Who Uses My Services?

People from all walks of life come to me for help from teachers, Celebrities, Private Investigator’s, Reporters, Doctor’s, Bank managers, Pastors, Lawyers, Investors, Parents, people needing help with their children, students wanting to make career choices, including some of America’s & the  UK’s Top Psychic’s. Everyone can make use of a Private Consultation whether it’s business related or personal relationships.

Do you ever:

Feel fed up with life and in a rut?
Feel that you are capable of achieving more but don’t know what’s holding you back?
Feel that other people are stopping you from living life the way you want?
Need advice or insight into the past or future?
Know what you want out of life but are unable to achieve it?
Need a change in your life but don’t know which direction to take?
Need to know how to remove obstacles in your life?
Want to explore and develop yourself more fully?
Feel trapped in life with no way out?
Feel stuck in a one-sided relationship and don’t know where to turn?
Want a better quality of life for you and your family?

Feel that your lack of money is holding you back and you don’t know why?

I have rendered thousands of readings over the years in helping many people in all kinds of difficult and complicated situations with my Consultations and firmly believe that there is always a way to improve any situation using Spiritual Guidance and my ability to help you .

I Only look for the good things that will help my clients and don’t waste my time with negative or past issues and concern myself mostly with creating a positive future…

For the majority of my Clients, I can help with most any problem and can answer many questions no matter what it is about.  Working ’emphatically’ means that I can connect both to you and to the people around you.  This is not limited to people who are alive, but includes those that have passed on into Spirit usually with only a picture or private reading…


**NEW** – You can begin your journey of encountering the importance of fixed stars in your astrology simply by purchasing a 15+ Page, “Fixed Star Natal Report” for:  $37.00

These reports are unique and written by Bernadette Brady, author of Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, and Star and Planet Combinations and co-author of the software Starlight. Reports or Sky maps are emailed to you as a PDF file normally within 48 hours.

Stars have an alluring and entrancing fascination for us, but the fixed stars are much more than a bright light to gaze at in the evening and make wishes on. Fixed stars are potent additions to your astrology chart and can add a lot of information to your chart reading once you know what they mean and what to look for.

Fixed stars are those that do not move in relation to the other stars of the night sky.  In fact, though fixed stars do indeed move but only in small amounts, their movement is so little that the sky you see today looks much the way it did thousands of years ago.

Some elder scholars were among the first to study the fixed stars and charted the astrological meanings of the those same stars, this can be a very captivating and absorbing endeavor. However, if you don’t have the time to do an in-depth analysis in astrology. A Natal Fixed Star Report can explain their meanings and can greatly increase your knowledge and enjoyment of astrology while you learn new things about yourself.

SAMPLES:  (Select any of these links below and it will take you to another page where you can click and download the reports!


Nostradamus Report

Please email the following information after you pay for the service to

PHOTO: (Doesn’t have to be current)

NAME: (Maiden name)

DATE (For example, 2 Dec 1950 or Dec 2 1950)
The month MUST be written not numbered:

BIRTH TIME:  (Estimate if not known)
Please mark as AM or PM

City, PLUS state or county, PLUS Country.






There are several options available for consultations:

  1. Special – Up to 3 Baby related questions ONLY! – $40.00. Please include a photo of both parents if your questions relate to prenatal or conceiving issues – This may take up to 2 days to answer due to having to read 3 people (includes the baby) and is very time-consuming since I value your questions and I want to focus a lot more attention on your requests.

  2. ALL Email Questions : $65.00  (NOT for doing “Full” readings, but rather to answer a few questions – No more than 3-4)

  3. It is possible for me to answer a few questions – this means that you can type your questions which I can then answer through an email exchange. This is another way of getting the answers that you need other than having a Phone reading for instance.  Email Consultations are NOT a private reading.    ***NOTE, All that is needed is a photo of yourself and any questions or concerns that you have – I don’t need your birth date or any names to answer your questions. Please send these items once the payment is made to (


      • Phone Readings: $85.00/ for up to 1/2 Hour

        Most Mini Phone Consultations will last up to 30 min depending on your particular circumstances and needs, but the fee is for the 30 min session ONLY and not the number of minutes used after that point. This allows you the option of continuing the session if you need more time or want to discuss more topics for an additional fee. I’m offering this as Special discount for people who either don’t need the full hour reading, or they are limited financially.

        (If you are an non-US resident, then you’ll need to call me, If you are an US resident, I will call you)

      • PHONE READINGS: $150.00 For up to 1 Hour

        I charge a flat fee with you on the full phone reading and most phone consultations may last at least up to 55 min to an hour depending on your particular circumstance and needs, but the fee is for no more than 1 hr

        (If you are an non-US resident, then you’ll need to call me, If you are an US resident, I will call you)


        You can always email me to discuss your requirements so you can schedule a personal reading with me and I can address a specific issue such as Bereavement, Finances, Career, or Personal Relationships. This allows you to ask about how a psychic works and find out a bit more about me. This is particularly useful if it is the first time you have sought psychic advice or need advice face-to-face.

        I’m available throughout the week Mon-Sun for the Personal readings depending on a 30 mile radius distance away from me (Huntsville, Alabama). This my best method of Consultation if you prefer a one-on-one meeting and it allows you a choice to respond immediately to my answers if you want more clarification.

        I’m also available for Psychic parties or Special circumstance such as crime related issues or missing persons investigations.

    • Consultation/Party Package for 4-Hours. : $580 (You can divide the time however you want over any amount of time, this applies to phone readings, or in-person consultations. I just ask you use it within one year of purchasing it – This can also be used for Parties or Family Readings as well as a gift for others)

    • HEALING CONSULTATION : $250/Session
      (Please contact me for more information or appointments) This involves a personal reading and a follow-up session to address any outstanding needs from the client. I can do this on the phone or in person depending on the location of the person being helped.

      This area of expertise is very sacred to me and I will only work with individuals that Spirit leads me to help, or people who are serious about healing themselves, I don’t have the power to heal anyone since only you & God have that ability, I’m merely the facilitator for the Holy Spirit to work its Divine Love and energy through me.

    • HYPNOSIS CONSULTATION : $120/Per session (A discount will be given if any future sessions are necessary to resolve an issue or condition such as; life weight-loss, phobias, Low Self-Esteem, Prosperity Blockages, Past Life attachments, or any subjective childhood experiences).

       (Please contact me for availability in your area & for appointments.)  In my sessions, I’m able to interactively work with a client to see and feel what they’re experiencing while being hypnotized which is a very rare ability to do a reading and Hypnosis session at the same time. I’ve coined the term the “IHOP” (Interactive Hypnosis Observational Procedure) and it affords you the benefit of getting a reading while experiencing the self-exploration of your Past Lives, Soul Groups, Relationships, and Personal Power over your life no matter what the Phobia or Anxiety that influences what you feel right now.

      Relaxation has both physical and psychological components. Parallel with physiological parameters, the experience is one of repose and calm. Of all the hypnotic phenomena, relaxation is the most easily and consistently observed. In some individuals the relaxation sessions can be extremely pronounced, and it is not infrequent for first-time participants of hypnosis to say that they have never before felt a relaxation level so profound while working with my technique and evaluations to overcome many life challenges and turn them into empowering opportunities for many years into the future.

  4. Please contact me at: for more information.