Caylee Marie Anthony – Part III

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Caylee Anthony – Missing 3 yr old Caylee of Orange County, Florida.

Posted April 25, 2009 – 09:50am Central time..

Caylee Marie Anthony

Caylee Marie Anthony


I have started seeing some images that will surprise many people following this case in the news:The judge will soon begin gaining more control over the players in this case and issuing gag orders..(Due to Cindy?).

As many as 4 (I actually see up to 6 being cited) people will be charged with Contempt-of-Court or Perjury in this case before the trial ends..

At least 2 people, or half that were charged with Perjury/Contempt, will receive jail time for irritating the Judge.

A difference in this case and the infamous O.J. “trial of the century” will be that the judge presiding over this case is not a Judge Ito and is going to kick some butt when witnesses and Attorneys get out of hand….He will rule with an iron gavel…..One warning the first time, then you’re busted the next time if you step out of line….

Major tension will be felt by everyone in the courtroom….Especially the Press & Attorney’s…He’ll set the tone early in the trial and take no foolishness from anyone…..

Expect to see a controversy involving Nancy Grace and the Judge over inside information leaking out from or about the Jury concerning evidence..

Some reporters will be ejected from the Courthouse for breaking the Judge’s strict rules over press coverage….He’ll threaten to kick most reporters out before the trial even begins…

Expect to see Attorney Jose Baez charged with Contempt-of-Court soon for crossing the line with the Judge…this should occur by July..

Gloria Allred will get involved in this case by representing a female witness…This could be a family member or friend of Casey’s like Amy..

I still see a part of this trial starting in the Fall….this could represent Pre-Trial Discovery hearings and Motions by Baez to delay the case further…

Baez will attempt to force the Judge to free Casey on Bond but that’s not going to happen….The Judge’s concern will be that Casey will run or be harmed by the well as the current conduct of her parents in the media.

By Summer, those that are still drinking the Casey Koolaid will be disappointed when new evidence concerning Cindy’s private conversations with someone about Casey will come to light.

There are several new “key” witnesses that are holding back what they know until this case gets closer to trial…to avoid the media..

Casey’s Grandmother will reveal a bombshell about Casey and Cindy before Fall.

I see illness/danger around Casey’s grandmother…the strain with Cindy is taking it’s toll on her seeing Cindy/George deny what they know as the truth..

One key witness will be injured/die in a auto accident before this trial goes to Court…It appears to be one of Casey’s former boyfriends..

One of Casey’s former boyfriends will go to jail before trial…I see he may be in jail during the trial when he’s called as a witness..

I’m being told that a lot of major evidence has not  been revealed yet in this case and is being vetted before it will be released…

Dr Lee will be involved in a verbal controversy during trial with the Judge when he crosses the line in making statements about evidence collected by the Prosecution..

The Judge presiding over this case will be very impatient with the press coverage and Attorneys….The pressure will get to him very early in the first week of trial as a delay by Baez sets him off..




If you have any information on the case of Caylee Marie Anthony, please notify the authorities by using the phone numbers below:

Orange County Missing Persons Unit
407-836-HELP (4357)

Detective Yuri Melich
office 407.254.7000 (ext. 70633)

Crime line: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)


Please email me if you see something I’ve missed in updating this website..

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Alexandra December 2, 2011 at 11:24 pm

Hi Monte, I was just curious, and I didnt know what space to leave this comment, but, there is a little girl named Bianca Jones missing. Something about her really spoke to me, and I had to ask about her. Do you have any information, comments, or clues on where she could be?

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