Predictions 2016 – Part I

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 Predictions – 2016 Part I

These Predictions were: – Posted Dec 27, 2015 8:20 pm. CDT.


Please note that these predictions were written prior to Dec 24, 2015 and were forecasts submitted to the website on that date, see the article in January 2016 by noted Paranormal Author: Stephen Wagner – > HERE!.


2016 will be a year that most people will want to see end and another less political time ahead as the election cycle wears a little thin on everyone. The controversy with Donald Trump will  finally pass as other more relevant news starts to filter through about world events.

Most of the bigger news will start to come near the end of 2016 as some good economic news comes from Europe and Asia but the US will still be lagging behind as 2017 comes into focus.

Overall, 2016 will be a year of transformation since most individuals will be looking to reset their own focus on a more positive note and take responsibility for what is going on in our local communities. This year is going to be a roller-coaster ride to say the least with numerous changes coming about connected to Immigration, Civil Rights, the military, the U.N, and worldwide influence in our culture or way of life going forward.  Some of it will be good and some changes won’t make a lot of sense until a long time later. The key thing to remember is that for the most part, we won’t have a lot of control over these changes so we need to prepare ourselves to not get drawn into any controversies. As of today, people are going months without watching the television or listening to the news and feel a lot better about shifting their focus on things that they can change, or at least spending more quality time with people who they care for and respect.


We’ve all reached a pentacle in our lives where we now have to make better life choices not on what we want as much as what we believe.  The Divine Planet is getting impatient with death and destruction and it will greatly shift our consciousness one way or the other into  2016 and beyond due in part by several smaller confrontations between countries that will be new to the theater of war.


Everyone has a built-in filter that assists us in making decisions and points us in the right direction similar to a Spiritual GPS, however, like the TomTom we occasionally need to plug it in every once in a while to update the software so that we can receive the latest and best information.  All of us have the same ability to use our own Spiritual GPS to guide or protect us from harm since the input comes from an external point.  Just like your regular GPS, it communicates with an unseen entity up in the sky to calculate where your phone or vehicle is located at any given time unless there is “interference” with that communication.  In the case of our Spiritual GPS, we can create interference like doubt, negative emotions, fear, or blockages that will inhibit our internal GPS from receiving the desired signals from our Angels & Guides that are there to assist you as we usually go around in circles most of the time, or take paths in our lives that may not be necessarily healthy for us in the long run.

Stay focused on your needs and those close to you, but try to stay out-of-the-way of all of the changes and confusion that’s about to come to a neighborhood near you!. 


This is a 12 month to 24 month Prediction Series:


Prediction #1: Former Attorney General, Eric Holder or privacy advocate, Edward Snowden will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Prediction #2:: American Native Indians will be successful in Federal Court and through the actions of President Obama in reclaiming part of their native territories, or overturning past treaties. (I see Utah, California and other states involved in some decisions). …. ***UPDATE: Dec 28, 2016, Headlines: “Obama declares Bears Ears National Monument in southern Utah” …President Barack Obama on Wednesday protected a sprawling landscape in southeastern Utah that many had either hoped or dreaded would join the outgoing president’s long list of national monuments.…..Obama made the designation at the behest of five Indian tribes with ancestral and spiritual ties to Cedar Mesa, the highlands west of Blanding where ancient cultural sites abound.

Prediction #3: A new tech bubble from now until 2017 will occur and create a lot of new businesses and opportunities for small start-up companies to flourish like the Dot Com boom of the 1980’s where a lot of new millionaires were created.  (There is a very high shift in creativity coming with the Millennial generation focusing their energy into new ideas and especially creating new technologies that help us live longer and healthier).

Prediction #4: Marco Rubio will be the Republican front-runner for the 2016 Presidential race. (There’s a possible indicator that he will be President Marco Rubio since I saw that we will have our first presidential child born to a president since President Grover Cleveland’s Wife in 1886 and even thou Sen. Marco already has 4 children now, he will only be 45 in 2016 and his wife will be about 42). …***MISSED!

Prediction #5: A new ISIS symbol or related clothing line targeting children/teens that will create a controversy.

Prediction #6 The US government will provide some monetary or physical land reparations to the surviving family members of documented African-American slaves before President Obama leaves office. . …

Prediction #7: A new alternative free internet like WiFi system will be developed where people can create their own local network in their neighborhoods using the unused cellular phone frequencies as a cell platform in the place of a cellular tower. (What this means is that you can use the energy of your standby cellphone as a transmitter of energy so that others can piggyback your network like a cell phone tower operates now, but it will be much more secure since it’s not tied to the current internet WiFi system).

Prediction #8: The ill-fated official government “War on Drugs” will stop in Mexico and other countries and the war on Mental Illness will take its place as a national focus going through 2016 and later years.

Prediction #9: Attention to the growing obesity rate (like in the Southern US) will lead many states to start taxing sugar related products.

Prediction #10: Assisted suicide will be made legal in some states. (right now about 25 States criminalize aiding, abetting and/or assisting suicide without indicating more specifically what level of conduct is prohibited and that will change with the introduction of a federal that will streamline the process in the future.)

Prediction #11: In some countries like Japan, new tax incentives will enable married couples to obtain interest free loans to buy homes and start families will be enacted. For each child born, the couple will be allowed more tax credits if they remain in the country for a set number of years.

Prediction #12: All television networks will continue to see a decline in viewership in 2016 due to more and more people turning away from the main stream media as we get closer to the Fall elections in favor of alternate sourced news and entertainment. This decline will also be due to the lack of family value shows available for children and others.  ……

Prediction #13: Corporate Weather modification services will become commonplace where you can order rain or snow for an event by contracting with a private company to provide that service for birthday parties, weddings, or special outdoor events.

Prediction #14: A push for Government regulations concerning Robots will occur after someone is seriously injured by one in the next year that will involve mandating safety sensors and less autonomic robots operating on the road or around children.

Prediction #15: A move to get schools away from Common-Core and back to the basic three R’s – Reading – (W)Riting – Arithmetic after a revolt over our broken educational system goes mainstream in 2016 and States redefine educational priorities.

Prediction #16: Science will discover and prove that there were some prehistoric dinosaurs alive at the same time when humans were on the earth contradicting current evolutionary theory. (This is a no brainer to me since I can see the two surviving and living together, not like the Jurassic Park movie, but more of an avoidance lifestyle so they didn’t have to live in conflict with each other).

Prediction #17:: By 2017, several new pharmaceutical companies will join together or merge in an effort to create a cure for some cancers and chronic diseases.

Prediction #18: A new successful start-up company similar to Apple will emerge that will be run by children/teens and will rival most Fortune 500 companies in profits by making toys to selling clothes and creating fascinating products for children.

Prediction #19: The current “No Fly” list that the airlines use will be deemed as unconstitutional and replaced with a smaller Department of Justice criminal Watch List (It will also exclude some members of Congress).

Prediction #20: The New driver-less vehicles will be banned in some major cities where the populations exceeds a certain number of people (example; like 1-million people etc.) and in some individual cities after the first vehicle wreck is reported.

Prediction #21: The emergency drought in States like California will cause a lot of people to relocate to other cities and states, but oil companies will step in and purchase the arid lands to drill for oil and find massive oil/gas reserves underneath the ground that the owners walked away from. (I’m being coy here for a reason, there are massive oil/gas reserves in the hardest hit areas of Central and Northern California where people will be forced to abandon their property in search for better cities when the State or Counties condemn their property and then sell it to the oil companies for a huge profit).

Prediction #22: In the near future, some countries will send their nuclear/biological waste to the moon or other places to get rid of it which will create an International outcry from the UN, world governments, and environmental groups.

Prediction #23: The month of April will create a major earthquake or Tsunami in the Eastern Indian ocean along with a lot of deadly tornadoes in the Southeastern US in, or around the 15th of the month.

Prediction #24: A major shift in environmental standards for drinking water will change due to demands for lower levels of acceptable chemicals and toxins like pharmaceutical drugs.

Prediction #25: A Our first Space baby will be created aboard the International Space Station through an IVF procedure.

Prediction #26: A new discovery of an advanced ancient underground city will stun scientists and rewrite history as we know it. (It will possibly by located in the US or Canada).

Prediction #27:  At least 2 major Typhoons will affect/damage the Philippines & Japan again in this year.

Prediction #28: The drought in California will reveal new archaeological discoveries as water tables drop in lakes exposing caverns and crevasses containing unique treasures.

Prediction #29: We’re at a very severe turning point concerning our financial stability in the US with the stock market and financial institutions about to fail and I feel that things will start to unravel considerably by December as the potential for another 2008 crash occurs. This could be due to one bank or institution after another failing around the world which will in turn threaten our economy, watch Japan and Puerto Rico for the triggers.. ***UPDATE: Jan 07, 2016, Headlines: “Wall St sinks as China fears grow, oil slides further” … (Reuters) – U.S. stocks extended recent sharp losses on Thursday, putting the Dow on track for its worst start to a year in more than a century, as market volatility in China and a relentless slide in oil prices rattled investors.  ….The S&P 500 was on track for its worst start to a year since 1928.***UPDATE: Jan 07, 2016, Headlines: Dow has worst four-day start to a year on record” .. .The Dow dropped 392 points on Thursday. The S&P 500 fell 2.4%, while the Nasdaq tumbled 3%. ….The wave of selling has knocked the Dow down 911 points, or more than 5% so far this year. That’s the worst four-day percentage loss to start a year on record, according to FactSet stats that go back to 1897. The Nasdaq, down over 6% in 2016, is off to its bleakest start since 2000. ..

Prediction #30: No matter who wins the 2016 election, the economy will take a major financial hit when the elections are over and it will be handed to the next administration to deal with.

Prediction #31: A new disability eligibility will allow people below a certain height (like under 5′) to be able to claim that as a disability.

Prediction #32: Some new TV shows will promote visibly handicapped people as stars that have missing limbs or other challenges as a way to integrate acceptance of handicapped people as a norm in visual media.

Prediction #33: The Girl Scouts of America will be forced to accept boys in their organization after a protest by a transgender child.

Prediction #34: The very first Space assault will take place on the International Space Station…giving rise to a question of political and criminal jurisdiction. (What I see is a physical assault/fight between astronauts on the International Space Station that will question which country has authority or jurisdiction for crimes committed in space?)

Prediction #35: Soon, the physical amount or quality of ice used in refreshments by restaurants will be regulated by a few states/cities to reduce consumption.. (Some cities will ban ice in drinks altogether to reduce contamination or water usage..Look for California, Texas, or New York to do it first).

Prediction #36: Future (very soon!) Hollywood movies will feature Muslim actors in lead roles or promote a positive image toward them all the while banning plots/themes that portray Muslims as terrorists. (This will also affect older classic films like Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Aladdin (1992), and others where they will be audio dubbed over or banned due to using Muslim’s as a negative stereotype)

Prediction #37: Studies will show that Millennial’s will live longer than the rest of the population due to a lack of participation in watching negative programming on television shows. ..(Thank God they don’t have to watch endless reruns of a Cowboy talking about how great the new Catheters are and “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” commercials…Geeze, that’s enough to illicit a sympathetic response in any Empath watching them..)

Prediction #38: Some ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) illnesses will one day be reclassified as an allergy.

Prediction #39: 2016 will open the door for a major scientific discover of life in our solar system but this will be a trick played on people by some countries. (Pay attention to what I’m about to say; NASA has already confirmed that we will “discover” or prove extraterrestrial life in space by 2025 but that is only part of the story, they already know that there’s LIFE in outer-space and this is more of a time-line to educate/warn us about our space brothers. There WILL be a time when most people accept that there’s life on other planets or that we have visitors coming here. There are numerous recent reports on the web concerning discoveries made by the Mars Rover where pyramids, geckos, statues, crashed spacecraft, and everything except Big Bird have been found..But don’t pack your bags just yet waiting for the Mother Ship to arrive).

Prediction #40: Future “smart” window Air conditioners will be mandated to be energy-efficient with higher thermostat set points to keep people from lowering them below 70 degrees and operating non-stop. (For sure we’re heading into that arena where you will not be able to self-adjust your cooling parameters since the air-conditioners will be automatically programmed from the factory using computer smart programming based on your geographical location and temperature and will Duty-Cycle on and off based on time used).

Prediction #41: The major scare in organic produce caused by E-coli contamination in lettuce or other leafy products used by Chipotle will be deemed a retaliatory measure to harm the Organic industry or scare people away from Chipotle by a former employee or competitor.

Prediction #42: Taking skin Tissue and cells from animals and mixing with plants will create a new hybrid program of cures for skin disease and childhood illnesses.

Prediction #43: McDonald’s or Burger King will start a food delivery service via a pilot program to schools and homeless shelters across the US.

Prediction #44: The Supreme court will soon rule that any death penalty case involving minorities will require a jury makeup of at least one juror of the same minority demographic. (This has been a contentious argument for many years in legal circles that an all white jury should not be the sole Trier of facts for an African-American defendant since technically they are not a jury of their peers)

Prediction #45:  Robotic (Artificial Intelligent) playmates for children will be a reality within 2 years and they will eventually make major strides in taking the place of parenting smaller children within 5 years. (Not only will these interactive robots teach and train future children, they will also be able to record their progress and report on their daily activities).

Prediction #46:  Draconian “sin” tax increases coming for beer, mixed drinks, whiskey, cigarettes, etc.,, as States increase taxes in 2016 to cover municipal bankruptcies.. .(This will also influence a rise in Healthcare premiums in 2016 across the country especially for the chronically ill, obese, smokers and drinkers).

Prediction #47:  Now through 2017, investigations and a few indictments will be brought against some bankers for the 2007/2008 Wall Street banking collapse.

Prediction #48:  Bans on imported fake & altered foods and mislabeled products becomes law by 2017 to include fake seafood and watered down imported honey related products. (There are more than 1100 brands of honey alone in the USA and 75% of them do not have any honey Pollen content at all).

Prediction #49: A revolt in China will start to brew over wages going into late 2016, (This could be related to the International Monetary Fund on Monday approving the Chinese Renminbi as one of the world’s main central bank reserve currencies, a major acknowledgment of the country’s rising financial and economic strength)

Prediction #50:  In 2016, President Obama will pardon hundreds, if not thousands of prisoners, felons and death row inmates before he leaves office creating a firestorm of controversy over the rights of presidential pardons in general for future presidents.



Please email me if you see something I’ve missed in updating this website..



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Jamaal November 26, 2018 at 1:08 pm

But a smilіng visitant һere to share the love (:
, btw outstanding layout. “The price one pays for pursuing a profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.” by James
Arthur Baldwin.

Kelly Clover July 24, 2016 at 11:06 am

You already have at least one wrong prediction. That is prediction #4. Marco Rubio’s campaign fell apart. Not only did the unexpected front runner Trump trounce him, but Ted Cruz also bested him and forced him to withdraw from the GOP race at a fairly early stage.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton July 28, 2016 at 11:06 pm

Hi Kelly,

Hang on, There’s more to my prediction than is posted on the regular website predictions.. My original prediction in my VIP blog related to a “Hispanic” male that would win and his wife would be pregnant while in the white house. The only person at the time that I could think of was Marco Rubio, however, I didn’t know that the time when I made the prediction that Ted Cruz was also Hispanic.

SO even though Donald Trump won the Primaries and Convention, it’s still a long way before he gets to any inauguration. Something could still happen to him along the way if he quits or something bad happens (which it very well could) and that would allow Ted Cruz to win by default… This is my version of what may happen so the election hasn’t happened yet and many people are way to far ahead of the game to realize that Donald hasn’t won the Presidency yet since he’ll still have to last until January..

I’ve never seen Hillary winning and it will be a landslide victory for Donald if he makes it to the November Election…History in the making for sure and I don’t mind being wrong about Donald if it plays out that he will win since it could only be divine intervention that brought him to the White House !!

Thank you for your response.


Kelly Clover November 26, 2016 at 9:38 am

The winner of the 2016 election turned out to be Donald Trump but not a landslide. And now there are allegations that voting machines were hacked to alter the vote totals in a few states in favor of Trump. According to at least one psychic, Trump won because of intervention by Satan the Devil, not God.
That particular psychic sees Trump’s tenure as president being cut short, possibly from assassination. He thinks that Hillary would have put us on a collision course with Russia with the risk of World War III. But he sees Donald Trump as being under the thumb of Satan the Devil. This means he will do great evil unless he dies.

Psychic LaMont Hamilton December 24, 2016 at 12:04 am

Hi Kelly,

Oh Yes, Donald Trump did win by a landslide over Hillary..!

The Allegations of voter fraud are bogus and a distraction by the Dems to undermine Trumps presidency, if Hillary won by the majority or Popular vote, then how can they say that it was voter hacking that threw the election? If the election were hacked either the vote counting or the votes at large would have to be reduced in favor of Trump… Neither happened!

Not to compare my abilities with another Psychic, but the relationship of Trump with Satan of the devil is pure non-sense and is probably someone that does not even understand what they’re talking about. You have to consider that every other major Psychic that made a prediction on the elections saw Hillary as winning because they were biased and not objective. I didn’t think at first that Trump would win because of the severe negative forces at work to corrupt him and steal the election from him but I finally was able to penetrate all of the drama and hype from the mainstream media….

I’m going to be writing a blog just about Trump and it will totally discredit what most people will say about him. It will be an easy read for everyone to check off each of him policies or accomplishments.

Of course the forces of evil will attempt many tries at taking out Trump but he was sent here to help heal our country over the satanic cabals that are connected to our government which most good Psychic’s know about but are afraid to speak about to the public.. I write a lot about it in my VIP blogs since they are not made public for that reason.

The power brokers want a war with Russia which is our best ally but most people don’t know that….It’s Putin that’s saving our skin right now with ISIS which is a fictitious CIA front to destabilize Syria among other things that the MSM fails to report…..

Thank you for your comments.



khris April 23, 2016 at 10:25 pm

One Error Rubio will not win Sanders will where he will suffer a fatal heart attack leaving his vise to run the country

Susan Rogala January 20, 2016 at 10:44 pm

Thank you

mark January 3, 2016 at 12:16 pm

liked your information, believe it to be very accurate intel. Please update me on all new information.

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