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**Incredibly talented and a serious investigator of Big Foot, Hauntings, and Paranormal Investigations phenomena:

Connie WIllis: –>>

Meet Connie!


Connie Willis is is founder/host of BLUE ROCK TALK, with followers “in the know” called Blue Rockers, and a regular weekend host of since 2014 on COAST TO COAST AM which airs on more than 500 radios stations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Guam. She and George Noory The host of Coast to Coast AM.

She’s experienced Bigfoot, Dogman, Strange Lights, unnamed entities and Hauntings!

As a successful National/International TV and Radio Broadcaster of 20 years, I realized there were passions outside of my career. I have a knack for finding the unknown, or maybe it’s more like they find me. Now I combine that knack with the love of my career to take you with me to Earth’s Creepiest Hotspots of Bigfoot, Dogman, Strange Lights and hauntings via live stream so you can investigate alongside me.


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