Tecumseh’s Curse: The Death of Past & Current Presidents

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Posted Oct 05, 2008

While I’ve seen many Indian Guides over the years, I’ve learned to recognize that they are definitely one of the most powerful natural forces in the Spirit world.  If you’re fortunate to have one or more Indian Guides then you’ll have a lot of protection. If you are on the receiving end of their wrath then you have a reason to worry.

My introduction to Spiritual healing came by way of someone with a strange physical pain in his shoulder.  This person had a Spiritual attachment and after interrogating him I found out that he had violated an Indian burial ground looking for artifacts.  He was cursed and didn’t even know that something had attached to his Aura.  I know for sure that you don’t want to mess with the Native Indian Brotherhood if you’re thinking of doing something wrong to them.

Tecumseh was a Native American leader who spent much of his life trying to rally disparate tribes in mutual defense of their lands. The curse, arose out of his loss to General Harrison at the Battle of Tippecanoe on 7 November 1811.

Tecumseh is said to have declared:

“Harrison will not win this year to be the Great Chief. But he may win next year. If he does…He will not finish his term. He will die in his office.’ ‘No president has ever died in office,’ declared a visitor. ‘But Harrison will die I tell you. And when he dies you will remember my brother Tecumseh’s death. You think that I have lost my powers. I who caused the sun to darken and Red Men to give up firewater. But I tell you Harrison will die. And after him, every Great Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter will die. And when each one dies, let everyone remember the death of our people.”  Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first person to run under the Republican party.  On April 9th, General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant thereby ending the rift that was tearing apart the nation. Only five days later on April 14, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated by Southern sympathizer John Wilkes Booth.

In 1880, James Garfield was elected to the presidency. He took office on March 4, 1881. On July 2, 1881,Charles J. Guiteau shot the President which eventually led to his death on September 19,1881. The mentally unbalanced Guiteau was upset because he had been denied a diplomatic post by the Garfield administration. He was eventually hung for his crime in1882.

In 1900, William McKinley was elected to his second term as president. Once again, he defeated his opponent, William Jennings Bryan as he had in 1896. On September 6, 1901, McKinley was shot by Leon F. Czolgosz. McKinley died on September 14th. Czolgosz called himself anarchist and admitted to killing the president because, “…he was the enemy of the people….” He was electrocuted in October, 1901.

In 1920, Warren G. Harding was elected president as a stern response to the Wilson presidency. He is not considered to be among the better presidents to have served.  On August 2,1923, Harding was visiting San Francisco on a cross-country Voyage of Understanding to meet people across the nation. He suffered from a stroke and died at the Palace Hotel.

In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt was elected to his third term as president. He would be elected again in 1944. His presidency began in the depths of the Great Depression and ended shortly after the fall of Hitler in World War II. He died on April 12, 1945, of a cerebral hemorrhage. Since he was elected during one of his terms in a year that ended with a zero, he is considered part of Tecumseh’s curse.


In 1960, John F. Kennedy became the youngest elected president. This charismatic leader suffered some highs and lows during his short-term of office including the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the creation of the Berlin Wall, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was riding in a motorcade through Dallas and was assassinated. Lee Harvey Oswald was found to be guilty as a lone gunman by the Warren Commission.

(I was told by Anna Mitchell-Hedges that the Crystal skull she owns actually cried tears on the day that JFK was assassinated.  She reported that when she walked in the room where she kept the skull, the floor was literally soaked with water! ) .

In 1970, Richard M. Nixon became the 37th President of the U.S.

*14 April 1972: Milwaukee, Wisconsin native Arthur Bremer arrived in Ottawa, Ontario on April 10 and spent five days in Canada’s national capital in an effort to shoot and kill President Nixon, who was visiting the country during this time. On April 14, Nixon made a public appearance in a limousine at Parliament Hill, which Bremer attended, carrying a loaded revolver in his pocket. The presence of Vietnam War protesters and Canadian nationalists, however, led to increased security surrounding the President, and Bremer had great difficulty getting within firing range of Nixon.

The following month Bremer shot U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate George Wallace, lodging a bullet in his spine and leaving him paralyzed from the waist down for life.

*22 February 1974: Samuel Byck, planned to kill Nixon by crashing a commercial airliner into the White House. Once on the plane, he was informed that it could not take off with the wheel blocks still in place. He shot the pilot and copilot before killing himself.The events surrounding this assassination attempt were portrayed in the film The Assassination of Richard Nixon.

In 1974, Gerald Ford became the 38th President of the U.S.

*5 September 1975: In Sacramento, California, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, drew a Colt .45 caliber pistol on Ford when he reached to shake her hand in a crowd. There were four cartridges in the pistol’s magazine but the firing chamber was empty. She was soon restrained by a Secret Service agent. Fromme was sentenced to life in prison.

*22 September 1975: In San Francisco, California, Sara Jane Moore fired a revolver at Ford from 40 feet (12 m) away.  A bystander, Oliver Sipple, grabbed Moore’s arm and the shot missed Ford.  Moore was sentenced to life in prison.

In 1976, Jimmy Carter became the 39th President of the U.S.

*5 May 1979: Ten minutes before Carter was about to speak at the civic center mall in Los Angeles, Raymond Lee Harvey was arrested carrying a pistol. He later told authorities that he and another man were hired to create a diversion so that Mexican hit men armed with sniper rifles could kill Carter. Charges against him were dismissed for lack of evidence.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan became the oldest man to be elected president.  He is seen as being an important figure in the breakdown of the former Soviet Union. On March 30, 1981, John Hinckley attempted to assassinate Reagan in Washington, D.C.  Reagan was shot but was able to survive with quick medical attention. President Reagan is the first to foil Tecumseh’s curse and some consider it to be broken.

(Nancy Reagan was well aware of the Curse of Tecumseh. She consulted with psychics and mystics in an effort to beat the curse. Nobody will ever know whether it was due to her efforts to combat the curse that Reagan survived in office, she was truly a Guardian Angel in the life of President Ronald Reagan).

In 1988, George H.W. Bush became the 41st President of the U.S.

*13 April 1993: Sixteen men, in the alleged employment of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, smuggled a car bomb into Kuwait with the intent of killing Bush as he spoke at Kuwait University. The plot was foiled when Kuwaiti officials found the bomb and arrested the suspected assassins. Bush had left office in January 1993.

On 26 June 1993, the U.S. launched a missile attack targeting Baghdad intelligence headquarters in retaliation for the attempted attack against Bush. The Iraqi Intelligence Service, particularly Directorate 14, was accused of being behind the plot.

In 1992, Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the U.S.

*12 September 1994: Frank Eugene Corder flew a single engine Cessna into the White House lawn, apparently trying to hit the White House. The President and First Family were not home at the time. Corder was the only casualty….

*29 October 1994: Francisco Martin Duran fired at least 29 shots with a semi-automatic rifle at the White House from a fence overlooking the north lawn, thinking that Clinton was among the men in dark suits standing there (Clinton was in the White House Residence watching a football game). A tourist named Harry Rakosky tackled Duran before he could injure anyone. Duran was found to have a suicide note in his pocket and was sentenced to 40 years in prison…


At this point I would like to point out that through deception and control of our election process some of what was predicted to happen was altered and in my view, merely only delayed.

In 2000, George W. Bush was elected (or nominated by the US Supreme Court) after a contentious Court battle,  Bush is still in office but has come close to dying. You may recall when Bush choked on a pretzel while alone watching TV, it was rumored that he was drunk when this happened.  He presently has the lowest public rating of a President in recorded history.

*7 February 2001: While President George W. Bush was occupied in the White House Residence, Washington, DC, Robert Pickett, standing outside the perimeter fence, discharged a number of shots from a weapon in the direction of the White House ……

*10 May 2005: While President George W. Bush was giving a speech in the Freedom Square in Tbilisi, Georgia, Vladimir Arutyunian threw a live Soviet-made RGD-5 hand grenade towards the podium where he was standing and where Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and their two wives and officials were seated. The grenade was not operative and did not explode.

“In my opinion”, I predict that George W. Bush may die by the end of his term in office or after he leaves office. Even though he may have appeared to have escaped dying while in Office through artificial means, “In my opinion”, his fate is already sealed by the Angels.  It has been said by Astrologers that George Bush has led a “charmed life”.  I can’t help but disagree and state that he has been cursed his whole life and , “In my opinion”, cannot see how he can escape his destiny with the Angel of Death.

In my view, Dick Chaney has really been our President for the past 8 years and even though he has hidden in the shadows to escape judgment, “In my opinion”, he too may die after learning that you can’t trick an Indian!  He stays in hiding on a daily basis and is hardly ever seen for this reason.

In 2008, I predict that Barrack Obama will be elected the 44th President by popular vote unless something happens to him before Nov 4th/Jan 20th, in that case Hillary Clinton will be the next President. (But even if Obama wins outright, “In my opinion”, he may not survive the Presidency due to several assassination attempts).  (If McCain wins, “In my opinion” he definitely may not survive very long due to a possible heart attack/stroke and we’ll have an Official female President before 2010 in Sarah Palin)….***UPDATE Nov 4, 2008 Headlines: “Obama triumphs, will be first black US president

I’ve predicted already that we will have a new president by the year 2010 regardless of who wins the election of 2008Unless Joe Biden is replaced by Hillary Clinton somewhere along the way, then Sarah Palin may be the first female President?

In 2012, I see Hillary Clinton back in the Presidential hunt, also Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin. We’ll definitely have a Female President in 2012 (if not before 2010). I don’t believe there’s a man on the planet that can beat a female candidate in 2012, It will definitely be the year of the Woman!

(According to Nostradamus, a woman was supposed to be elected president of a world power (United States?) in the year 2004. But former first lady Hillary Clinton had declared her intentions to run for the Democratic candidacy in the 2008 presidential elections probably due to the fact that she knew the election was disputed in 2000 and had to wait for it to run its course!)

BTW, if you don’t think politics is a strange animal, did you know that Obama and Dick Cheney are cousins (8th) in a similar vein to Bush & John Kerry are distant cousins (16th) ?

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Delvanius May 17, 2018 at 6:05 am

Yay, Donald won!

n. vuyk December 1, 2011 at 8:17 am

My late husband always said that when I held my left hand a few centimeters from his head – or skin – it started to feel very warm (even hot). My dogs do not like me to do this so I have stopped doing it. I feel that when you do not know what you are doing you should not continue things like this.What is happening with my hand if I do that?

Psychic Monte December 1, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Hi N. Vuyk,

It is a good sign if you received confirmation from your late husband that your healing abilities were noticed by him. Usually, when our hands get warm while touching someone, there’s an energy exchange through love or healing. In either case, it’s still a healing process that comes naturally to most mothers or individuals born with certain healing abilities. Some cultures refer to these abilities as Reiki, Chi, Therapeutic Touch, etc…

Animals usually are very sensitive to energy and if they have a lot of fur, the energy will make them uncomfortable because it heats up their bodies faster. So I would not be so concerned about harming anyone with your touch…Animals will just move away so that they can cool off but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like it.

Keep using your energy to help others and know that your Angels & Guides will protect you from doing any harm to anyone since they regulate the amount and type of energy that you use..

You will learn over time when to stop, or start touching someone based on their reaction to your healing energy, but you’re not doing anything wrong..


Stacy Kampa June 29, 2011 at 7:59 pm

I think the person that made comments about our current situation and current president should real do some homework, starting with the “The New World Order”
Although Bush was involved with the set up of 9/11, Obama play out hates America, he will see to our destruction if re-elected in 2012. I welcome Sarah Palin and you should not always listen to the mainstream media–its been my opinion that the ones they attack the most on the right, are the ones they are very afraid of.

worldpsychic July 1, 2011 at 6:12 am

Hi Stacy,

Thank you for your comments and observations, it was George Bush Sr. that actually first used the term NWO by a president but all of them are puppets in one way or
the other.

It’s our responsibility to remove or change what we don’t like about our Gov so it does matter when we vote our conscious.


lightbulb2x2 December 19, 2010 at 3:44 am

You beat me to it Searching. I was going to ask the same question. I need something good to happen in my life.

Searching 4 Truth September 28, 2010 at 3:05 pm

will I win a lottery soon???

Tess July 2, 2010 at 2:10 pm

Your comments are interesting, but I’m not sure I agree with you on all points. Also, when you write “in my opinion,” that tells me you’re not providing a prediction, only your opinion. If you are, in fact, providing a prediction, I think you should say so rather than providing an “opinion.” I care less about opinons–I have my own humble opinions. If I am going to read what a psychic is writing about, I want predictions, not opinions.

As to President Obama’s dying in office, I do not necessarily agree. President Obama is the reincarnation of the Abe Lincoln soul, and is once again facing the task of trying to keep our country intact. Since he was not able to complete his second Lincoln term, I believe God is not going to have him killed again, because he is needed even more NOW than during his Abe Lincoln presidency. Our country is in much WORSE shape now than during the Civil War, and the USA is facing financial destruction.

As to a woman president in 2012, a lot will have to happen for that to occur. Regarding Sarah Palin, she will never be president. She is way too flaky and unstable. As a woman, I will not vote for her. As to Mrs. Obama, I don’t see her as president either. As to Mrs. Clinton, I think the only way that could happen is if Biden either died or left the Office of VP for some reason, and President Obama offered Mrs. Clinton the VP job. I would support that. At this time, I do not see any other woman–in the political arena–who could step up and obtain the presidency. Forget Speaker Peloci. The country does not have a favorable opinon of her.

Those are my thoughts. Thanks for providing this forum. God continue to bless America, and bless you.

worldpsychic July 2, 2010 at 5:47 pm

Hi Tess,

Thank you for your comments and support..

I have to use the phrase “In my opinion” for legal reasons and it’s not to reflect my point of view, I can’t predict or express knowledge of anything criminal against the President unless I want a knock on my door from the Secret Service, it IS my prediction that I’m talking about in the blog..

I DON’T want the President to die in office no more than you do but you probably don’t know what I know either…..He’s hated and despised by so many radicals that anything is possible….Yes, I agree that he’s doing all he can do to make things better but so did George Bush in many people’s eye and he was hated as well..

I’m not politically motivated in my Blogs and even though I can see through most people in office, they are never what they appear in the press on TV, Sarah Palin or anyone else falls into the same category…

We still have a long way to go until 2012 so don’t cast your vote just yet, I made these predictions back in 2008 so they are forward thinking. You may be surprised when 2012 comes and Hillary gets back in the arena to at least take another shot at the title…

Thank you for your comments and keep praying that our President is able to bring about positive change to our country.


Karen September 21, 2012 at 6:21 pm

Well; we now know that Hillary is not running for office in 2012 so that is wrong. She may run for it in 2016. Sarah Palin will never be president because she is not presidential material in the slightest. Michelle Obama may run but I feel that is not her thing.
I also; had a dream about President Obama being the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln back to do what he could not finish back then. It would be strange if he were not allowed to complete this one too. He has had several attempted attacks on his life that have been stopped or misses. So far; he is going strong but I feel that it is a possibility that he may have serious health problems that could directly affect his life(heart) because when I see him on TV; he looks older, tired, and not in good health.
If something were to happen to him; Biden would take over and finish the run to election (possibly with Hillary as VP).
My wish is to see President Obama win the Presidency again and I believe he will; but after that….his health situation may kick in. That would be a shame; as the man has the heart and soul of Abe Lincoln and truly wanted to do so many good things for our country and would have done more if the evil empire of republican conspirators had not totally obstructed every single proposal from him. I feel these are the southern racists from his past life who did him in back then. These are my opinions and intuitions.
God Bless You and America,
Karen E.

Psychic Monte September 24, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Hi Karen,

Yes, you are correct that a lot of things have changed since 2008 when I penned the blog but the possibilities are still so present today that Hillary was even considered for VP just a few weeks ago to replace Biden but she turned it down. Hillary is waiting till 2016 because she doesn’t want to compete again with Obama because it got really nasty last time and she didn’t want to rehash that issue. If she had taken the VP spot in 2012 with Obama and he lost, then that would have made her a 2 time loser in politics and she would have lost her future marketability or luster to win in 2016.

My conclusions about Michelle running for President was predicated in President Obama not being able to complete his vision and presidency due to illness or an assassination attempt. If something does happen to Barrack, then Michelle could still seek to take his place in 2016 or earlier.

Of course, President Obama has had the most ambitious Secret Service protection of any President due to the constant threats on his life and they are doing a good job of taking care of him when they’re not cavorting with prostitutes and getting drunk which could have already cost him his life.

President Obama believes that he’s the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln and he’ll suffer more of the same threats on his life as Lincoln did in his second term if elected. I would never want to see any President harmed but his chances will go up if he’s re-elected because there are a lot of people struggling that will blame him for the economic decline in the US and act on it out of desperation or fear.

Most people really don’t know the true Abe Lincoln and he deceived a lot of people as a wordsmith and caused the death of over 500,000 Americans in the Civil War which is often overlooked when people think of him as a wonderful president. Lincoln was not the person that was portrayed to be in our history books and he suffered from severe mental and emotional issues that interfered with his judgment and decisions, most of which hasn’t been publicized.

Remember that Lincoln was a Republican so the party affiliation doesn’t have too much to do with the outcome, both sides use that as a tool to divide us so that we fight each other rather than blame the negligent and morally corrupt politicians for our lack of leadership and economic problems that we’re facing.

The problem is that we have about 535 people that make all of the laws and decisions in this country for over 300 million of us and if we have a political/economic problem, then it’s these same 535 politicians that are screwing things up for our country and not the 300 million voters that are on the receiving end of these same laws and mandates.


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