2013- Your Spiritual Path – What You Should know!

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2013 – Your Spiritual Path – What You Should know!

                       Posted Dec 19, 2012 – 02:01 am central. (updated 12-26-26)

At a time when many people are preparing for the special Mayan Calendar date of December 21st, 2012 and the holidays, there’s a lot of things that are being overlooked in the media and websites because they are focusing on the same thing instead of the complete process that many people refer to as the Ascension, transformation, consciousness shift, or awakening.  To be able to fully understand what has happened in the last few months and going forward into 2013, we need to be aware of the big picture!

About the time that November arrived, I started seeing many things that shifted my energy and awareness to a much higher level than before. I needed to take the whole month to absorb the changes that I personally needed in order to see the future more clearly and I’m glad that I did. I stopped watching any news channels on the television (and still have not watched them) since I already knew what was coming and I wanted to allow my intuition alone to represent what I should or should not see.

Even though we’re seeing the worse behavior coming out in many people who are not able to handle the shift in consciousness, this will continue into 2013 because fear, uncertainty, negativity, and in general, a worldwide recession has drained our vitality and love. 

I have been asked about the new wave of violence and I did see the Western Connecticut elementary school shooting the night before it happened in a dream, and even warned subscribers about it in my September VIP blog with the following prediction:

Prediction #9: Violence by copycat shooters will continue through the next 4 months in the US with as many as 17 people killed collectively or at one time.

It’s not difficult for people to see that the current emotional climate of uncertainty and despair will challenge young people to act out, or retaliate, since they’re not Spiritually evolved enough to embrace a higher calling. Adults are not immune from the probability of absorbing negative energy too so I’m not just picking on our young but they are very susceptible to violence and emotional outburst if they don’t have a religious or Spiritual foundation to fall back on in times of despair.

Those individuals that are sacrificing their lives right now are a reflection of how the lowest vibrations can affect each of us if we fail to take responsibility for not only our actions, but our way of thinking as well.  We do create our world by the very thoughts that we hold and the Spiritual vibrations that we carry in our hearts.  If we choose to allow our minds and hearts to get tangled in the web of deceit and lies, then negative events will manifest not only in our minds, but also impacts those people that we come into contact with in our world. 

As in all nature, there’s always a duality where we can can survive from the rain when it nurtures our plants and animal life, but it can also drown us if we fail to respect its force and energy.  People today have to make a mental choice about where we want our special planet to go from here and I’ve already made some predictions about where we’re headed in 2013 in a new blog, but it does not represent all that I know. I’m still waiting for a lot of things to change before I can reveal the visions that I’ve seen but I will share those in the coming weeks.

You will be utterly shocked at how fast the consciousness of not only our government will shift in 2013, but also the world in which we live. In many respects, when 2014 is over we’ll be living in a much different world than what you see right now. It’s this very fast change that’s going to stir the hearts and minds of those people who cannot process or evolve fast enough. So the violence will get much worse in 2013 because people who cannot embrace change fast enough will be influenced more by fear than Faith, pain than progress, and lack than Love.

To some people, we can curse the darkness and say that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, or we can light one candle in our hearts and accept that even though things are not ideal, we’re still making progress slowly and surely toward a better world. Yes, it does take a lot of Faith to “Let Go, Let God” but we’re moving into a period of time where the feminine energy will be the strongest and the most resilient so we have a very powerful creative force that can solve any problem if our hearts are open to listen and receive higher learning.

Every Psychic, Healer, Clairvoyant or Spiritual leader has to make these same decisions about our work or ministry. We’re not immune from fear or challenges just like everyone else and we can get a dose of “instant Karma” if we drag out our decisions too long. Most of us subscribe to a higher calling and know that we usually don’t have a lot of time to shift our awareness before we receive a nudge from the Angels or God to accept the new paradigm, or face the consequences.

If you accept that you are divinely guided and loved by God, your Angels, Guides, and Helpers, then you’ll do the right things that reinforce your place in the Universe and you’ll receive nothing but positive lessons and rewards. I do have some suggestions as outlined below that will ensure your safety and open your heart to embrace the true meaning of 2012-2013 and the Spiritual shift that it represents.


* In everything that you do, hold only those thoughts that represent Love & Acceptance of others no matter who they are or what they previously meant to you.

* Whenever you hear something negative (bad) in the news or from a person, ask yourself what that life lesson means or what was the “higher” purpose for that experience and not the interpretation given to you by others?

* Always make your major decisions from a position of strength as opposed to feeling depressed, physically or emotionally drained, and then trying to make the right choices. If you ever feel fear or negativity then you need a time-out before making decisions since it will only feed itself or create a viscous-cycle of despair.

* When you see compound numbers like: 11:11, 1:11, 1:23, 2:22, 4:44, stop and give thanks to your Guides & Angels for rewarding you by acknowledging that whatever you’re doing (or thinking) that very moment is the correct path to take. It’s a Spiritual “adda-boy or “adda-girl” who reinforces to you that they are listening and validating your life path.

* Every day when you get up and when you go to sleep, out of respect, you should give thanks to God, and your Angels/Guides for providing security, love, awareness, and anything else that serves you each day.  Too many people in the Spiritual community take these things for granted or forget that good things happen for a reason just as much as everything else.

* Create a place in your home, work, life, or place of worship that reflects your desire to be loved and nurtured by the Universe, by this I mean, never be afraid to tell others that you love or cherish them either by using words or deeds. This includes using symbols that represent people, animals, or Spiritual vibrations that are important to you. This could include having photos of your family, children, pets, or favorite vacation spots around you to raise your vibration or invoke questions from others. If you place pictures or adornments in your home or work, curious people will instinctively ask you questions about them and that just ignites your passion to share your experiences all over again.

* If you are ever faced with a negative situation or person, try not to “feed the animals” as I like to call it by reacting or escalating the situation. It can be difficult to hold your place sometimes and I know exactly how it feels but you’ll be surprised as to how fast it will diffuse a confrontation or event by not reacting.  You have a lot more power than you realize and once you apply this rule, you’ll see immediate results each and every time that you honor your energy.

I could literally write a hundred rules but it would take up a lot of space and I need to address a few other things.




I’ve received a few emails asking for clarification about what we should be experiencing during this sacred period of Ascension or Enlightenment and I’ll see if I can provide some answers.

In my view, most of the things that happen in the Universe are subtle and involve energy in one capacity or another. By this I mean, if you get a headache, it can just as easily be caused by a shift in your bio-Spiritual energy as much as your physical energy so I’m going to address some of the symptoms that you may experience in your quantum shift.


* Receiving a headache for no apparent reason is a great indication that we’re either surrounded by negative people/places as-much-as we could be receiving an energetic download from the Universe.  If it’s the Universe that’s shifting your energy, then you need to get to a place where you can relax and allow it to manifest. Normally, once you allow this shift to take place, you’ll return to normal but it could last a week or more depending on your particular needs. Drinking more fluids should help relieve some of the discomfort because we’re all physical liquid crystals and the fluids can help balance your system.

* If you sense a feeling of nausea that’s not connected to something physical like eating or distress, then that could be that the energy center in your solar plexus is being adjusted. This chakra deals with experiences so it’s not uncommon to feel queasy just as you normally would if you encountered something unsettling in your daily routine.

* Feeling restless or scattered in your thoughts can be a sign of your shift connected to your way of thinking and overall awareness.

* Sleeplessness and vivid dreams are connected to many people right now, the dreams can be prophetic in nature where you see events before they happen, or they can be exploratory in nature of your present life. If you journal your daily activities then you’ll eventually see a pattern that answers your questions.

* Elevated mood swings and feelings of love or laughter represent the Universe sharing your enthusiasm or thoughts that can be comical at times if we’re in a high state of love.

* Seeing random visions that flash in front of your eyes very quickly then disappear.

* Hearing strange sounds that don’t make sense or that can be attributed to anything else around you (humming, high-pitch, whaling, and roaring).

* A desire to get into a romantic relationship can be that you’re opening up to finally receive love or abundance and your heart chakra.

* Taking action to end unhealthy relationships with mates, friends, or family represents your desire to love yourself more going forward and honoring your needs more.

* Spontaneous feelings that you’re levitating while engaged in love-making is not uncommon since it means that a Spiritual equilibrium has occurred between you and your partner. I not talking about an emotional sensation, but rather that one or both partners can feel their bodies lifting in the air after or during intercourse..Woo Hoo!.

* Recognizing a spark in the eyes of strangers like they know you or can read your thoughts?

* Picking up on the thoughts of others right before they say something that you were thinking.

* Feeling intense compassion for strangers or people in need and doing something about it.

* Instantly being able to embrace opposing viewpoints of others during conversations or debates. This is a sign that you’re opening your heart/throat chakra more.

* Forgetting/forgiving people from your past or present experiences that made you feel uncomfortable so that you can move forward.

* Experiencing a need to contact past friends or acquaintances to re-establish communication with them. This could relate to obtaining closure of old relationships or to rekindle links with classmates, or love interests.

* Cleaning out closets and getting rid of old clothes, furniture, collectables, and household items to free up space (this could represent that you’re open to new relationships, healing, or personal blessings).

* Finding more time being devoted to others more than serving our own needs.

* Seeking out new activities connected to church, community activities, or Spiritual events in an effort to make new friends.

* Turning off violent television programming or negative news channels in favor of older movies and comedies.

* Hearing soft voices when no one is around or sensing that someone wants to communicate with you. This could be a realignment of your throat/crown chakra.

* Spending more time reading and centering activities around meditation and relaxation versus wanting to be around others.

* Feeling euphoric for no apparent reason during the day and wanting to share your happiness with others

* Embracing natural ways of life including having an interest in Native cultures.

* Desiring to go back to a time in your life when things were simple or innocent.

* Sensing a tingling feeling on the top of your hair or scalp that won’t go away (activation of your Crown chakra).

* Tripping or having a sense that you’re falling when you walk (or actually falling for no reason)

* Sensing that things heat up before you touch them, this means that you can feel the energy of objects prior to touching them even though they don’t contain radiant heat ( clothes, furniture, etc).

* Animals behave in a strange way around you or seek to sit where you’ve been seated.

* Being tired after waking each morning or after naps. This could mean that you’re doing too much energy work while sleeping and you need to say your prayer and ask that your Soul stay within your body when you sleep so you can rest.

* Noticing that people want to spend more time with you,or showing more affection/appreciation.

* Having less desire for sweets and crave salty food more can mean that you’re balancing your blood alkalinity which enhances your awareness.

* Getting sick easier..This could be due to an overburden of Spiritual energy (too much energy that your physical system cannot process)

* Your sense of smell changes from one day to another or you notice an increase in floral scents.

* Ringing in your ears can be a sing that your Guides or Angels are trying to communicate a message to you. (This message can be directly from them or indirectly like trying to get you to pay attention to something around you)

* Noticing people Shape-shifting from one time to another where they look completely different for no apparent reason.

* Time going by very fast, or missing hours & days.

* Emails show up on your computer then immediately disappear for no reason.

* A desire to be around children in an effort to communicate more with them, or to learn what they think about world events (Indigo, and Crystal children are Spiritually aware of many things even though they may be young).


These are just a few of the sensations that you could be experiencing during the coming year or at the moment. Just because you may feel one or two shifts now doesn’t preclude you from having more in the future so be positive and share your thoughts with others.








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