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 LaMont Hamilton – “Monte”, as his friends call him, is a recognized and respected intuitive spiritual counselor, writer, speaker and educator.  He is internationally known as a top Clairvoyant for his predictions, which have been published and translated into multiple languages.  Monte is an Ordained Minister, Master Healing Practitioner, Registered Hypnotherapist and has numerous accredited qualifications/degrees in the fields of Counseling, Business, Psychology and Education.

Monte remembers having psychic experiences since the age of 8 and has been working with Angels and Guides for almost four decades.  He has primarily learned through his own life events and challenges, including near death experiences (NDE‘s) which he accepts as a profound energizing catalysts for his Healing Ministry in helping others overcome the fear of death. “My goal is to bring healing answers to questions and concerns. I don’t believe in scaring people with what he sees about the future”. Through the aid of the Angels and Guides, he works to bring understanding and recognition to the blessings in any situation to anyone that seeks his help. “I can’t take any credit for the Spiritual, Physical or Emotional healing my clients receive. I am merely the bridge for the energy to make a connection with them.”  His desire to raise the spiritual awareness and share his gifts and wisdom have inspired him to write his blogs, conduct lectures and teach classes.  At present LaMont is working on a book about his own Spiritual experiences and development.

He’s worked full-time in the Paranormal field for over 45+ years.  He refers to himself as a Professional Spiritual Empath & Medium, working on a higher Spiritual level guided by his Angels and Guides.  He is gifted and accomplished in several Spiritual disciplines and uses his abilities to tailor his consultations to the needs of his clients.  His client base covers a wide range of people from all over the world and all walks of life, including Educator’s, Judges, Politicians, Law Enforcement, Business professionals, Wall Street investor’s, CEO’s and Celebrities to name a few. Even many of America’s top leading Psychics turn to him for help & guidance since he understands their specific needs and challenges.

Monte is counseling clients in person, email, or by phone.  He is sought out for his informal, heartfelt, confidential and professional approach, addressing all issues life may present.  His clients praise him for his objectivity, accuracy and detailed information. He is trusted by families in search of missing loved ones and has provided insights for several high-profile cases including specializing in suicides and murder investigations.

Monte formerly worked as a Medical Intuitive and assisted Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Professionals across the country for many years.  He provided valid information regarding medical diagnostics and was once recruited by a board member of the National Institute of Heath in NYC, in a successful rare breast cancer diagnosis during the late 1980’s.  He was then invited to NYC as a guest to train healthcare professionals interested in learning his diagnostics techniques. LaMont has been instrumental in helping save the lives of many people around the world with through his visions, or medical insight for which he fully credits God.

He is a former member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapist (IACT), the United States Psychotronics Association (USPA) and a supporting member of  The International Society of the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM).

LaMont was nominated for six consecutive years, as one of the world’s leading Clairvoyants by Paranormal.About.com.

He has been a multiple quest on radio shows such as: The Mix talk Radio show, The Allie Thesis show, Scifi Stories, Other Side of Life Radio, and other Radio programs.

Featured articles about his predictions have been published multiple times on the French website: Besoindesavoir.com, News prints include;  The Huntsville  Times – (Alabama), The Times-Tribute -(Scranton, Pa), and The San Francisco Examiner, among others.

Television interviews include Nashville, Tennessee Channel 5 news (profiling LaMont’s services pertaining to a missing child case.)

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Straddling two worlds, talking with angels

Published: Friday, March 05, 2010, 8:35 AM
March 05, 2010  – The Huntsville Times article link HERE! :