How To Create The Best Year Of Your Life In 2011

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Posted Dec. 26, 2010 12:30 pm central

It’s been a while since I’ve written a new blog and now is the time to bring everyone up to date on how to create a wonderful year in 2011.

While I’ve been publicly and Privately sharing some insight into 2010 and what this year means to people on a Spiritual level, 2011 represents the opportunity for immense change and clarity that will bring happiness for all of us.

2010 was a year of building new relationships with our Guide and Angels, some through our own suffering of losing jobs, our homes, or relationships.  Many people probably won’t understand that even though all of us go through trial-and-tribulations, some of us will fail to realize that it’s an opportunity to get closer to God, our Angels, or Guides to redirect them and us in the way we need to grow Spiritually.

I know someone will ask why we would need to lose our homes to get closer to our Spirituality? and I can answer that,  there are times that we fail to heed or listen to that inner voice that told us 2 years ago to sell our home and move to another town or location, we instead ignored the warnings that the plant was closing down in a year or so, or that we were getting behind on our mortgage payments and figured that the “tooth fairy” would handle it for us.  Those lottery  tickets that we bought didn’t quite pan out for us either did they?. So we just kept working along and thinking that someone or something would save us. But it didn’t and now we’re way behind the eight ball in trying to stay afloat.

Let me tell you a story of someone I read a while back that lived in Canada that ended up in a shelter after a futile attempt to persuade her to get rid of her pet dog.  When she came to me for a reading she was upset that she was getting behind in her mortgage payments since she had lost her job and couldn’t find work in her small town.  After going through the expenses that she was incurring I asked her why she still had a large German Shepard when she was not able to afford food for herself?  Her reply was “that she loved her dog and didn’t want to be without him,” I tried to reason with her that she would not make it if she kept feeding the dog and failed to find a way to make ends meet to feed herself, but she was bound and determined to ignore my pleas of reasoning.  After a few weeks she called back and told me that she lost her car since it had been repossessed for non-payment and wanted help to get out of her situation, again, I asked her if she had considered letting a friend adopt her dog and she was adamant that she couldn’t live without him and wouldn’t even entertain the idea.

A few months went by and I was again contacted by Lori and now she was going to lose her home since she had fallen behind in her payments, she only had a few days to get out of her home and wanted to know where she could live?  I saw that one of her friends was willing to take her in and help her but I felt the large dog was probably going to be a problem.  Yep, you guessed it! One of her friends was willing to take Lori into her house and help her but she had small children and was afraid to have a large dog in her house.  Her friend offered to take her in and feed her until she got back on her feet financially but the dog had to go.  But Lori turned her neighbor down and decided that she would rather sleep under a bridge than to give up her dog.

When she asked for help again I tried my best to explain to her that she was sinking fast and her devotion to her pet was going to cause her to die.  You see, Lori had medical problems with her vision and I knew that due to her stubbornness, she was not seeing the big picture that I was setting before her.  She still refused to listen to the advice of her Guides to get rid of her pet at least until she was able to care for herself.  I was always patient with her during all of the other calls and I could see that Lori was falling emotionally into the abyss and could be in danger, she was now homeless, without a car, jobless, and physically drained.  She was living in her house without power and heat in the middle of Winter and still asking me what she needed to do?  Of course I directed her to a local homeless shelter but you already know what they told her don’t you?  Sorry, we don’t take in large dogs or pets!  So now Lori was in tears and without any options other than to move but she was still stuck on the idea that she couldn’t live without her dog.  When she had lost everything it put her in a mental state of survival that she could not ignore the obvious, she had to let go of her dog!

We talked for several hours before she finally broke down and cried, I already knew what she was thinking. She HAD to find a new home for her pet so she could save herself, and she did.  All of this drama played out over several months and she eventually moved to another town where she could find employment and get back on her feet.  But this was a hard lesson for my friend to learn.

It brought back a memory of a story that I heard as a kid of how you can catch a monkey.  I was told that people in some countries would catch a monkey by cutting a small hole in a coconut and placing a banana inside. When the monkey put his small hand in the hole they would grab hold of the banana and wouldn’t let go.  The coconut was tied with a string and that’s how people would catch the monkey.  Even though the hole was large enough for the monkey to get his hand out of, once he grabbed hold of the banana they wouldn’t let go and thus would be trapped.  The same story applies to many of us.  We always have the ability to get out of a situation but because of our greed, or lack of control, we get caught in circumstances that eventually consumes us in one way or another.  The woman with the dog was just one of those instances where hanging on to something that does not serve us will eventually harm us.

I know that I’ve taken the long road to make a point but the story above is true, like many people that I know all over the world, the same thing could be said about our relationships, jobs, locations, friendships, families, health, Spirituality, finances, children, and property.  We tend to hang on to things that don’t serve us and then it becomes a problem that we HAVE to deal with.  There are rare circumstances where we are not warned beforehand that we may be going down a road with no exit.  In the case of relationships it’s more than obvious most of the time but we don’t want to lose something that we’ve decided that we needed…At least until it’s too late.

2010 was a year of letting go and getting on our Spiritual path.  We had a long ride of emotional upheaval with politicians, war, financial downfalls, joblessness, broken promises, and the weather.  But our lesson in all of this was to get rid of things that didn’t serve us anymore and steer our lives in a positive direction. That meant that we needed to change churches, jobs, move to places we wanted, get out of non-productive relationships, find new friends, and change our lives so we are less stressed.

Everything that we do in 2010 to clear out old habits, people who are not really our friends, donate old clothing and household items, streamline our finances, become a better citizen, open out hearts, let go of stress, change our attitudes, eat better, be more positive, and focus on what’s really important to us, will eventually pay off in 2011.

We still have time to make the changes we need to reset our Spiritual clocks in 2010 so that we can benefit from all that 2011 has to offer.  For those individuals that still hang on to the Spiritual banana will find it harder to focus in 2011 on what they want.  All of us that have made the sacrifices in 2010 will bend and flow with any changes in 2011 better and with more understanding.

Many of the things that we can do are very easy and symbolic, like cleaning out our closets, or making more space around us. In a Spiritual way, this is telling our Guides and Angels that we are making room for more abundance or gifts from them.  I’m going to list some simple things that mean a lot to the Angels but will be easy to do on a physical level:

*Clean out any closets and get rid of things you haven’t used in the past year.

*Clean out your old emails from 2010 other than important notices.

*Give away anything that doesn’t serve you, by this I mean if something is causing you stress at all, get rid of it! (hobbies, pets, friends, jobs, clothing, vehicles).

*Throw away those old love letters, pictures, batteries, and sentimental items from past loves, or anything that stores physical/emotional energy.

*Clean out the refrigerator/freezer of anything out of date, and anything that was opened prior to this month (December).

*Throw away the toothpaste you’re using now if it’s over a month old.  (It’s very important because it represents your mouth which is the source of your words and you want a new vocabulary of positive words and expressions)

*Discard the bar of soap that is older than a month, and any lotions, creams, and cheap over the counter medicines like aspirin. (It stores your bodies emotions and thoughts)

*Throw away any paper products that were not opened in this month (paper towels, toilet paper, tissues ,etc.)

*Change your oil in your car before long 2011.

*Change air filters on your healing/cooling system.

*Clean out your car console of any papers or loose items.

*Check your pantry for any canned or bottles items that are out of date or opened.

*Throw away your old calendars and “post-it-notes”.  (They hold energy from past events).

*Catch up on any delinquent bills or personal promises. (This ties you to past obligations that pull on your energy and sense of responsibility)

*Make decisions on things that you have been waiting or delaying from last year.

The key is to have a clean entry into 2011 with as many new items as you can, by not using products that were opened prior to December 2010 you are Spiritually breaking the link from 2010 going into 2011 with anything that you use.

For many people this is symbolic that you want everything to be new and fresh in 2011, for others this will be a way to break any attachments to things that you didn’t like in 2010 that you want to be free of.  If you get rid of your old love letters, trinkets, and sentimental items you are telling your Guides that you want to make room for someone new.  By bringing these items with you into 2011 risks taking the emotionally charged items with you as an attachment that will hamper you moving forward in a healthy and fresh manner.  We’ve all used the term emotional baggage and this is one way to break that cycle.

A lot of times the attachments that hold us back are not easy to spot in our own lives, they can come from old relationships, past lives, friendships, family ties, or anything that is emotionally charged (like photos/letters/emails) in our personal lives.

All of the things that I’m talking about with you also concerns people who do Spiritual work and I’m no stranger to struggling at times with my own life.  My Guides have been very helpful in pointing out the things I need to do to grow better and I’m sharing this to help you make use of the first few days of this year to catch up.  (It’s never too late so try not to worry about the timing)

If you need any help of encouragement, I’ve included a few video clips that helped me see how beautiful the world is when we stop long enough to feel the love of others.  I’m not a fan of “American Idol” or any other tv show but discovered Jackie while looking for another video clip and that’s how I discovered the rest of these stars.

In the first video many people may have seen this beautiful little 10 yr old girl from Pa. by the name of Jackie Evancho when she was on “Britain’s Got Talent”,  or Oprah this month on the 22nd of Dec.?, If you don’t believe that Angels are here on earth, then you haven’t seen this little Angel sing.  She has the voice of an adult Classical singer and the heart of pure innocence. I have never liked classical or Opera music in the past, but Jackie has won me over and that’s all I listen to now.

I listen to her every day just for the blessings of hearing her sing.  She’s sold over one million cd’s since she was on ‘America’s Got Talent” and is listed as number 2 in the top 200.  When she sang with Sarah Brightman in the second video, I felt that she sang better even though Jackie has only been singing for 2 years.  Jackie’s voice was smooth and pure not to mention effortless.  The third is “Ave Maria”. (Ave Maria)

The next person is Susan Boyle, she’s a 48 yr old woman from England that rocked the music world when she appeared in “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009, even though you can see from the video that she was laughed at before she sang her first song, she quickly gained a YouTube following of over 55 million fans and went on to sell her own cd’s.

The inspiration I receive from Susan is that she’s not your typical singer and she has a bit of a sassy attitude where she doesn’t care what people think of her.  Her voice is magical in itself and it inspires me to take everyone serious even if they don’t take me that serious.

The third video is of  a man who delivers pizzas at night by the name of Jamie Pugh who had his debut on “Britain’s Got Talent” and you can’t miss the exhilaration in his appearance and overwhelming humbleness that he had on the show.  It’s a reminder that we all have something special to do in this world and maybe all we need is a chance to do it.  Unfortunately he didn’t make it much farther in the contest, but this video is outstanding..

The fourth video’s are with an absolutely wonderful 14-year-old girl in England by the name of Olivia Archbald that has a very unique and beautiful voice as she wowed the judges with her rendition of  “Arms of the Angels”  in the first song and then blew everyone away in her second attempt at winning.

The fifth video is of Kaitlyn Maher and she’s only 4 years old but someone with the face of love and happiness that needs no introduction:

I have Faith that one or more of these music videos will help inspire you into a wonderful new year!!

My last favorite is of Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman singing “Time To Say Goodbye” which has become my favorite all time song of love and healing and says volumes about TIME TO SAY GOODBYE to all of our past worries and the need to forgive ourselves first, and others second!

Many Blessing to each of you,


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Carol July 29, 2011 at 4:38 am

Hi Monte, I want to thank you sooo much for sharing all this valuable information with us. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog with all the insight and wisdom presented here.

On the subject of making 2011 a good year… in 2010 I got laid off, then for no apparent reason, I felt the “need” to move to another county further away from Los Angeles, even though I had the money to stay where I was. I ended up doing almost all of the recommendations you gave above without knowing it. It was that “little voice” inside of me that was telling me “out with the old and in with the new”, so I gave away much of my old clothes, bought new ones, moved, rearranged everything, deleted old emails I’d held for years and changed many other things. I was delighted to see that what I did intuitively was what you recommended 🙂

I’ve learned to listen to that “little voice” that tells me what to do because it’s always right. It has saved me from a couple car accidents giving me warnings, helped me to fix things that I didn’t know how to fix, helped me to find things that were lost, helped me with problem solving, etc. Do you think that “little voice” is a guide or an angel?

Regards, Carol

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