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Hearing that Stephen Hawking reached the age of 70 this week, I decided to venture into predictions about the Universe after being inspired to write this blog. I was sitting in my car on January 03, 2012 and received a download of the following information that consisted of 6 pages of notes.

It may seem like I was drinking or smoking something, but it was a flash of information that I needed to share with you.


The Universe is contracting & pulling our solar system into a perpendicular black hole, which warps time.

We create the particles & matter in the universe through our perception and desire.

The infinite is the infinite of our mind.

There is no limit to the infinite, only the limitation of our mind to create it.

The universe is a collection of mind & matter.

The mass of the universe is the collection of the consensus reality of thoughts and desires.

There is no end to the sub-particles of the universe as long as someone seeks more knowledge, since we will always create what we’re looking for.

The theory of the creation of the universe has no boundaries or limitations as long as the human mind is able to search for that theory.

The God of creation of each universe is different from one solar system to another.

The God or Gods of each solar system are ruled for the Gods or Goddesses of each universe.

The delay in science finding the answers to their questions is due to discounting the evolution of the creative forces in nature which are never static, or cooperate with those whom choose to overlook them.

In any equation or theory, no matter if it involves math, science, chemistry, or cosmology, if you exclude the variable of the human existence, or creative force of God, you will run afoul of the complete formula.

Any theory, no matter how long-held, can be broken or changed as long as we do not adopt that same theory for ourselves, since it can only be true if we embrace it as our truth.

Those individuals that seek the truth outside of themselves will always find the new truth that replaces the old truth.

Researchers that use their energy to contain any truth for themselves will be as successful as a mannequin finding a date for the prom.

There are creative forces in nature that were placed there to confuse or hinder people who are squarely opposite or contrary to the energy that they seek.

The true meaning of life or science cannot be discovered unless those seeking that truth allow it to pass unconditionally through them to others.

The magnitude of any energy is always connected to the person that is absorbing or using it, and the less we observe it, the higher in magnitude it becomes.

The God particle that every scientist is seeking will be found in the eye of the lens of the observer.

The cascading or contradictory theories of man’s origin only serve to build a foundation in which to reach that truth.

As long as we only have one theory to the origin of Adam & Eve, we will never find the answer to Evolution or Creation theory.

BOTH Evolution & Creation are true since some humans and animals come from each origin.

Some inter-dimensional beings evolved without emotions, since emotions are tied to a lower frequency & vibration connected to conflict and experiences here on earth.

There are hundreds of civilizations in the universe that operate and favor our own people.

Earth is considered a lower vibration playground by our inter-stellar brothers and sisters and that’s why they don’t stay here long.

It would be impossible for most humans to co-exist on other planets for very long since we could not survive the higher frequency or vibrations because our bodies are so dense.

Other Negative Biological Entities (meaning non-physical) cannot smell or taste food and do not understand what that is like.

Negative Biological Entities do exist in our world as a means of stopping destructive forces that will eventually destroy us.

Some of our Space brothers cannot directly interfere with our evolution, but they do provide us with information that protects us to some people.



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Devin May 27, 2012 at 7:32 pm

This piece of information makes a lot of sense! I might need to look into it more to really understand it completely, but the one part of information that surprised me was… “Negative Biological Entities do exist in our world as a means of stopping destructive forces that will eventually destroy us.” Does this piece of information mean that the forces protect us from any possible destruction like… A nuclear bomb that could destroy the planet? For example… If someone created the bomb and planned to use it, those forces would somehow prevent it from happening and force the world to continue into its cycle instead of being destroyed? I hope this question makes sense and I hope I interpreted it correctly, if not, tell me what that piece means… 🙂 (When you have the chance to answer)

Kumar April 19, 2012 at 4:33 am

Dear Monte,
Here are some thoughts about the flash that you had..
1. Some of them I know to be true by direct experience…& some by scriptural knowledge…
2. But the one that moved me was “true meaning of life…..” what a profound truth and to allow it to pass….it requires great preparation as our intelluct (sum total of all the impressions…) would not allow it….
Great & a clever way of putting it for many people like me this is a kind of “special lunch” of a spirituality….
looking forward to many more such posts….
Thanks for this one

Bonnie February 23, 2012 at 9:32 pm

I have been seeing Brilliant Green light encompassing the room upon awakening. This has been happening several months. Ithought my eyes were plying tricks at first, but the other day I awoke to the most Brilliant Green light and all across the room were large Block letters of a few words. The word “FEATHER” followed by several other words. I know my sub concious knows what the words were, but I can only say I think it might have been FEATHER walks with you. Do you think this is the name of my Guide?

Psychic Monte February 26, 2012 at 7:23 am

Hi Bonnie,

Some of what you’re seeing is the “in between” that I sometimes lecture about, it’s the layer of matter or energy that separates the physical and the Spiritual.

I feel that the word that you saw was “FATHER”, not Feather! But it is not uncommon for our Indian brothers & sisters to announce their presence with symbols like a feather… I’ve seen names like; Red Feather, Grey Feather, Straight Feather, etc in my experiences so I know that it’s possible that you may be receiving a message from your Guides. If you continue to see the word “Feather”, then you’ll know that it’s from him so try to remember the first part that may be describing the feather.

If the Feather was green, then it could be saying “Green Feather” which would be like a Peacock feather?


Allison February 12, 2012 at 10:37 pm

Hello Monte!

I wanted to let you know how much your positivity is appreciated; we are living in such turbulent times and many of us are scraed and confused. I am certainly one of those people. I am so anxious anymore, as if I feel something is about to come. Are my feelings real? Should I be worried?

I also wanted to know your take on the upcoming “Galatic Alignment”. Is this a “run- of -the- mill” cosmic event, or is this truly a signifigant thing? I really feel that many of the answers we are seeking lie within the stars. I just dont know how to read them!

Thanks again Monte. You have brightened my day many times. I can really use the smile!

Psychic Monte February 13, 2012 at 2:05 am

Hi Allison,

I understand your concern and fear about what you see or hear about the future. I’m not concerned too much about anything that I see and would warn others if I did, but that doesn’t mean that we will experience a lot of turbulence as you call it this year. Most of what we will encounter is the same as last year with some more earthquakes and damage related storms/tornadoes.

I can see and feel the coming Galactic Alignment and it does affect a lot of storms and lay lines here and in countries like Indonesia, India, Iran, and others, but it’s not going to affect most people or geological localities near you..

I don’t really subscribe to Astrology as a predictor of events since it’s more of an influence, but not a true indication of an any specific outcome. I’ve never met an Astrologer that could predict anything that’s going to happen, they can only predict the circumstances that an event “may” occur just like saying when you go to the park that you will predict children laughing, but they can’t tell you which children will be doing that.. Just because we have an planetary alignment doesn’t mean that we have to react to it, we can choose to look the other way and in a few days the influence is gone…Something akin to your relatives visiting..It’s tense when they are there, but things always seem to get restored back to normal when they are gone..lol


Jen January 30, 2012 at 10:50 pm

Hello Monte,
Is this your latest blog and if not is your VIP blog still updated? I also had one quick question I woke up one night to a dream of 3’s just 3’s repeating. I never remember my dreams so I thought it was strange. The strange thing was it was 3 days before the Japan tsunami. Do you think it is coincidence or is there another meaning perhaps? Any insight would be much appreciated thank you and God bless. 🙂


Psychic Monte January 31, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Hi Jen,

Yes, this blog was the latest one on my home page, but the VIP blogs are written once each month with updates included.

The number 3 is the trinity which is a balance of any number, but it could have been your Guides trying to get your attention about the Tsunami in Japan too.


Srikanth January 30, 2012 at 6:10 pm

Great Thoughts..

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