art of writing is being lost due to the technical revolution of computers and phones limits its use.”

Cursive is making a comeback in American elementary schools

A comeback for cursive? More states encouraging penmanship in school.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton September 6, 2017 at 8:05 am

Thank you again for your help with the Predictions and links, I have over 2,000 predictions on my site alone and it’s difficult to spend time updating them!


anonymous August 26, 2017 at 2:55 pm

Lamont wrote :
“Prediction #32: The race to hide assets or a new (a virtual Swiss like cloud) banking systems will be created in space far from the reach of world governments and tax regulations. This Space Banking System will protect citizens and international companies (like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) from being taxed or regulated since they will be shielded from territorial boundaries because their physical assets will not reside on planet earth.”

Bitcoin in space, no need to have wire phone cable for Internet access, use Internet by satellite for bitcoin transactions :

The world map where the system works :

But with bitcoin you are not anonymous in USA :

Psychic LaMont Hamilton September 6, 2017 at 8:04 am

Thank you SOO much for the updates and Links!


Regina F. Cooley August 15, 2017 at 8:11 pm

So far you have been right on, looking at 2017
part one.Thank God for Trump.
The liberal left is going berserk.!!
Toppling statues is totally unacceptable, it is part of our history. Where do they stop.They are totally out of control.Look at the Berkeley
fiasco. Give us your perspective on this one.
Thank you.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton September 6, 2017 at 7:48 am

Thank you Regina,

It’s going to get better since the public if FINALLY seeing the News Media for what they are, they are shills for the far-left communists in this county and the Democratic Party now sees what a lot of people have been saying for a long time. Most true Democrats want our country to grow and prosper but just like the Republican Party that is run by the Neocons and Rhino’s, we’ve all been duped by their political lies and deceit so 2018 and 2020 will wipe a lot of them out of office!


alex August 2, 2017 at 10:22 am

If what you said is true, why is the US dollar dropping so much and so fast? The US dollar is linked to the way Trump manages the country.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton August 8, 2017 at 10:50 am

Hi Alex,

There are many reasons why the US dollar goes up and down and one of them is the shaky economy here and abroad, it’s NOT linked per se to Trump by itself even though it does tie into investors and people that use the Stock Market. The stock market is at an ALL Time HIGH so that means that Wall Street doesn’t care what you’re reading in the Fake News, they are looking at what people are doing with their money an if companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple post a profit.

Of course the Car market is week and oil prices are lower than they’ve been in 12 years so there are certainly many more indicators that our economy is not improving fast enough for some people.

Look for a sharp decline in the Stock Market by December since the Globalists will use it to try and bring Trump down before the 2018 elections.

Remember, Trump has only been in office 8 months and that’s not a fair comparison to expect him to part the seas and still the waters like Obama claimed to have done in his 8 years…lol


bob October 27, 2017 at 12:41 pm

LaMont, You wrote in Aug. look for a sharp decline in the Stock market by Dec. Does that mean before Dec.1st , or does that cover the entire month of Dec. ? How big of a decline percentage wise? Thanks Bob

Psychic LaMont Hamilton December 11, 2017 at 11:01 pm

Hi Bob,

I sense it will be about 500pts between now and the end of this month and into early Jan.. We already had a momentary drop of around 350pts a week or so ago but it will still rebound if it drops again by the end of the month so it’s not a bid deal..


stephanie May 25, 2017 at 1:58 pm

You are good!

I love all of the wonderful things you see around the Trump presidency. Do you think HW Bush will make it through this year? I love him!

Psychic LaMont Hamilton May 25, 2017 at 4:25 pm

Hi Stephanie,

Old HW Bush is slowly fading away so I would be surprised if he makes it through the year, another family member is close to going as well.

Thank you!

Gwendolyn Meredith April 28, 2017 at 2:22 pm

Hello am unsure of my money in bank..Will I ever get a decent job? Am in security but would love a manufactured job.Live in Tallahassee,Fla…no good jobs here.unless work as law officer,,own a business, or go to school ..Would like to know ,what,s next.. Where am I going. To work makes me feel good. Thank you, Gwendolyn.

Kelly Clover March 8, 2017 at 10:11 pm

There is one huge piece of news that was not included in your 2017 predictions. That’s the big leak of CIA files and the numerous controversies related to what is now being learned. What is your perception about that issue.
Unlike Liam, Vine, and Jeanne Mayell, you don’t seem concerned about Donald Trump running roughshod over our civil liberties and trying to create a totalitarian dictatorship. Several other psychics are very concerned about him trying to seize way too much power.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton April 3, 2017 at 8:09 pm

Hi Kelly,

I wrote a LOT about what’s going on in our country Prior to 2017 in my VIP Blogs and where we were headed, so I also addressed the CIA leaks etc there as well. ALL of our Government is corrupt to the core and I know a hec of a lot more that that I cannot say here or my site it will go blank which has happened several times before including Jan 2nd after posting this blog!

I’m concerned about everything that’s going on with out country and I never said Trump was perfect, Obama flat lined our country for 8 years and blackmailed every member of Congress and SCOTUS into submission to pass his agendas and subverted our intelligence agencies just like Bush 1 & 2 did to spy on every American.

As far ANY other psychic is concerned, I DON’T follow, read, or listen to any other Psychic,s or sources than my own and I have an extensive background concerning the Government that most people do not have and that’s why I can see what others only do not…

As for the record, I disliked both Bush globalist and most politician’s in general..

Thank you!

Jor Stevens February 11, 2017 at 12:52 am

Your predictions resonate as the most truthful I have yet heard and they are rather optimistic. Thank you.

As a psychic myself, I think the general theme, in America, these days, is hypocrisy: we point the finger of blame while our own house is not in order. In one area, our financial system, was teetering on the edge of destruction until Trump took office, and people started to reinvest in America. The banking, environmental and medical regulations have suffocated the life out of many industries, while unbalanced Federal Reserve money creation, usury and high taxes has resulted in a relative 40% decline of middle class net worth over the past 10 years (seems to be accelerating downward exponentially.)

Most social unrest comes from a bad economy and/or government corruption. I have lived in many countries and the rule is that if the economy is good and the democracy is strong, then the people are content. Switzerland is a shining example of those truths. They pay much less taxes then we do, are a haven for entrepreneurs and even the guy flipping burgers is pulling in a good salary. They have a strong middle class, minimal government and an undefeatable military. Their actual unemployment rate hovers between 1 and 3%. They have effective social programs as well; but since jobs are plenteous, they don’t need it as much as we do.

I also lived in Austria, which has one of the highest income tax rates in the world and an oppressive social system, where you can’t even take a community college course without government approval. (I was denied my request to take a business German language course by a bureaucrat.) The health care and educational systems are atrocious; no one cares, cause everyone makes the same dismal 1200 Euro a month; everyone but the politicians. And that’s how it goes throughout the world. The average family needs government assistance just to get by. Houses cost twice as much to buy in Austria as they do in Switzerland, because the Swiss, although having a very small income tax rate, have an equity tax which helps to keep prices low. The low income tax, means you can save more easily.

After returning to America, I was immediately impressed how the poor people in America, were as wealthy as a middle class person in Austria. I really cannot understand, after this experience, why some people want socialism; why be like the depressed Austrians when you can be like the wealthy Swiss?

Anyway, you don’t have to like Trump to support his presidency. He can do great things if we support him. I don’t think people hired Trump for his personality, but rather his business acumen.

Also, remote viewing Russia and Ukraine, has shown me that western interests are massively deceiving their own people about Putin. Its almost pure insanity about how misled we are. On a conscious level we have no clue what is going on there. Western interests are attempting every form of deception about him. In reality, Putin is a lot more pure and honest than any western politician and the things he has done (like annexing Ukraine), are more heroic and legal than what Ukraine has done; the west is not pursuing the truth more earnestly and deeply as it pertains to Russia. Major hypocrisy surrounds western politicians and war mongers.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton April 3, 2017 at 8:22 pm

Hi Jor.

You are 100 percent CORRECT in everything that you stated and I’ve been preaching this for years in my VIP blogs, I’ve been warning everyone that Russia is the only country that actually espouses true concern over Christians and rejects a lot of the Muslim hypocrisy that is being spread by news outlets. The USA is in fact lying about Putin to force him in a war so that the globalist can infiltrate that country and pollute/corrupt their political system like that have ours.

95% of American’s are blind and brainwashed by our educational system and mass media so they cannot see or understand what we’re even talking about!


celeste R Hammond January 15, 2017 at 1:32 am

Yes, You forgot to mention all the social government programs that are going to be taken away from the people in America Like the stealing of peoples Social Security and Medicare vouchers, by your wonderful President Trump!

Psychic LaMont Hamilton April 3, 2017 at 8:58 pm

Hi Celeste,

That’s not going to happen!


Canadian January 2, 2017 at 2:50 am

Whoa! “… if our president is not taken out or injured while in office.” Isn’t that telling!

I hope no harm comes to Trump, I would like to see him do great things for America.

Linda December 27, 2016 at 4:37 pm

I hope some of these predictions come true. You have made me feel better about the coming year. thank you.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton December 29, 2016 at 9:24 pm

Thank you Linda!

You heard it here first so you can be assured that most of these events will take place if our president is not taken out or injured while in office.


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