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Caylee Anthony – Missing 3 yr old Caylee of Orange County, Florida.

Posted Dec 14, 2008 – 7:33 Central time..

Caylee Marie Anthony

Caylee Marie Anthony

I see that this was an accident that may have occurred with the child being either left in her mother’s hot car and suffocated or was placed in the car after an injury and died…..

I also see a black plastic bag that tells me she was buried a few days after her death somewhere around water and a Park…I feel she was assisted by a male in deposing of the body….(Her body should be found in the first 2 weeks of the month of August).

There is a reason why I listed her age at ‘3’, I expect she will be found after her birthday..

I have visually witnessed some mistakes being made in the chain of custody of  ‘Evidence’ in this case….Just by watching the News Footage on the evidence being removed from the Anthony home has compromised that same evidence…
The case will boil down to the chain of custody of some evidence and I’m not going to point it out publicly since I don’t want my observations to be used against the Orange County Sheriff’s Office or the Prosecutor’s Office…Major mistakes have been made and the Defense team will be able to block or prevent crucial evidence from being entered at trial. This doesn’t mean that Casey won’t be found guilty, but it’s going to be a mess and a setback for the DA/Sheriff’s Office.The Caylee Anthony case will be the new O.J. Simpson trial of 2009….Some Psychic/Charity organizations will be called to testify for the Defense (like Gail St. John & Tim Miller of TES) and they will be vilified in the press… ***UPDATE Jan 11, 2009 Headlines: ‘Sources: Casey PI Talking With Psychic In Video…  ***UPDATE Jan 15, 2009 Headlines: ‘Psychic’s Credibility Questioned Amid Claims She Talked With P.I.’… ***UPDATE Jan 30, 2009 Headlines: ‘Judge Allows Scene Search, Denies Motion To Recuse‘… ‘The second motion involved Texas EquuSearch….. Baez was seeking more information from the group about their searches….’    Thousands of Dollars in missing Charity donations will be brought to light and people will lose their reputations before this trial is over. (Unfortunately, Leonard Padilla will be one of them)

Many supporters of Cindy & George Anthony will be in Shock, and angered before trial about the family having foreknowledge that Caylee was dead long before she was found on Dec 11, 2008… ***UPDATE Dec 29, 2008 Headlines: ‘P.I. Says He Videotaped Area Where Caylee Was Later Found‘… ‘Private investigator Jim Hoover and his attorney told only Eyewitness News on Wednesday afternoon that the Anthonys’ private investigator, Dominic Casey, told Hoover on the morning of November 15 that Caylee was dead and that he knew where her body was’….


One key investigator will leave the Sheriff’s Office over this case… ***UPDATE Jan 15, 2009 Headlines: ‘ Deputy Reassigned Over Meter Reader Call Response’

A phantom male that knew about Caylee being dead will come to light, (I suspect that person will be Lee Anthony).

Death or an accident will affect a male in the Anthony family before this case is over… ***UPDATE Jan 23, 2009 Headlines: ‘Police: Caylee’s Grandfather Hospitalized, ‘Wanted to End His Life

Lee Anthony is hiding some secrets of his own that will come to light after an investigation by the Sheriff’s Dept., or the FBI tying him to unscrupulous individuals…   ***UPDATE Jan 26, 2009 Headlines: ‘Lee Anthony’s Attorney Says Client May Be Charged’… ‘Attorney: Lee Anthony Could Face Obstruction Of Justice Charges’

A mental/physical breakdown will befall Lee Anthony when the press haunts him…

George Anthony will be physically attacked while going to Court by someone in a crowd.

The Anthony home will be vandalize/torched by protesters before this trial is over.

Jose Baez, will not be the lead Attorney for Casey Anthony at trial… ***UPDATE Jan 20, 2009 Headlines: ‘ Fla. Bar Prepares Case Against Baez’ …

There will be at least 3 Attorneys representing Casey at trial.

Dr. Henry Lee will provide key testimony for the Defense at trial that will cause a setback for the Prosecution after a very obvious ‘evidentuary ‘ mistake was made interpreting some evidence.

George/Cindy Anthony will go into hiding before/after this trial and will eventually move out of the State of Florida… ***UPDATE Jan 26, 2009 Headlines: ‘George Anthony To Remain Hospitalized Another Week’‘Eyewitness News has learned George is probably in a lockdown ward at Halifax Medical Center in his own room, if for no other reason, for security reasons because of his high profile’.

Casey Anthony will be found guilty and serve life in prison for the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony….

An Angelic sighting of Caylee Anthony in Spirit will be witnessed by some people in Orlando to symbolically thank them for their prayers & support.



Posted Dec 16, 2008 – 9:44

I don’t feel that this case will conclude until around Sept 2009 since I see a delay during the Spring concerning an Anthony family member.

The whole collection process of evidence will be shot down at some point in Court due to countless cross-contamination errors made by the Sheriff’s Office/FBI.(I know I keep saying this, but that’s what I’m being told over and over.)

Evidence not yet released concerning a message or something said on an answering machine or voice mail will be key in court!

Casey did not expect it would take the Sheriff’s Office this long to find Caylee’s body, she planned for her to be found around August 2008.

I still see the image of Caylee suffocating by a trash bag being placed over her face/head as something contributing to her cause of death.

Leonard Padilla may be right about the tape being applied afterward to conceal the true cause of Caylee’s death.  If we hear that her hands were also taped then that would be correct.

Something was found/taken as a souvenir by a male from the scene of where Caylee’s body was found. (It looks like a cross or a chain)

Posted Dec 19, 2008 – 2:48am



I was told to use the term ‘PhantomMale’ in reference to the ‘Meter Man’ because he’s been lurking in the background on this case…In the shadows..

I predicted earlier:

A male acquaintance to Casey knew that something happened to Caylee and turned his back to ignore what he saw or knew…He was afraid to say anything due to his fear that Casey would have him harmed in some way….This is connected to the disposal of Caylee’s body in some way too….(This could be Lee!)

I now believe that this is the Phantom male that found Caylee’s remains on Dec 11, 2008.

A bombshell in this case is about to be revealed when the Phantom male that found Caylee is tied to Casey Anthony.

The Phantom male looked in the bag where Caylee was found in August and tried not to get in involved with the case because he knows Casey / Lee Anthony.

The missing silver cell phone will be found and tie Casey to the murder scene.

Caylee’s body was moved at the scene by the Phantom male at least once so it would be found sooner.

The Phantom male told Cindy & George Anthony where to find Caylee’s body but they ignored it to help keep Casey out of jail.

Cindy & George Anthony are now asking for immunity because thePhantom male told them where Casey was hidden and they lied to Police when they said they didn’t know where she was.

There are still many more secrets being held back from the Sheriff’s Office byCindy & George Anthony , one of them being that Casey told them that she would kill Caylee before giving her up.

Someone by the name of Patrick will be a witness in the Caylee Anthony case.


Posted Jan 5, 2009 9:15pm

I’ve previously stated that someone moved little Caylee’s body so it could be found but someone moved it out of the way too.

I keep having a vision of someone “pushing” the body toward the woods. Even though it doesn’t make sense that someone would move her from the curb to the woods, this is what I keep seeing that was done.

A dark haired male either kicked the bag containing Caylee toward the woods or rolled it there with his feet inconspicuously in November 2008.

I believe that the person that is doing this was trying to hide her or conceal her from the press or a video camera..This could be the attempt by someone to video the area where Caylee was found but they moved the body/bag out of the way to film it so she wouldn’t be seen in the video.  She was moved to the edge of the woods from close to the curb…***INFO Jan 11, 2009 Headlines: ‘Video Released Of Anthonys’ P.I. Searching Remains Scene’ … ***INFO Jan 14, 2009 Headlines: ‘WFTV Investigator: Sheaffer says P.I. search may have been staged’ (


Posted Jan 9, 2009 7:45pm

I stand by my statement that Caylee was in the trunk of the car for only a short period of time.  I don’t believe that she was in the car for 2 days or more like what was reported on Nancy Grace.See Below:

From Part 1 (dated November 8, 2008)

 Timeline for Casey Anthony:

June 16, Caylee dies from a suffocation related incident at home after George goes to work (probably between 1-3 pm) and is hidden in the backyard by Casey.  I see a Yellow/Tan bag with the letter ‘T’ on it over the body of Caylee. (This could be a ‘Target store’ bag)

June 17th, Casey looks for a place to dispose of Caylee and backs into the garage to retrieve Caylee’s body but discovers the shed is locked (can’t get to a shovel) and she can’t pick her up, so she leaves.

June 18, Casey backs into the garage to retrieve Caylee’s body and borrows a shovel from a neighbor (due to her shed being locked) to place the body in a trash bag so she can transport Caylee to the trunk of her car. 

June 18th-19th Casey disposed of Caylee’s body.


Based on what Nancy reported tonight all of the above was correct in new Police evidence released to her..

I don’t believe that the Police/Investigators could determine whether Caylee was in the Trunk of the car for 2 days as opposed to being in the back yard for 2 days then transported to the trunk of the car?

I know that the trunk of the car had some decaying deposits but that could have been due to a leaking trash bag and further decomposition before it was eventually found by police in July.

An evidence file or folder connected to the Caylee Anth ony case will go missing before trial containing pictures and Defense papers..


Posted Feb 9, 2009 7:35pm

I believe the Caylee Memorial scheduled for tomorrow is nothing more than a way to distract the public while the Anthony’s have a private service….It would stand to reason that while everyone is seated and distracted at the church, they could have a private ceremony at the same time without interference…
***UPDATE Feb 11, 2009 Headlines: ‘Attorney says Caylee Anthony has been cremated’…. ‘ One day after Caylee Marie Anthony’s memorial service, the lawyer representing the toddler’s grandparents confirmed the girl’s remains have been cremated and that they are not located at her family’s home’.
I also saw last week that Caylee would be cremated before the Memorial scheduled for tomorrow to facilitate the private service… ***UPDATE Feb 11, 2009 Headlines: ‘Attorney says Caylee Anthony has been cremated’
Posted Feb 12, 2009 5:00am
I still believe that the Anthony’s pulled a “sneaky Pete” and used the public ceremony as a ruse to have a Private ceremony for Caylee.  They either did it before the public ceremony at the same church or they had a Private ceremony afterward…It stands to reason to me that Cindy couldn’t give a “Tinkers Dam” about what the public wanted and it would be a slick way to take care of two services at the same time without anyone knowing what was going on…I’ve stated this privately and I stand by this statement today……I think people are forgetting that Casey didn’t fall far from the tree….You’ve just got acquainted with the real Cindy Anthony, she just outsmarted the press and the public!Lee Anthony used a Laptop computer to record his message about Caylee and it will be Jose Baez that takes this computer to Casey so she can see the family eulogy for herself!!  She didn’t need to watch it on TV since she will see it on the Laptop during a visit by her Attorney…




If you have any information on the case of Caylee Marie Anthony, please notify the authorities by using the phone numbers below:

Orange County Missing Persons Unit
407-836-HELP (4357)

Detective Yuri Melich
office 407.254.7000 (ext. 70633)

Crime line: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)


Please email me if you see something I’ve missed in updating this website..

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