Where Do Babies Come From?

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Where Do Babies Come From?

POSTED: March 19, 2014 4pm. UPDATED: April 08, 2014


One of the most rewarding and exciting areas of my work involves working with parents that want to have a child. There’s no greater happiness than knowing that a woman will bring forth a living soul that will walk this earth and create joy in the hearts and minds of their parents and family.

Of course there are times when someone needs a little extra help with conceiving and that’s where I offer the advice provided by the Angels in understanding why a couple cannot conceive. I can state from my own experiences that conceiving a child can be one of the most complex events that anyone will encounter in their lives. Most people don’t even come close to understanding that it takes more than “the birds and the bees” theory to make a baby, in fact, that’s the least important part.

All of the information that I’m about to reveal in this blog was wisdom and understanding that I learned from many years of experience by being a part of hundreds of interactions with women and men that asked for help in one way or the other that pertained to children. So the first thing that I want to state are some facts that you’ll never read or hear about in any other place collectively than this website because most doctors don’t even understand what I’m about to say and medical science hasn’t even caught up to the work that most Medical Intuitive’s or Healing Arts workers understand from their practice. As a word of caution and legal understanding; I am NOT a doctor or licensed medical professional and you should ALWAYS follow the advice of your doctor or health care professional since they know you personally and care about your health and safety.

For more information, Please contact me at:  WorldPsychic@Email.com


Starting March 20th, 2014, The fee for answering up to 3 questions related to pregnancy or baby issues for NEW clients will be $40 since I have to read all three parties and it takes hours of work to process the correct answers for you. I will normally answer your questions with 2-3 days at the most depending if I’m out-of-town or on the road traveling.. All that I need is a photo of the mother and father to answer your questions. Please provide any details like past miscarriages or medical issues to shorten the response time. You can use the Paypal link below to pay for this service:



Are you ready? Ok, here we go: (sorry for the all caps, I didn’t write this that way and it converted the text to all capital letters when it was uploaded)


**All Babies choose their parents before they arrive here on earth either by a Spiritual Contract or through Free Will before they’re even born! That’s right! You chose your parents for one or more Spiritual reasons and that’s how you got here. It’s no wonder that the Bible places so much importance on the family that they included it in the Ten Commandments – Number 5 says: “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you”. The main reason that this is even in the Ten Commandments is because you entered into a contract with your parents to be born and you should honor that awareness regardless of what you think about your parents now.


**Making any baby involves the permission of all three parties before a baby can be conceived, this permission may not always be a conscious decision as much as a Spiritual decision on some level. In other words, a man may say that he never meant to get someone pregnant but just by the mere fact that he slept with a woman gave that permission. (Kinda like you may not have wanted to pee in your pants when you rode that Roller Coaster ride at Disneyland the last time you were there but you took that chance anyway knowing that it “could” happen which is the same thing as giving permission on a higher level). So all three parties made a contract or agreement either before you arrives here or after you arrived on earth to participate in a child’s birth.


**All Babies are created as female first! Then, they may change into a male later if the right genetic material are added . So every boy is first-born a female and then transforms to a male. The female just stays the same all of the way though the creation process.


**A baby can change it’s gender up until the time of delivery!! I don’t care that any doctor will tell you that this is impossible. I’ve seen it happen many times when I would see a male or female and the expecting mother would send me Sonograms and swear that the doctors did this test or that test and it always came out 100% to what the Angels told me.. It doesn’t matter to me what the sex of a baby is and all I wish for is that a family have a child that they want so it’s not about me being right as much as a confirmation that God has his hand in that decision and no one else.


**A baby can choose to terminate a pregnancy at any time prior to delivery. In one case (see below) I was asked by a nurse to teach her how to abort her unborn child. I was told to inform the nurse that she needed to talk to her baby and ask for it to not come to full term and explain why she didn’t want the child and she self-aborted (miscarried) several days later. Sometimes this will happen when women have miscarriages since the Soul of that baby may have just wanted to experience the partial birthing process. There are other times that I’ve seen a baby abort the pregnancy because the parents don’t get along or they baby felt that it was not wanted or in danger. This gets into a lot of complicated stuff so I won’t say too much about it here other than you both parents need to be on the same page before a baby arrives. Even if the parents are on the same page that doesn’t guarantee a successful pregnancy since the baby may choose to end the pregnancy for any number of reasons from not liking the timing of the birth to wanting to wait for another family member that they want as a parent.  Even if you cannot conceive after already giving birth to another child, a baby may choose to come through one of your children when they are ready to conceive. This happens a lot when a child was killed in an accident or they didn’t fully develop in another pregnancy. It’s their way of coming into the family through another person to be part of the same Soul Group (family).


**Babies can hear all of your thoughts and feel your emotions prior to birth. This isn’t so much as a surprise but what people miss is that they hear EVERYTHING! and that’s the problem. If you’re fighting or fussing with a mate severely enough and the baby hears this conflict they can choose to abort the process. I’ve seen this done over and over again sometimes with the same person until they resolve their issues with a mate and then the baby will be delivered. (See story below)


**Some baby Souls literally compete and protest with each other in Heaven to be the one that is allowed to be born next. The sex of a baby is sometimes determined by which one wins out and that is one reason that the gender can change anytime along the pregnancy. When I say fight, what I mean is they will compete gender against gender and even which one is the strongest among its peers to be first in line to arrive here on earth. What happens is that all of us belong to a Soul group which is made up of our family and friends that we agree to be a part of in this incarnation. So your family is composed of people who you’ve been related to before in past lives and you normally will be a different player in that Soul group such as being a male, a father, brother etc along with any female roles as well in other incarnations. So you can see how things can get competitive if you had 3 children in a past life and have 2 children now and the third wants to come into this incarnation to be with his or her siblings? This is why they compete with one another and the one that wants it the most usually wins.. There’s a lot more to this subject but I’ll keep it brief for now.


**Some children that are born with birth defects or medical issues made that agreement prior to arriving. What this means is that while our Souls are in Heaven, we sometimes choose to have certain handicaps so that we either learn from this affliction, or that we come to teach others something related to that illness. In other words, some children are here to teach the parents (or others) about love, compassion, understanding, patience, and empathy, or any other lesson that we need to learn. We also possess the ability to help heal a child from their illness through unconditional love (Faith) or medical science. There are times when a doctor makes a mistake or the parents ingested something toxic that affected the physical body of a child but most of the time these illnesses are Karmic in nature. Not Karmic meaning some type of punishment or retribution, but rather something tied to a past life or life lesson in particular. Some birth defects can be related to a past life where a soul was injured like being shot or cut and that injury carried over into this incarnation where they may have a missing limb or unusual medical condition.


**Some parents sometimes agree to NOT have a child in this lifetime even though you may not remember making that contract before coming here. This can happen when someone is born without reproductive organs and cannot conceive by any means possible, but they can adopt a child and that can be a child that they had in another incarnation. In other words, just because you adopt a child doesn’t mean that that Soul belonged to another parent, it could  be one of your Soul Group. Another area that I’ve seen is that when a woman has several children from different men, they can still be from the same Soul Group in another incarnation.


**Your Soul does not always arrive with your body at birth, and some babies don’t receive a Soul until right before birth or some even up to 48 hours later! Think about that a while and why some babies are aborted, or miscarry before arriving? Have you ever felt your birthday was the day before or after the day you were born? This could be why? Even if a baby is aborted, killed in an accident, or miscarried during the pregnancy, I can still see them in Heaven and even talk to them since they remain around a parent no matter how they died!


**Hypothetically, it is possible for a woman to conceive a child without participation by a man! In fact, I publicly predicted this way back in 2008 on my first Myspace blogs and since then there have been numerous cases of animals like isolated dolphins and sharks in captivity doing this very thing. One day science will understand that conceiving a child is more about vibrations and energy than physical interaction. We’re still a ways off in discovering how this can happen by science, but I’ve already seen this in my mind for over 20 years. We could use our very own DNA to make a clone of ourselves without any external means if a mother has had at least one pregnancy  (it doesn’t matter if it went to full-term or not since the DNA is present from the father from that point on).


**One of the main reasons for having an orgasm is to establish a bond between us and our mates so that we raise our vibration high enough for a child to be created. Another reason for the orgasm is to surrender physically and emotionally so that we allow the sperm to enter further into the womb to create a baby. The greater the orgasm, the greater the likelihood that you’ll get pregnant faster since the undulating waves or spasms pulls the sperm further into the vagina. Sometimes, it’s better to have regular sex prior to ovulation and then holding off a few days (2-3) right until ovulation occurs to get pregnant to increase the passion or intensity of your lovemaking.


**Men that refrain from having regular sex in an effort to help the fertilization process does not always help and it’s more important that they have regular sex so that the sperm renews itself faster. In essence, sperm degrades the longer it is held in the male’s body but all it take is less than 5 seconds to produce 1,000 sperm cells. Plus, normally the more intimate the lovemaking, the higher in quality and quantity the sperm is produced in a man so pace yourself and try to focus more attention to enjoying the process and not so much on the end result since stress is counterproductive on every level.


**Statistically, most women ovulate around midnight. So that’s the best time for lovemaking since you’ll also hold the sperm longer in your body in a horizontal position which facilitates the fertilization process. The other times during the day that are also fertility friendly is at 6-9 am. This is when a man’s testosterone is at the highest levels and explains why so many men are frisky in the morning over late at night. Also from 10pm-1am is when the libido is at full strength for most women and some men.


**A man does not decide the gender of a baby!. This common fallacy evolved from the notion that men only supply one or the other (boy or girl) chromosomes in higher quantities but now there is overwhelming evidence that men have equal amounts of both boy and girl producing sperm regardless of the gender they have previously produced or other members of their family. It’s more of a Spiritual decision than a physical trait and there are ways to increase the physical likelihood of a boy or girl based on pH values, temperature, sexual positions, bio-rhythm, and others, but I can assure you that I’ve seen the competition in the Spiritual world decide who comes through long before you ever decide what you think that want.  So in my opinion, it doesn’t matter what you do, the decision is made in Heaven by God, not here on earth but you do have a say in that creative process by what you do as opposed to what you think.
You can pray and ask for a specific gender and that’s ok, or you can talk to your future baby and ask that a certain gender come first or second since that’s one of the major battles that goes on in Heaven before the children arrive. Think about what happens at a birthday party or school setting when you have a mix of little boys and girls, they sometimes compete for who is in line first to get something and that’s exactly what happens “sometimes” in Heaven before they figure out whom will be first to come into this incarnation. I’ve seen a girl child get bullied several times before she is strong enough to force her way into the line to be born. This isn’t a sexist sort of thing that goes on, it’s just part of the process at times when you get too many boys during pregnancy and then finally a girl comes through. But!, I’ve seen the very same thing when a strong personality female pushes the boy out-of-the-way as well. Another tidbit is that if a boy or girl breaks in line and you get pregnant, they still will compete during the pregnancy and that’s one reason for miscarriages. So if you’re prone to miscarriages, then you need to pray to your baby and ask them to allow only one child at a time to come through so the process can be completed and if you plan on having more children you can promise them that you’ll get pregnant again so the other child can join the first one. One reason that they compete is that they want to often join other children that you may have to be a part of that Soul Group. Kind of like choosing a soccer team or family if you will that they want to be included with.


**Just because a man tells you that he wants a baby doesn’t mean that he wants a baby!. I have to cover this area all the time with women that argue with me when I point out that their partner isn’t too keen to having junior running around the house anytime soon. Guys may just say that they want a child so they don’t have to deal with the emotional headache of dealing with this touchy subject! I’m not endorsing this approach at all, but LADIES, do not mention, breath or share your views about conceiving before or during sex or you’ll scare the heck out of a guy to the point that he’ll be scared to death to climax!! It’s the equivalent of saying that your daddy is coming down the hall into your bedroom while you’re having sex with him. Being in bed with your partner should be about having fun, relaxing, loving, and sharing, it’s not the place to make decisions concerning whether you want a baby or not. Of course some guys are going to say “Yes” just so they can play leapfrog more often with you but try to have an honest conversation outside of the bedroom and be open if they are afraid, or if they’re not ready for fatherhood at this moment. For men, being a parent represents a major financial, moral, and emotional commitment for life that women may not immediately consider when making that decision. (Women also will say that they want children when they really don’t to try and reel in a potential mate so you’re not getting a free pass on this subject either..lol)


**Can you get pregnant if you’re on your period or after having your tubes tied?Absolutely!, while there are many rumors or wives-tales that you cannot get pregnant during your period, your body is way more complicated and sophisticated than any closed-minded scientist can understand. With that said, I’ll state again that if a Soul wants to come through you as a parent, it can and will happen no matter what limitation ANY doctor may try to tell you and with the understanding that sperm can live within the body for 5 days or may after sex it is possible for one of those little ninja sperm to wait in hiding for the right time to fertilize an egg. I live and work with Angels every day and often see the miraculous work that God and the Angels perform in the lives of ordinary people so I don’t adhere to these limitations set by doctors. I did witness a case of a woman in a Northeastern state many years ago that I saw was pregnant and she argued that she couldn’t possibly be pregnant because she had her tubes tied. As it turned out, she was in fact pregnant after going to see a doctor. So to be honest, that could have been due to a botched medical procedure or that baby really really want her as a parent and overcame that limitation. Even if these events are rare, no one cannot truthfully deny that it can’t happen since I’ve  witnessed both of these situations in the past.


**Can you get pregnant even if a man has a Vasectomy? Absolutely!, even though the procedure will reduce the likelihood that you can or will get pregnant, it’s not 100% foolproof since the sperm and leak through if the tubes are tied or sealed and the only way to tell is to test the semen for any sperm that may be present.


**Can you still have a period if you’re pregnant?Yes and No!, This question is a little more complicated since the presence of blood could be related to the pregnancy instead of your menstrual cycle and you wouldn’t know the difference. Even if the bleeding or spotting occurs near or on your normal cycle, it still could be a hormonal response to the pregnancy and not a true period. But, I believe that there are exceptions to the medical communities perception of the female body and can accept that I in fact an actual period can occur even if it’s rare.


**The body’s pH factor is one of the most important things that you can use to help yourself get pregnant. (The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a substance is. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is neutral. A pH less than 7 is acidic. A pH greater than 7 is basic). Most doctors and people don’t even know that your urine or saliva pH value is. It’s one of the best ways to not only determine overall health, but it also plays a vital role in preparing your body to get pregnant. Why pH is such an important part of the process? Probably the easiest way to explain this is to compare your vaginal pH as sort of gate-keeper or a deterrent to sperm. A high acidic vagina will have an easier time keeping the weakest sperm out by killing it before it reaches the happy hunting ground. And which sperm is the weakest? The Y or the boy producing sperm is actually the most vulnerable of the two. But if you’re highly acidic the pH that are going to help keep the ‘Y’ sperm from the egg can also keep the female sperm from the egg as well. I prefer to tell women to keep their pH at level from 7.5 to 8.5 to aid in the conception process right before ovulation. If your pH is too high all of the time then you’ll be prone for yeast infections or other issues. The test strips can be purchased at WalMart or your local pharmacy, here’s a link to what you’re looking for at the store: HERE!  ..Below is a pH scale and the color codes with each strip manufacture may differ slightly but the theory is the same.


Having a pH that is out of balance — either too acidic or too alkaline — can have serious effects on a woman’s overall health. Most women, if they are out of balance, will find that their pH is too acidic. This is largely because of the amount of processed foods, refined sugars and corn-fed meats in the modern-day diet or they are dehydrated. A pH that is too acidic might cause fatigue, bacterial infections, skin problems such as acne and eczema, generalized aches and pains, and more severe menstrual cramping. Bringing the pH back into balance calls for long-term changes to diet and overall lifestyle but it can be changed easily with your diet. Testing your pH can be done through using pH test strips and placing them in your urine stream, saliva or vagina secretions, I don’t recommend the saliva test since it can be easily affected by what you eat or drink. The vaginal test is only important if you’re trying to conceive and the urine test should be done after your first release since you’ve stored a lot of toxins in your body all night and you need to get rid of that before testing.
Step 1 -Eat plenty of vegetables, especially the dark green like spinach, leafy variety and root vegetables, both of which contain high levels of alkalizing mineral compounds.
Step 2  Squeeze fresh lemon and lime juice on foods and in drinks. Although lemons and limes are thought of as acidic, they are actually a good source of alkalizing mineral compounds along with electrolytes.
Step 3 -Try to reduce your intake of animal proteins, which are acidifying and try to eat white meat over red meat.
Step 4 -Supplement your diet with green foods or drinks containing chlorophyll, such as spirulina — the plant equivalent of the hemoglobin in your blood — which helps weaken acidity and provide iron.
Step 5 -Rejuvenate your digestive system with a periodic cleanse, which helps detoxify and regularize bowel movements.
Step 6 -Choose whole foods in their natural state over refined, processed and overcooked foods, which are depleted of nutrients and require the body to expend large amounts of precious alkalizing mineral compounds to digest them. So read the labels on all packaging to learn what’s best for your body.
Step 7 -Take a multivitamin containing essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium, but make sure that it’s from a good USA source and not from another country

The Strange Case of Stillborn Births (Source: “Top 10 List Of Medical Mysteries For 2014“)

Here’s a tidbit from a new article about babies that are stillborn: “..Again we present not a single mystery, but a number of related and long-standing mysteries instead. Earlier this year, English researchers confirmed that male babies are more likely to be stillborn than females — significantly so. While scientists believe this gender disparity results from some biological source, they have not yet identified an exact or even a plausible cause. Usually cases are accounted for in vague, uncertain terms, while one quarter of the total are said to arise from unknown origin. Sadly, one aspect of this unsolved puzzle is clear: 100,000 male babies die in this manner every year“.


***A couple of stories:

*In 1989 while at a conference, I was approached by a nurse that I met in Louisville, Kentucky about discussing her desire to have an abortion of her pregnancy. She told me that she was married to a Doctor and already had 5 children that she didn’t want. After first questioning her about the irony that she was a nurse and her husband being a doctor and not using birth control if she didn’t want children, I was told by Spirit to have her first “talk to her baby and explain that the child would not be wanted or loved, and it was the wrong time to come through her into this world” and it would leave. She left a little skeptical of my words and said that she would try it, but three days later when I saw her again, she revealed that she had a miscarriage and the baby self-aborted.


*In the early 80’s, I was contacted locally by someone with a daughter that was pregnant and diagnosed with having a deformed infant. I was told that the young girl had been seen by two doctors that informed her that her baby would be born with what was described to me as Microcephaly (pinhead baby) and it would not survive. After being told by the family that they would do whatever I recommended, either by having an abortion or allowing the birth to go to term, I tried to tell them that it wasn’t my decision and not my place to recommend a termination of a child. After repeated phone calls & requests for help, I conveyed to them that I saw a healthy baby boy arriving but I would not make the decision for them based on just what I saw. I then prayed the hardest that I have ever prayed in my life and asked God to tell me what to tell them. I was told to tell them that the baby would be born perfectly normal and not to abort it. A baby boy was later delivered completely healthy.


I can honestly say that this one of the hardest readings (at that time) that I’ve ever done since I knew that if I was wrong, a baby would die by my words..I promised the Angels (and God) that if I was wrong, I would stop my practice immediately and never do another medical diagnosis for a person again..I later saw the baby boy when he was brought to town to visit his grandmother and I was invited to see him. He was wearing a yellow jumper that was exactly what I saw in my vision and what I had used to determine that he would be delivered healthy..But the daughter never knew that part of the story until her mother told her when she was reminded by seeing the yellow jumper…As a side note; I worked many years after this time as a medical intuitive and this one experience was where I surrendered my complete Faith to God to lead me to help others and the Angels were never, ever, wrong in anything that they told me concerning a diagnosis..Never!



*I once was approached for help by a Lawyer in another state that was having a difficult pregnancy. When I talked to the baby inside of her I knew that she had married a man from Iran that was very abusive and the baby was afraid to be born. After telling this person many other things that only she would know, I advised her to immediately divorce her husband if she wanted the child to live and leave the US to have the baby delivered. The child that spoke to me told me every issue this woman had with her husband and said he would not come out of her until the father was removed from the home because he knew that he was planning on murdering him..The mother initially didn’t even believe me until I was able to repeat many arguments that she had with her husband that the child told me about while inside his mother.  Being an attorney, she was very skeptical about my abilities when we first met in Minneapolis and she asked me to prove to her that I could see her baby. While I looked at her stomach through her winter clothes, I could see a large 2-3 inch cross over the baby inside of her and told her that the child was somehow protected since I saw a cross overlaying the boy…She looked puzzled for a few minutes and asked me to describe what I saw..Again, I repeated that I saw a metallic silver cross over where the baby boy was shown to me inside her belly…She immediately started shaking her head and removed her coat, sweater, shirt, and raised her oversize tee-shirt to reveal that she was wearing an unusually long chain that reached all the way to her naval with a large silver cross on it which could not have been seen by me since it was winter and she had numerous layers of clothes on!  She later moving to Mexico to have her baby and I was informed that she discovered that her husband had made prior plans to kill her child after it was born. But based on what the Angels told her, she received legal help in getting him deported before it was too late so it averted the death of her child.


*When I was in college, the house-mother in my dorm asked for my help with one of the coeds. I was told that she discovered that the girl was covered with large lumps all over her body that was later identified as a lymphatic cancer. This girl was a beautiful brunette in her early twenties that was energetic and well liked by everyone but now she couldn’t even get dressed without help. She was later told by doctors that she would have to have radiation and chemo therapy and not only would she lose all of her hair, but she would be sterile for life after her treatment. I was heartbroken because she was engaged to be married at the end of the semester and her fiance wanted to postpone the wedding due to her illness. I implored her to go ahead and get married since I knew that love has its own magical recipe of healing people and she took my advice and said she would get married.
She left college shortly after that and I didn’t see her for about 2 years until she walked up to me in a restaurant one day and stood in front of me and I didn’t even recognize her. She was absolutely gorgeous with shoulder length hair and had gotten married to her fiance and was carrying a baby boy with her. Everything that the doctors told her didn’t happen and she overcame the cancer and had a baby in spite of what they said, I was drawn to tears just seeing her standing there glowing like an Angel while she tried to thank me for helping her during that difficult time. She didn’t even realize that the Blessing was all mine and this story still moves me every time that I read it!








LEGAL NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: To Anyone reading this Blog/Post:, FOR EDUCATIONAL & ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY- World Psychic AKA, Monte, “Psychic” is not affiliated with any religious, philosophical, military, Militia or political organizations and is not a Doctor!. “Please seek profession help with any of your individual medical needs and follow their advice”. (C) 2008-2014 World Psychic! – All Information or Predictions that are made on WorldPsychic.Org are my Personal Opinions and ONLY represent Dreams, Visions, Thoughts, and Intuitive imagery and ” DO NOT REPRESENT ANY MATERIAL or FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE or INFORMATION THAT IS PERSONALLY KNOWN BY “PSYCHIC” aka, “Monte”, “WORLD PSYCHIC “. All text, Work Product & Mental property (Intellectual rights) in my Blogs, Journals. HTML Code, and Bulletin Posts are copyrighted material pursuant to the protection of my First Amendment Right to Free Speech covered by the United States Constitution & U.S. Copyright Laws.

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renee taborn July 26, 2019 at 7:44 pm

I had my son april 4th an he passed june 25th 2019 of SIDS. I miss an live my don so much I know he was only 2 months an couple weeks but does he think of me do he miss me like I miss him .me an my husband planned him my husband said when he was gone be born april 4th an he arrived here around 9:30 an said he was gone be his twin an he was our first boy together. Will I see him again? Will I ever get blessed with another handsome son?

Psychic LaMont Hamilton September 22, 2019 at 9:56 pm

Hi Renee,

I’m so very sorry for your loss and heartbreak with the passing of your son this year. Yes, your son will return to you with another birth and there’s always reasons why a baby does not live long soon after birth. I do feel that he was just trying to see if he would be loved and testing you and your husband to see if you really wanted him to stay. In cases like this, it’s not uncommon for the Soul to return again in the family through the original parents or even your siblings to be a part of your Soul-Group. So, Yes, he will return shortly to you with another birth if you are still open to have him in your family again.


Niki Tarbi July 22, 2019 at 3:27 pm

I wish I could know if this would actually help me get some answers. I pray everyday to God and to the children in heaven to pick me. I truly believe in the theories about how children pick their parents but I dont know why no one has picked me to be their mother and we have been trying for two years.We are deeply in love and want to have a child so bad. I just dont understand why it is so hard for us then other mothers who seem to care less about being a mom have so many babies.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton September 22, 2019 at 9:49 pm

HI Niki,

Thank you for sharing your feelings and heartache concerning children and your desire to have a family. It’s very complicated to explain why some women can conceive easily and others not. It doesn’t mean that you’re not deserving or are being punished in some way. Having children is an issue that’s more about timing than desire or need, it’s about the child choosing the time and place more so than our needs.

So, my advice to you is to keep your Faith and not give up on having a child and also try not to compare your life with someone else. If you keep your Faith and Focus on what you want and do what is necessary to stay healthy to have a beautiful child of your own, then it will happen..


Cyril Salas June 28, 2017 at 3:22 am

I think that psychics are able to predict pregnancy, based on women’s information. But, for the accurate result, visiting a doctor is a good idea!

Psychic LaMont Hamilton August 1, 2017 at 10:46 am

Hi Cyril,

Thank you for your comments.

I read women and provide information on infertility and Spiritual matters which a doctor cannot do. So it has nothing to do with someone telling me about their pregnancy or issues. It’s done from a Spiritual point of view where I can communicate with the Spirit of the child.

Thank you,

Danielle K February 16, 2017 at 5:52 pm

Its amazing what I have read in this blog and do have a question for you. I had a baby boy, that took my husband and I nearly 4 years to conceive, and even though i heard his heartbeat the night before, he was born silent 2 weeks ago. I would like to know if he will come back to me again in another pregnancy and will be alive and live in the physical world on earth with his parents. We want to have children so badly and all I do is pray, every night, for him to come back to me. Please help me with this grief I feel! Thank you.

Mimi November 11, 2016 at 12:59 pm

I have spoken with two psychics within the past 2 years inquiring whether I will get married and/or have children. The first medium stated that she saw me with a little girl but didn’t know if I would have this child biologically.

The second medium stated that she saw three kids altogether: either one male or two females or vice versa but she could not confirm whether it was going to be blended family (one or two coming from my future spouse and one girl from me). She stated that she saw a boy, someone that was very curious about life and had a thirst for knowledge. During the meeting, she stated that a toddler girl came through, she couldn’t figure out whether the girl had been a child that may I have been pregnant with that the pregnancy didn’t come into fruition or whether she was a future child but she identified to her that she was my child. I will be 37 next year, to my knowledge, I have never been pregnant or have spontaneously miscarried. I hope that if this has ever occurred that I would know somehow that it was a miscarriage of some sort.

She stated that the child is always around me, she had already picked me as her mom but she’s waiting for the right time to come.

I am wondering a few things: (a) Whether this child will be biological, (b) when will I become conceive/birth her, (c) will a child’s spirit come through to an individual/medium even if they are going to be adopted into the family, and (d) can a medium tell if a woman will never have children but will adopt children?

I’ve always had great interest in adopting but, as a woman, you always want to birth a child as well. There is a piece of me that believes that the children mentioned by the second medium will be adopted, if not all three of them. If I know that I am not destined for a biological child, then I’d like to seek all opportunities to adopt, preferably siblings.

You have a great gift and I was wondering if you had any insight into my situation.

Keira Sylve August 17, 2016 at 7:17 am

I had an ectopic pregnancy that really changed me afterwards. i was so hurt and confused i blamed myself for losing my baby! Im curious to know, after reading this article, if my baby still loves me and do he/she know that i love them and miss them so much.

Whitney Faith April 2, 2016 at 12:50 pm

Hi, I gave birth to our stillborn baby almost 9 weeks ago, On February 1. No cause was found. I was nervous nearly the entire pregnancy and I’m not sure if it was intuition or just plain normal anxiety. I was wondering if she’s ok – I just hope she knows how much we love her and wanted her here with us, and I hope she didn’t feel any pain.

Emily March 6, 2016 at 11:46 pm

Hello. My husband and I have been dealing with secondary infertility for unknown reasons. I was told today by a medium that I had seven children in the past and I may be sending signals now that I am unsure of whether or not I want more kids or that I am scared of losing them. I am not sure what this means as we both REALLY want more children. She said I have 3 spirits around me that I just need to give permission to come. Not sure what this all means and what I need to do with this information.

Dang Lam February 21, 2016 at 7:34 pm

Hi, I gave birth to my stillborn daughter last month due to triple nuchal cord. She would’ve been a month. I was wondering if she ever thinks of me… Sometimes I feel like it’s my fault that she passed away inside of me. I just want her to know how much I love her and that I hope she didn’t suffer in any way.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton February 28, 2016 at 11:37 pm

Hi Dang,

I’m so sorry to hear about the your loss of your daughter and I know that she is still around you in Spirit as children lost through any means normally stay loyal to their parents and try to come through them again when the opportunity arises.

No, it’s not your fault at all that she did not survive as their are many accidents that can happen like this and it’s just God’s will that she could not be born at this time. However, I know that she will attempt to come through you again soon or another family member so that she can be with her brother.. So don’t give up on trying to conceive again and know that your daughter loves your Very Very much since she chose you as her parent in the fist place due to the bond that you both possess for each other.

She will let you know that she’s still around you by playing with your hair when you sleep or get distracted so if you sense someone playing with your hair then that will be her way to let you know that she still loves you and is still hanging around your family.

Many Blessings and Happiness from myself and your beautiful daughter in Spirit.!!


Michelle November 4, 2015 at 2:31 pm

I was reading some information on your website and had a question.
I see in a paragraph you said that every baby is a female at first. I had a medium/psychic tell me yesterday that she seen that I would have two girls next. Is it possible that she is seeing two girls because that’s how they all start off as and later when they are conceived they can change gender to a male??

Psychic LaMont Hamilton December 25, 2015 at 3:55 am

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your good question, Of course the person that you mentioned CAN certainly be seeing them before they transition if that happens, but you would probably have to ask her for clarification since she may be seeing many things. Sometimes the energy around an infant can be feminine and that will throw some people off since they are feeling the energy (as in an Empath) and not really seeing the gender as the child will be presented at birth.

The gender of any baby can change up until the day it is born so that may happen a few times in some rare instances before they setting out on one gender, but I would give her the benefit of the doubt that she knows what she’s seeing for your children.


Melody Drinkwater Wagner September 9, 2014 at 4:46 pm

This explained so many questions I had. I cried while reading “all” of it. On one of your blogs I asked a question if you saw a baby girl for my daughter who had 3 boys. You said not this time but in 2 years she will have her baby girl. (Her children are all 2 years apart. In between each child she has had a miscarriage. 8 babies, 3 miscarriages. Her last miscarriage was twins, then she had her baby girl. Exactly 2 years later like you said. Her baby girl will be a year old in October. All of her children, my grandchildren are such a blessing. I wanted to Thank you for your loving help and your blogs. Do you see any more children for her?

Psychic Monte September 9, 2014 at 7:01 pm

Hi Melody,

Thank you for the words of encouragement for the many couples that desire to have a child and need a little inspiration. It makes my day every time that I receive feedback from families that have successfully conceived a child and it’s a blessing for me to be a part of that beautiful process of bringing forth a child to carry more love and happiness in this world.

As always, any insight or advice that I provide for couples comes from the Angels and I’m just the smiling messenger that delivers their message for you.

Thank you Melody for sharing your great news and tell your daughter (and new baby girl) Hi for me.


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