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Posted July 16, 2011 10:00 pm

Since the Casey Anthony trial has ended, I’ve been swamped with questions concerning the death of Caylee and the subsequent trial of Casey so I’ve decided to create a public blog that includes almost all of the predictions and comments that I’ve made over the course of the disappearance of Caylee in early 2008 so I can update everyone from the same page without having to respond in multiple blogs…I did contribute my views and predictions to numerous blogs around the country along with hundreds of emails so I wanted to list what I had on file from the MySpace website.  I don’t have access to all of the other writings but they were consistent with what I did post on my site at that time along with the comments/questions that people left for me to answer.

I’m sure that I’ll be adding some content as the drama unfolds tonight and Sunday with Casey getting out of jail and the press attempting to follow her.




Posted July 19, 2011 7:45 pm

One of the issues about Casey that was overlooked or misrepresented at trial concerns her behavior after Caylee died..

What I’m seeing now is that she was partying and living it up because she knew that it was just a matter of time before her lies were going to catch up with her so she lived like it was her last week on earth.  Even the stealing and self-destructive behavior was  a way to mask her pain and guilt over Caylee dying…She had two choices: one was notifying her parents that she allowed or contributed to Caylee’s death and being in trouble  “Or”, she could delay the inevitable and live on the edge as long as she could,  knowing that the truth would eventually come out, but it would be on her terms since she had hidden Caylee’s remains and hoped it would buy her more time to come up with a plausible story..

Stealing the money from her grandfather’s account and her friends was a sign of desperation and further proves to me that she was aware that her lies were getting closer to being discovered, but she was too far into the game at this point to give up and tell the truth.




From the July 1, 2011 blog:

Prediction #2: For those following the Casey Anthony trial: …I predicted 2-1/2 years ago on Dec 14, 2008 on a MySpace Missing Persons blog ( HERE ),  “Casey Anthony will be found guilty and serve life in prison for the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony“…. (But I feel that the verdict will be eventually overturned by the Courts due to ineffective counsel by lack luster Attorney Jose Baez.) ……**NOTE**  I was the first and only Psychic that predicted the events surrounding Caylee’s whereabouts during the first 6 months of her disappearance even though some of the Psychic’s/investigator’s that you see or hear about on TV were regular readers to my blogs that you can read if you’re not familiar with them. I even made predictions over 2 yrs ago of what would happen at the recent trial since I didn’t want to focus anymore time to the case once Caylee was found..So when the loony lawyers on “in Session” or “HLN”  want to laugh about any mention of Psychic’s being able to produce any hits on a case, then they didn’t read my blogs which were rated the number one blogs read by tens of thousands of people worldwide on Myspace during Dec 2008 out of hundreds of thousands of blogs located there.  You can read them for yourself to see if Jane Velez-Mitchell, Vinnie,  Judge Alex, or Nancy Grace can dispute my predictions as speculation or irrelevant?    SEE:   ( Part I,   Part II,   Part III ) …If the deputies or investigator’s in this case would have contacted me, I could have told them where to find Caylee “before” August 2008 and that’s why I made public most of my predictions to help them since they did not do so.  I cannot insert myself into a case without being asked since it’s one of the rules made by my Angels for my safety. ***UPDATE July 05, 2011 Headlines: “Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty of Murder of Daughter..”

  1. Jennifer


    What are you thoughts on the life Casey had growing up? Do you think there’s any truth to the molestation from the Dad and brother.


    • Hi Jennifer,

      I sense that there may have been some small amount of truth to what was alleged about George abusing Casey, but nowhere near a molestation charge that was presented.

      I could also understand his reasoning for being frustrated with dealing with her since she was an habitual con artist and brat.

      No, I don’t see Lee doing anything and he was her biggest supporter & friend until Caylee was found.


  2. Thank you so much Monty, I am not a psychic but I already thought of all the things you so beautifully stated. I am happy that you confirmed my beliefs. It is wonderful to have you here giving us all a little Peace and comfort. Once again I find your words give me a sense of calm and Karma will settle the score.

  3. Thank you Monty, I am such a big fan. May I ask you to give all of us who are so upset about the Anthony verdict some comfort in the jury decision. Thank you so much for your knowledge and wisdom

    • Thank You!

      Look below for some answers about the case. I spent 2 yrs working daily to get answers in the public domain and feel very connected to this case including talking to investigator’s and researchers so I understand many people’s feelings, but we also have to understand that there’s a higher calling now for Lawyers, Judges, Reporters, and individuals that we can’t look deep enough to understand what makes people harm others and we should never give up in searching for justice.

      All of us have done all we can and now we have to surrender the punishment to the Angels & God. Just as I felt my part was completed in helping locate Caylee in 2008, I have to accept that everyone brought so much attention and awareness to child abuse that many other children will be saved though these efforts so it’s not wasted.

      The drama is far from over so hold on to the seat that you’re in for the next few months.


  4. on July 5, 2011 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    I, like you I’m sure, was very surprised by the verdict in the Casey Anthony case. I foresaw the same thing you did, and now I’m wondering about the motives of God and trying to figure out what lesson he’s attempting to teach Casey (and us) about this surprising turn of events. Do you think it’s the whole “Do not judge lest ye be judged?” Or something else?

    I, too, see a suicide attempt very soon within the family. I honestly think Casey is too in love with herself to attempt suicide – so I wonder if it’s the bother or other family member?

    • on July 5, 2011 at 7:31 pm | Reply

      Maybe Caylee pulled some strings on the other side due to her forgiving her Casey for what she had done to her.

    • Hi,

      Even though I’m discouraged by the verdict, I’m not disappointed because Spirit will judge Casey and her family for the rest of their lives…If Casey believes that she’s gotten away with murder, she doesn’t really understand what’s in store for her in the “Court of public opinion” in the next few months and year. Even O.J. Simpson ended up in prison for his mistakes and so will Casey unless she finds the Angels of death stalker her now. Remember the scene from “Ghost” when Patrick tells Demi Moore that he will always carry his love here on earth with him in Heaven? Then the Angels of darkness took the bad guys away….That’s where the darkness will follow Casey until her demise..

      I made the prediction about a death around Casey (number 12) and it could be that the whole family will now self-destruct. I have no doubt that George will divorce Cindy at some point in the future and move away. I also predicted in one of my prior blogs somewhere that the Anthony house will be attacked or torched.and I see that happening more now than ever to run them out-of-town.

      I don’t see God doing anything to teach us something about Casey, the judges were the 12 jurors that wanted to go home after hearing a lot of nonsense from the defense. They too will be attacked for making the verdict so there’s enough blame to go around including the Prosecutions desire to make it a death penalty case without a lessor offense to fall back on.

      Would any of us want to be in Casey’s shoes where all of her family and friends testified against her? Being called a “Slut” and a Liar? She will have no one to support her now, but drug addicts and thrill seekers so she’s famous in the wrong way. Her life will be hell in one way or the other and even though some media outlets will try to capitalize on her acquittal, they will come up short on an audience that even cares about what other lies she will now tell. At least O.J. had money and could hide, Casey cannot run far enough away to clean her reputation..

      Unfortunately for them, Karma will eventually catch up with Casey and her family and there’s nowhere to hide from the rabid people who will come out of the woods and go after them.



All of the comments below are from my MySpace page with the timestamps and dates attached so you can see when comments or predictions were made..






Case:  Caylee Anthony – Missing 3 yr old Caylee of Orange County, Florida.Posted July 28, 2008 – 11:29 Central time..I see that this was an accident that may have occurred with the child being either left in her mother’s hot car and suffocated or was placed in the car after an injury and died…I also see a black plastic bag that tells me she was buried a few days after her death somewhere around water and a Park…I feel she was assisted by a male in deposing of the body….(Her body should be found in the first 2 weeks of the month of August).
There is a reason why I listed her age at ‘3’, I expect she will be found after her birthday..
August 18, 2008
Expect to hear a lot of information that will come out about Casey, I can tell you that Casey is Very Very Intelligent and many people are underestimating her abilities to hide the truth.I can see Casey working as/or was associated with an Escort/Prostitute service and being involved in some very shady money deals…..***UPDATE Sept 2, 2008 Headlines: ‘Casey Anthony Back Behind Bars’ ….. ‘Casey Anthony faces additional charges of white collar-type crimes related to allegations she took money from family and friends.’She also participated in an Underground Escort/Prostitution ring & is connected to some power players in the area…that’s why people aren’t talking!… ***INFO Aug 26, 2008 Headlines: ‘Deputy Connected To Casey Anthony Fired’ …Her Mother and Father already know all about this and are afraid it will come out in the news, which it will in the next few weeks….

Don’t expect Casey to slip up and do anything stupid like going anywhere near where Caylee perished…

She’s very smart and knowledgeable about crimes and how to cover her tracks…DON’T underestimate her youth and good looks as innocence!

I believe that the Police and volunteers have walked within several feet of where Caylee was hidden…….***Update July 17, 2011 – Tim Miller reported that “he walked within 5 feet of where Caylee’s remain were found”, on the Fox channel with Geraldo tonight..

Don’t think for a moment that Casey will Not try to run away!…….

Here again, people are going to underestimate her abilities to deceive them and she already has an underground circle of friends that will help her escape…..Just Watch!
August 21, 2008I see the name Wallace and/or Warren associated with this case.

I know that there’s a Warren Park & Warren Lake….That’s where I would look for Caylee and also the missing cellphone. I believe the cell phone was dropped in or near the edge of the Lake.

The torrential storms that are over Florida at this time may help bring an end to the mystery if Caylee was placed in Warren Lake…since it will make it easier for someone to find her now.


POSTED Aug 28, 2008:

Casey should be headed back to jail by next week! ***UPDATE Aug 29, 2008 Headlines: ‘Casey Anthony Re-Arrested’ ..

Leonard has discovered that his ‘feelings’ may have been wrong!!


Update: Sept 2, 2008:

Someone is about to crack from the pressure?

Anthony (Tony)  Lazzaro better watch out!  Things are going to get dirty from now on…Look for a break in the case soon…Tony and one other male will spill what they know when evidence about other things they are involved in comes to light..

Are the police trying to hide something?

It appears the Police know the area where little Caylee was hidden & are sooooo close to breaking the case….It appears that they need one more piece of the puzzle to break the case open….SO CLOSE!

I can see the Investigators trying to leak info to get people to look one way so they can investigate in another area where people don’t know they’re looking…kind of a game since no one is looking at the REAL truth…the family!

Within the next 2 weeks a lot of info on George & Cindy will come to light…don’t be surprised if they are both arrested/questioned for other money issues that will test most people’s patience with the family…

There are a lot of secrets that will come to light…Poor George won’t know what hit him when tabloids start ripping the family apart…Especially Cindy… ***UPDATE Jan 28, 2009 Headlines: ‘Caylee’s Family Secrets’ Featured On People Magazine…

Expect an investigation by the Florida Attorney General into the family before the case ends…

Leonard will not leave until his name is cleared…he’s not going to let a 22 street girl make a fool of him on National TV…

I feel he already knows the truth at this point but has to be careful not to put himself in the middle of the investigation….somewhat of a ‘catch-22’ for him right now, but he’ll settle in and fight for the right outcome to this case since he’s a trooper and didn’t want things to turn ugly like they did…

His reputation is on the line and it’s hard to get all of that egg off of his face at one time..

Entry removed about the name; Anthony surrounding this case to make more room
UPDATED  Sept 9, 2008

There’s a study of words called  ‘Lexigrams’ and I’m a firm believer of subtle energy patterns relating to their use….Usually I notice these things when I look at an address because it will say something about the person that resides there! (For example, Jessie Grund listed his address as ‘LAKE MARSHA DRIVE’ which means he was living on a  Lake Marsh?  See where we’re going here?)

Caylee was reported missing from:  2863 S ‘CONWay’ Road 210 (As in a CON’S WAY!)

Casey lives at:  ‘4937 HOPESPRING Drive’. (As in HOPE SPRINGS Forward!)

Lee Anthony & the rest of the family list the address as one word:  4937 ‘HOPESPRING’ Drive….

Casey is the only one that spells it as two words like ‘HOPE SPRING’.

(Since everyone else spells the address as one word tells me that Casey looks at the address as a stepping stone for something she wants.)


Posted Oct 1, 2008: 1:35pm

I dreamed last night that numerous new charges will be filled against Casey very soon, one on top of the other.  These will be connected to Caylee’s death…There will be NO way that she will be able to defeat these charges…murder, conspiracy, etc… ***UPDATE Oct 14, 2008 Headlines: ‘Caylee Anthony Mom Casey Re-Arrested on Multiple Murder Charges’

I still feel that they will locate her remains shortly and that someone walked right past them in August by hurriedly left the area where she was hidden…due to bad weather..


POSTED Oct 16, 2008

There’s something not right about Casey’s Attorney, Jose Baez, I can’t put my finger on it but I feel he’s stalling the case for some reason to get his ‘Ducks in a Row’,…Something to do with either his License or qualifications?

I don’t see him trying the case in Court or being Casey’s Attorney much longer either and may even get barred from doing so… ***UPDATE Oct 31, 2008 Headlines: ‘Florida Bar To Investigate Baez For Hugging Casey In Jail’ … ***UPDATE Jan 20, 2009 Headlines: ‘Fla. Bar Prepares Case Against Baez’

I see a ‘White Lie’ about something that he has filed in this case that will come to light… ***UPDATE Jan 30, 2009 Headlines: ‘TODD BLACK” WAS MADE UP NAME’ …’The mystery PR man, who triggered a Florida Bar investigation into Casey’s attorney Jose Baez has admitted Todd Black isn’t his real name’….

Something is going on behind the scenes to get Jose Baez off of the case by other Attorney’s! ***UPDATE Nov 6, 2008 Headlines: ‘Defense Team: Caylee Could’ve Been Poisoned By Chloroform’ …Eyewitness News learned that dissention among the defense team may be behind the release of those documents

I keep hearing the name of Attorney Gloria Allred getting involved in the case before it’s over with, God help us all if we have to listen to her ramble over this case too... ***UPDATE Dec 11, 2008 – Gloria on FOX News…And later on Nancy Grace


UPDATE Oct 25, 2008 6pm

One of the things that I’ve seen from the start is Casey carrying a garbage bag to the car from inside the carport, this tells me that Caylee died at home and was moved to the vehicle for disposal...

The cell phone is laying near the edge of the water which has recently receded since it was thrown or dropped near the swamp..

I see a black garbage bag that is about 10-15 feet away from the cell phone… which has part of Caylee’s remains inside.

The road leading to this site is either gravel or a dirt road, I can see white dust in the air as cars drive down this road….

You have to cross a railroad track to get to the location and the area in question is on the left side of the road...about 100 yards into the woods…

The reason that the cell phone is relevant is that Casey thought that by changing the SIM card in her phone to another phone would hide her tracts.  Even though she’s a very smart girl, she’s not technically minded enough to understand how a cell phones operates.  She thought she was being smart but this will be the mistake that catches her in the end and will link her to Caylee’s body…

Leonard and Rob already know what I’m talking about and will close the loop soon where Caylee was hidden…

Don’t let all the lies by Cindy & George fool you, both of them knew that Caylee was dead once they smelled the odor in the car…If you’ve ever smelled that odor before you’ll never forget it…I have! … ***UPDATE Nov 6, 2008 Headlines: ‘George Anthony Told Investigators He Had ‘Bad Vibes’ …’…George Anthony told investigators he felt something was wrong from the very beginning’

Many people question why Casey was spending 6 hours a day in her attorney’s office and I can tell you why….She was reading Law Books, she’s very smart and has been trying to read up on Law so she can better prepare herself for trial….And, to learn about what is needed for defense of a conviction……She’s super smart for her age and people don’t see that!  This also gave her an opportunity to smooth talk her attorney as well, if you know what I mean?… ***INFO  Oct 31, 2008 Headlines: ‘Jose Baez Repeatedly Told To Stop Touching Casey During Jail Visits’

I see the number 31 surrounding this case in some way too.

The letter ‘H’ also has a meaning on the location of Caylee… ***UPDATE Nov 4, 2008 Headlines: ‘George Anthony Seen Near Woods Where Teams Searched For Caylee’…’….staring into the woods near Hoffner Avenue in east Orange County”

UPDATE Nov 2, 2008 4pm

I’ve been seeing the numbers 16/17/19 within a circle which tell me that they are cell pings.(or dates)….these are areas that should be checked for Caylee.

I’m not too sure that all of the cell pings were accurate for Casey’s movements, she already knew that the cell phone would be tracked even if it was turned off.  This makes me believe that she may have removed the cell phone battery in an effort to conceal her location at times…

I do see a silver cell phone by the waters edge where she either lost the phone or threw it but the water has receded where it can be found…If it is found then the body will be very close and that will be what ties her to the case..

I also believe that Caylee was killed on or about the 16/17th not later as has been reported in the news….

There was a report somewhere that Casey backed her vehicle into the garage and that’s where I see that Caylee was placed in the trunk…

Caylee has told me in Spirit that; ‘Mommy hit me & was mad’…

It was something to do with a cup and Caylee wanting something to drink that set Casey off.   I can see that it was at night when this occurred….If this was the case, then the recovered bones will bear some of this out..this could be the reason that Casey didn’t report  the death due to bruising and injuries from abuse.

I don’t believe all her remains will be found….only some hair, skull, and some bones…I don’t see her legs at all in the vision..

Casey will soon have a mental breakdown….

I see her being moved from her cell either for her own safety or for medical reasons (like being suicidal).


UPDATE Nov 4, 2008 8pm

Attorney, Jose Baez will write a book about the case and offer his theories about what happened to Caylee..


UPDATE Nov 5, 2008 9:45 Am

A male acquaintance to Casey knew that something happened to Caylee and turned his back to ignore what he saw or knew…He was afraid to say anything due to his fear that Casey would have him harmed in some way….This is connected to the disposal of Caylee’s body in some way too….(This could be Lee!)

I keep seeing something is brewing at the jail where Casey is being held, I see confusion and alarm like Casey is sick or was harmed…Tension & concern is mounting about her safety…(she could be planning an escape by faking being sick)

UPDATE Nov 6, 2008 7:35 Pm

If someone that reads this Blog is involved in the search for Caylee, you need to understand that you won’t find her on a horse, airplane or 4-wheeler!  Only a foot search will lead to success.

She’s also not out in the open where she could be found and it will take someone at ground level going very slowly through the shrubs and weeds...

Caylee will be found by a male looking under some weeds or overgrowth..

I also see Casey laughing at Law Enforcement for being so stupid…She’s so smart and confident that she thinks she could charm everyone associated with this case, and has!

If Casey had not created this case she could have had a good career as an Attorney since she’s interested in Law.  I don’t mean this as a joke, Casey is exceptionally intelligent and wasted her talents on a controversial event which is tragic for both her and Caylee.

At this time, I don’t feel that the Chloroform had anything to do with Caylee’s death, I still feel it was an accident by suffocation somehow…

I see plastic being involved in her demise after an injury just like what would happen if a child slept on a piece of plastic or if they placed it over their head and suffocated…I can see her face pressed against the plastic like she was asleep…I’m not sure that she was dead when she was placed in the trunk of the car either...


UPDATE Nov 6, 2008 7:35 Pm

NANCY GRACE: Many things that have been presented on Nancy Grace tonight by her experts are so wrong that I can rebuff them in 2 minutes…or anyone that knows what they are talking about in the first place..

A lie detector test CAN be defeated and I’ve done so myself just the prove that I could do it (after being challenged by a former FBI Polygraph agent concerning a restaurant robbery)…Anyone that is a student of Bio Feedback could be taught how to beat one….

Not only can someone that is under the influence of pain killers beat a Polygraph, someone that I personally knew took the same test I did while on muscle relaxers and passed even though she was guilty of what she lied about…

That’s why they’re NOT admitted in Court...So it wouldn’t matter if Cindy or Casey took a Polygraph test just like the Defense Attorney stated…

The ladder being near the pool on the 26/27th that Cindy fussed at George about didn’t have anything to do with Caylee...


UPDATE Nov 8, 2008 12:10 Pm

Timeline for Casey Anthony:

June 15th, Caylee & Cindy go swimming in family pool after visiting Caylee’s Great-Grandfather.  This is where the chlorine or reported Chloroform came from?

June 16, Caylee dies from a suffocation related incident at home after George goes to work (probably between 1-3 pm) and is hidden in the back yard by Casey.  I see a Yellow/Tan bag with the letter ‘T’ on it over the body of Caylee. (This could be a ‘Target store’ bag)… ***UPDATE Jan 29, 2009 – (Headline News reported one of the bags was a white laundry bag and one had a yellow draw string).

June 17th, Casey looks for a place to dispose of Caylee and backs into the garage to retrieve Caylee’s body but discovers the shed is locked (can’t get to a shovel) and she can’t pick her up, so she leaves.

June 18, Casey backs into the garage to retrieve Caylee’s body and borrows a shovel from a neighbor (due to her shed being locked) to place the body in a trash bag so she can transport Caylee to the trunk of her car.

June 18th-19th Casey disposed of Caylee’s body.

June 22nd-23rd Casey stole the gas cans in an effort to mask the decomposing smell in her car by placing them in the trunk.

June 24th, George Anthony files a thief report after discovering someone broke into his tool shed and stole the gas cans on or about the 22-23rd of June.
UPDATE Nov 9, 2008 11:40 Am

I still feel that Caylee’s remains will be found by the 14th of the month. (I saw this in August and thought it was that month but was incorrect) …***UPDATE Dec 29, 2008 Headlines: ‘P.I. Says He Videotaped Area Where Caylee Was Later Found’… ‘Private investigator Jim Hoover and his attorney told only Eyewitness
News on Wednesday afternoon that the Anthonys’ private investigator, Dominic Casey, told Hoover on the morning of November 15 that Caylee was dead and that he knew where her body was’....

UPDATE Nov 14, 2008 12:40 Am

There’s no way that Blanchard Park where Leonard is looking would be where Caylee would be hidden or disposed of since it’s a public park….

The beads and all the writing on the tree does not relate to Caylee…It was a stretch of the imagination to think it was left by Casey in the first place…She’s not that stupid and I suspect someone that was associated with one of the previous searches left these items in the Park….

I doubt Leonard’s claim that Caylee was killed on the 16th and then placed in the car on the 24th/25th since you can’t hide the smell of a decomposing body after 2 days…It would be almost impossible for anyone to ride around for 3-4 days with Caylee in the trunk of a hot Florida car without being found out….I don’t see the body in the car but for a very short period of time…

UPDATE Nov 14, 2008 7:15 Pm

I see Caylee’s body being in the car no more than 4 hrs at the most before she was disposed of on/or around the 18th…

UPDATE Nov 21, 2008 04:30Am

After a long time seeing something that didn’t make sense before, I’ve now come to the conclusion that Caylee was buried in one place South of the Anthony home and her clothes were disposed of North of the Anthony home.  I kept seeing 3 different places that Caylee’s imprint was present.

This could also explain some of the confusion surrounding different searches.  I feel that Casey did this to throw off the investigation so if Caylee’s clothes were found it would justify her claim that Caylee was kidnapped.

I feel that the odor or decomposition in the car was from the clothes and not the body.  Fluids from Caylee’s body were on the clothes and after a few days they started to decompose.

I see either a blue 2 piece bathing suit or two blue articles of clothing were on Caylee when she died, this could mean she was in the pool at some time prior to her death or just something she was wearing at the time…but they were removed after her death so there wouldn’t be any traces of clothing if Caylee was later found to quickly identify her. (She was nude when disposed of)

UPDATE Nov 26, 2008 8:45Pm

It’s not news to me that Cindy Anthony may have tried to trick the FBI by giving them Casey’s hairbrush instead of Caylee’s…

I’ve already stated that an investigation will ensue into Cindy’s actions in not only this topic but the disposal of Casey’s clothing (and Caylee‘s clothing) that was in the trunk of her car that Cindy washed right at the beginning of the investigation…She knows a lot more than she’s telling… ***UPDATE  Dec 17, 2008 Headlines ‘George and Cindy Anthony Seek Full Immunity: Admit to giving Misleading Information’

Remember that Cindy is fairly intelligent and Casey didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to cunning behavior….George is just trying to stay out of the way of a runaway train that will wreck very soon.

Nancy Grace is backing up big time on kissing up to the Anthony family now in an attempt to get them back on the show by seemingly making it look like Cindy is just a grieving mother….

It doesn’t that a genius to figure out that if someone took Caylee they sure as hec wouldn’t be seen in a Chucky Cheese or McDonald’s out in the open where she could be seen would they?

Cindy is just trying to gain more support & money by making it look like she’s a grieving mother….Does Susan Smith come to mind to anyone??


UPDATE Dec 7, 2008 5:45Pm

I’m expecting a major find Discovery concerning this case in March or April 2009.  I don’t see anyone finding Caylee’s remains until this time early next year. Only part of her remains will ever be found like the skull and a few bones from her ribs…***INFO Dec 11, 2008 Headlines: ‘Casey Anthony Trial Postponed Until March’.., (NOTE added Jan 20, 2009: The reason I stated this is because I couldn’t understand why Caylee’s remains hadn’t been discovered after seeing them found in Aug and then again in Nov… It now seems that both accounts were right since the Meter man found her in Aug and the Anthony PI knew where she was in Nov. I just couldn’t resolve in my mind why she hadn’t been found yet, and of course it was less than a week later when she was ‘Officially’ found.)

The time that Casey spends in jail will eventually wear her down but I don’t think she will tell ever the truth.  It will take the confession of someone like Lee Anthony to break this case, he knows what happened to Caylee.
Lee Anthony is not safe from harm, he’s being watched very closely by people interested in this case.


UPDATE Dec 11, 2008 6:35Pm

Today we finally bring our little Angel Caylee home, While I’m happy that she was found I profoundly upset that she wasn’t found in August when I saw that people were walking past her.   I knew that Casey didn’t travel far to dispose of her body.

In the Dec. 7, 2008 entry above I felt that it was the end for a while since I didn’t see anyone related to the case finding her until Spring.  I’m glad I was wrong and she was found sooner, not just for the Anthony family but to end the circus that has been going on around this case.  Maybe now justice will prevail and we’ll all know what happened to Caylee.

While Casey still isn’t going to admit anything short of divine intervention, she’ll still maintain that someone (Zanny) dumped her body there and someone came into the Anthony home and stole the duct tape and trash bags that were used to dispose of Caylee’s body.

I always saw a male picking up a garbage bag on the edge of water and the skull falling out of the bag…Now I want to know if the cell phone is somewhere nearby?

I’m exhausted from working this case and I know many others like Detective Yuri Melich, Leonard, Tim Miller, Gail St.John, Fox -WFTV -Orlando), the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept, FBI, and countless volunteers have poured their hearts and minds into this case but it’s not in vain….It elevated this case to the point that many people got involved to help..

Here are a few of the hits so far:

Jan 30, 2009 – removed listed entries and highlighted the hits to save space…


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  • *DESTINY’S QUEST* You are truly amazing! We are so fortunate for your gifts of compassion and insight that you share with so many of us. I hope now…. Caylee can rest in peace and her family can find the healing that they need. Peace and Love, Diana

    2 years ago

    • World Psychic  Hi,It will be a long time before Caylee will be able to rest, soooo many secrets about the family and issues related to this tragedy will come to light..Thank you!

      2 years ago

  • Christina Edwards Cindy is a piece of work “nut job.” That entire family mainly Cindy should be ashamed of herself. My question is does anyone in that family care for Caylee? I can’t conclude they do. I have never seen such odd behavior in a missing person case. That family just could care less if she’s found. They are trully “bad” people. My heart breaks for the little one. I can’t say she will be found without the help of the family. They all need to fess up. She deserves a burial and this case and that family are unbelievably selfish.

    2 years ago

    • World Psychic  Hi Christina,Thank you for your comments..Yes, it’s a shame that the Anthony family has chosen to deny little Caylee her right to a restful sleep. While many other things will come to light as each week passes, It will take about 6 more months before this case is solved.Some cases take many years to find missing loved ones and since some of the players in this drama are out for money, it will drag on for a while until the smoke clears and the right people work on… Show more

      2 years ago

  • K K,2933,451504,00.htmlPolice: Bags Found in River in Search for Missing Toddler Don’t Contain Human Remains

    2 years ago

  • Christina Edwards  This case is so upsetting. I want her to be found. I have a 2 yr. old I can’t even imagine this. Its absolutely heartbreaking. The grandparents don’t even appreciate all the support. It’s really heartbreaking. Do you believe they will find her? I have never been so hurt by a case. The bones they found, so you believe they are animal bones? Why aren’t the grandparents helping? Enough already, so don’t you agree? Well anyways we’ll keep praying for this angel and all the other precious angels whos lives have been taken. People need to stop hurting children, they are so innocent and beautiful!I keep feeling as though Caseys boyfriend lazarro is involved somehow, maybe he took her bossy with him to New York. He did visit New York. Just a hopeful thought!Goodnight and Thank you
    Christina… Show more

    2 years ago

    • World Psychic  Hi Christina,Thank you for stopping by…Yes, it’s sad that Cindy and George are going in one direction and 2,000 other people are going in another direction….The family is in denial and trying to protect Casey which I understand, but I think everyone knows that Caylee is dead now and Casey had a part in her death….I believe that she will eventually be found and I hope it’s soon as well. Not only for the Anthony family but also for all the other cases that have… Show more

      2 years ago

  • Lori Love Artist and ps…  hello,I looked into this case,I got a name having to do with the location started with a capitol W,I thought I heard worm something,couldn’t seem to get all of it.but I see you did,I also saw her in a crate,a wooden crate,and I did see another individual with her helping to get rid of her body,they were not very big in stature though,I thought it could be a woman,and I saw that the location was on the northern part of town.and I saw her in the trunk also.this is all very interesting.I hope they find her.peace.

    2 years ago

  • MEDIUM/CLAIRVOYANT WHI…  Monte,About 3 or 4 weeks ago when I first learned of the missing child (I do not watch the news) I right away said it has to do with drugs and something to do with mexico. Then when I read your blog I doughted what I picked up…you know me I second guess myself. But then the grandmother just recently said something about mexico. So I just feel I have had to pick up something right about mexico. Some connection? Help sensa…LOL

    2 years ago

  • K K  Bless her little soul! 🙁

    2 years ago

    This is what I am getting and I would appreciate your input on what I am picking up.What I meant to say was the mother will be held responsible, but she did not do this alone. Someone help with disposing of the body. She did feel remorse but not in the way a real mothers feel. She is more concerned with what will happen to her then she is about her child or her parents. The mother is not only hooked on drugs but she is seriously mentally ill. She has always used men to get what she wants and also used her child to get her way with her parents. I feel the grandparents were trying to get custody of the child but were afraid of what the daughter would do to herself or them if they had went through with it….

    2 years ago

  • MEDIUM/CLAIRVOYANT WHI…  God bless the child, but she is no longer with us she is in spirit. They will find her soon and the mother will be help responsible for child neglect. Yes the child car seat is with her where ever she is. White aura

    2 years ago

  • K K That is the link for the Discovery Report which is 400 pages.
  • K K  They need to go by the Airport and Casey was also into Drugs. Sad to know she was involved in a Prostitution ring! Keep up the good work Monte! 😉

    2 years ago


    2 years ago


    2 years ago

  • Pam Terry Phillips  Howdy. Earlier this morning, I was reading a blurb about Caylee’s mother in jail on Yahoo. I really haven’t been following this story but the thought immediately crossed my mind, “This child is dead.” Unfortunately, I do not believe they will find this child alive.New stuff is looking good, Toast.Peace & hugs from me & Whiny Boy ^-^

    2 years ago

  • Jennifer Taylor  Hello I do not consider myself psychic at all but I read your blog and it sent chills up my spine. I had a dream last night that she was in her car seat and struggling to get out. It scared the daylights out of me. That is why today I looked online for any information concerning her and I found you. WOW!!!

    2 years ago

                                                                                                                 PART II


Case: Caylee Anthony – Missing 3 yr old Caylee of Orange County, Florida.

Posted Dec 14, 2008 – 7:33 Central time..

This will be a continuation of the previous Blog since I’m already seeing a lot of mistakes by the Sheriff’s Dept. and issues that will come to light soon.


I have visually witnessed some mistakes being made in the chain of custody of  ‘Evidence’ in this case….Just by watching the News Footage on the evidence being removed from the Anthony home has compromised that same evidence…

The case will boil down to the chain of custody of some evidence and I’m not going to point it out publicly since I don’t want my observations to be used against the Orange County Sheriff’s Office or the Prosecutor’s Office…

Major mistakes have been made and the Defense team will be able to block or prevent crucial evidence from being entered at trial. This doesn’t mean that Casey won’t be found guilty, but it’s going to be a mess and a setback for the DA/Sheriff’s Office.

The Caylee Anthony case will be the new O.J. Simpson trial of 2009….

Some Psychic/Charity organizations will be called to testify for the Defense (like Gail St. John & Tim Miller of TES) and they will be vilified in the press… ***UPDATE Jan 11, 2009 Headlines: ‘Sources: Casey PI Talking With Psychic In Video‘ … ***UPDATE Jan 15, 2009 Headlines: ‘Psychic’s Credibility Questioned Amid Claims She Talked With P.I.’… ***UPDATE Jan 30, 2009 Headlines: ‘Judge Allows Scene Search, Denies Motion To Recuse’… ‘The second motion involved Texas Equa Search….. Baez was seeking more information from the group about their searches….

Thousands of Dollars in missing Charity donations will be brought to light and people will lose their reputations before this trial is over. (Unfortunately, Leonard Padilla will be one of them)

Many supporters of Cindy & George Anthony will be in Shock, and angered before trial about the family having foreknowledge that Caylee was dead long before she was found on Dec 11, 2008… ***UPDATE Dec 29, 2008 Headlines: ‘P.I. Says He Videotaped Area Where Caylee Was Later Found’… ‘Private investigator Jim Hoover and his attorney told only Eyewitness News on Wednesday afternoon that the Anthonys’ private investigator, Dominic Casey, told Hoover on the morning of November 15 that Caylee was dead and that he knew where her body was’….

One key investigator will leave the Sheriff’s Office over this case… ***UPDATE Jan 15, 2009 Headlines: ‘Deputy Reassigned Over Meter Reader Call Response’  …***UPDATE April 10, 2009 headlines: ‘Fla. sheriff’s deputy fired for response to tip about site where Caylee Anthony’s body found’ ...

A phantom male that knew about Caylee being dead will come to light, (I suspect that person will be Lee Anthony).

Death or an accident will affect a male in the Anthony family before this case is over… ***UPDATE Jan 23, 2009 Headlines: ‘Police: Caylee’s Grandfather Hospitalized, ‘Wanted to End His Life

Lee Anthony is hiding some secrets of his own that will come to light after an investigation by the Sheriff’s Dept., or the FBI tying him to unscrupulous individuals… ***UPDATE Jan 26, 2009 Headlines: ‘Lee Anthony’s Attorney Says Client May Be Charged’… ‘Attorney: Lee Anthony Could Face Obstruction Of Justice Charges’.

A mental/physical breakdown will befall Lee Anthony when the press haunts him.

George Anthony will be physically attacked while going to Court by someone in a crowd.

The Anthony home will be vandalize/torched by protesters before this trial is over.

Jose Baez, will not be the lead Attorney for Casey Anthony at trial… ***UPDATE Jan 20, 2009 Headlines: ‘Fla. Bar Prepares Case Against Baez’ …

There will be at least 3 Attorneys representing Casey at trial.

Dr. Henry Lee will provide key testimony for the Defense at trial that will cause a setback for the Prosecution after a very obvious ‘evidentuary‘ mistake was made interpreting some evidence.

George/Cindy Anthony will go into hiding before/after this trial and will eventually move out of the State of Florida… ***UPDATE Jan 26, 2009 Headlines: ‘George Anthony To Remain Hospitalized Another Week’ …’Eyewitness News has learned George is probably in a lockdown ward at Halifax Medical Center in his own room, if for no other reason, for security reasons because of his high profile’.

Casey Anthony will be found guilty and serve life in prison for the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony….

An Angelic sighting of Caylee Anthony in Spirit will be witnessed by some people in Orlando to symbolically thank them for their prayers & support.


Posted Dec 16, 2008 – 9:44

I don’t feel that this case will conclude until around Sept 2009 since I see a delay during the Spring concerning an Anthony family member… ***UPDATE March 2, 2009 Headlines: ‘Casey Anthony faces October trial on murder charge’.

The whole collection process of evidence will be shot down at some point in Court due to countless cross-contamination errors made by the Sheriff’s Office/FBI. (I know I keep saying this, but that’s what I’m being told over and over.)

Evidence not yet released concerning a message or something said on an answering machine or voice mail will be key in court!… ***UPDATE April 22, 2009 Headlines: ‘Cindy Voicemail: “Casey Had To Have Had Help“…. ‘A voicemail obtained by Eyewitness News is raising new questions in the case against Casey Anthony… Cindy Anthony said. “Casey had to have help, no matter what the scenario might be, so there are people who know that information.” …”The message is nearly four minutes long and was recorded in the very early stages in the search for Caylee Anthony.” …

Casey did not expect it would take the Sheriff’s Office this long to find Caylee’s body, she planned for her to be found around August 2008.

I still see the image of Caylee suffocating by a trash bag being placed over her face/head as something contributing to her cause of death.

Leonard Padilla may be right about the tape being applied afterward to conceal the true cause of Caylee’s death.  If we hear that her hands were also taped then that would be correct.

Something was found/taken as a souvenir by a male from the scene of where Caylee’s body was found. (It looks like a cross or a chain)

Posted Dec 19, 2008 – 2:48am


I was told to use the term ‘Phantom Male’ in reference to the ‘Meter Man’ because he’s been lurking in the background on this case…In the shadows..

I predicted earlier:

‘A male acquaintance
to Casey knew that something happened to Caylee and turned his back to ignore what he saw or knew…He was afraid to say anything due to his fear that Casey would have him harmed in some way….This is connected to the disposal of Caylee’s body in some way too….(This could be Lee!)

I now believe that this is the Phantom male that found Caylee’s remains on
Dec 11, 2008.

A bombshell in this case is about to be revealed when the Phantom male that found Caylee is tied to Casey Anthony… ***UPDATE Jan 2009 – Krunk’s boss reported by Leonard on Nancy Grace is a neighbor of the Anthony’s.

The Phantom male looked in the bag where Caylee was found in August and tried not to get in involved with the case because he knows Casey / Lee Anthony.

The missing silver cell phone will be found and tie Casey to the murder scene…  ***INFO  I now believe this was the silver duct tape that I was mistakenly seeing near the body instead of a silver cell phone..

Caylee’s body was moved at the scene by the Phantom male at least once so it would be found sooner.

The Phantom male told Cindy & George Anthony where to find Caylee’s body but they ignored it to help keep Casey out of jail.

Cindy & George Anthony are now asking for immunity because the Phantom male told them where Casey was hidden and they lied to Police when they said they didn’t know where she was.

There are still many more secrets being held back from the Sheriff’s Office by Cindy & George Anthony, one of them being that Casey told them that she would kill Caylee before giving her up.

Someone by the name of Patrick will be a witness in the Caylee Anthony case.


Posted Jan 5, 2009 9:15pm

I’ve previously stated that someone moved little Caylee’s body so it could be found but someone moved it out of the way too.

I keep having a vision of someone “pushing” the body toward the woods. Even though it doesn’t make sense that someone would move her from the (direction of the) curb to the woods, this is what I keep seeing that was done.

A dark haired male either kicked the bag containing Caylee toward the woods or rolled it there with his feet inconspicuously in November 2008.

I believe that the person that is doing this was trying to hide her or conceal her from the press or a video camera..This could be the attempt by someone to video the area where Caylee was found but they moved the body/bag out of the way to film it so she wouldn’t be seen in the video.  She was moved to the edge of the woods from close to the curb…***INFO Jan 11, 2009 Headlines: ‘Video Released Of Anthonys’ P.I. Searching Remains Scene’… ***INFO Jan 14, 2009 Headlines: ‘WFTV Investigator: Sheaffer says P.I. search may have been staged’ (


Posted Jan 9, 2009 7:45pm

I stand by my statement that Caylee was in the trunk of the car for only a short period of time.  I don’t believe that she was in the car for 2 days or more like what was reported on Nancy Grace. See Below:

From Part 1 (dated November 8, 2008)

  Timeline for Casey Anthony:

June16, Caylee dies from a suffocation related incident at home after George goes to work (probably between 1-3 pm) and is hidden in the backyard by Casey.  I see a Yellow/Tan bag with the letter ‘T’ on it over the body of Caylee. (This could be a ‘Target store’ bag)

June 17th, Casey looks for a place to dispose of Caylee and backs into the garage to retrieve Caylee’s body but discovers the shed is locked (can’t get to a shovel) and she can’t pick her up, so she leaves.

June18, Casey backs into the garage to retrieve Caylee’s body and borrows a shovel from a neighbor (due to her shed being locked) to place the body in a trash bag so she can transport Caylee to the trunk of her car. 

June 18th-19th Casey disposed of Caylee’s body.

Based on what Nancy reported tonight all of the above was correct in new Police evidence released to her..

I don’t believe that the Police/Investigators could determine whether Caylee was in the Trunk of the car for 2 days as opposed to being in the back yard for 2 days then transported to the trunk of the car?

I know that the trunk of the car had some decaying deposits but that could have been due to a leaking trash bag and further decomposition before it was eventually found by police in July.

An evidence file or folder connected to the Caylee Anthony case will go missing before trial containing pictures and Defense papers..

Posted Jan 14, 2009 7:35pm


If you watched Nancy Grace tonight you can see why most Psychics are afraid to go public about what they feel or see involving murder cases and what kind of Character assassination they have to go through with people like Nancy Grace and Marc Klaas that seize on any opportunity to discredit valid and credible help from Psychics.


Posted Jan 27, 2009 7:35pm

Nancy Grace & her ‘Expert’ panel are WRONG again in stating that Lee Anthony has “no duty” to notify Law Enforcement about what he knows about any evidence concerning the whereabouts of Caylee or any other evidence in this case….(The ‘Duty’ topic also has nothing to do with the Obstruction of Justice issue she was talking about either).

First of all,  just because Nancy Grace believes that Lee was NOT under a duty to report anything that he knows, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t legally bound to an ‘implied’ or Common Law duty by Police or the Sheriff’s Office to tell them if anything new developed in the case.. If it were anyone off the street that may be true but it’s not true if it concerns anyone connected to this case.

Anytime that a person is questioned by Law Enforcement, they are therefore bound to tell the truth! Anything that is NOT the truth can be grounds for Obstruction of Justice charges..

Second, if a statement is taken in written form, a person signs that statement as an “AFFIRMATION” that the statement is true and correct. It’s a sworn statement at that point and means that the person signing that statement creates an Affidavit and that becomes a legally bound instrument.

Look at any statement in this case by any “Witness” and you’ll see where it is signed at the bottom…They don’t require the signature for nothing, it’s a legal trick to “bind” a person to tell the truth so it can be used in Court as evidence (affidavit) either for or against the person signing it. This is Law 101 for Investigators/Lawyers.

Here’s an example of Obstruction of Justice:

Generally, obstruction charges are laid when it is discovered that a person questioned in an investigation, who is not a suspect has lied to the investigating officers”.

If Lee lied about ANYTHING to the FBI about this case, then it’s a Felony….Period!!

“Obstruction charges can also be laid if a person alters or destroys physical evidence, even if he was under no compulsion at any time to produce such evidence”.

Once Lee Anthony was interrogated by Sheriff Department Investigator’s or the FBI, he would be verbally instructed by the Police or FBI that if he learns anything NEW about the case then he would be asked if “he agrees to notify them?”  This would also create a duty…..It’s STANDARD Procedure!!

If they interview him more than once, it’s Standard Procedure to ask if he’s learned anything new since the last time he was interviewed, if he states No!, then he could be charged if he knowingly lied…..(it’s called a Catch-22 trick)

Yes, Lee would not be legally bound to reveal anything incriminating about himself and could just plead the 5th,  BUT!  If he makes ANY material statement that is a Lie, then it’s Obstruction of Justice and it’s a discretionary call by the DA or FBI if they want to prosecute him….It’s similar to Perjury, but involves an attempt to hinder an investigation too.

Here’s a few other examples:

Obstruction of the course of justice takes the form of one of these acts:”

Fabrication or disposal of evidence.

Lying to Police to hinder an investigation.

Intimidating a witness.

Threatening a witness.
“It is also criminal to conspire with another to pervert the course of justice and to intend to pervert the course of justice”.

Lee not only lied to the Police, he went behind their backs to get rid of anything in the house that could be used against Casey, that included threatening people that had information related to the case.

Lee has known all along what happened to Caylee and tried to stay out of the picture but felt compelled to help Casey out of his love for her….

BTW, there’s something that I’ve noticed in all of the jail videos.. if you want to know if Casey was lying about anything in the Jailhouse videos, just watch her hands, if they touched her face when she was talking then that is a non-verbal clue that she was lying about something!….


Posted Feb 9, 2009 7:35pm

I believe the Caylee Memorial scheduled for tomorrow is nothing more than a way to distract the public while the Anthony’s have a private service….It would stand to reason that while everyone is seated and distracted at the church, they could have a private ceremony at the same time without interference…
***UPDATE Feb 11, 2009 Headlines: ‘Attorney says Caylee Anthony has been cremated’…. ‘One day after Caylee Marie Anthony’s memorial service, the lawyer representing the toddler’s grandparents
confirmed the girl’s remains have been cremated and that they are not located at her family’s home’.

I also saw last week that Caylee would be cremated before the Memorial scheduled for tomorrow to facilitate the private service… ***UPDATE Feb 11, 2009 Headlines: ‘Attorney says Caylee Anthony has been cremated’

Posted Feb 12, 2009 5:00am

I still believe that the Anthony’s pulled a “sneaky Pete” and used the public ceremony as a ruse to have a Private ceremony for Caylee.  They either did it before the public ceremony at the same church or they had a Private ceremony afterward…

It stands to reason to me that Cindy couldn’t give a “Tinkers Dam” about what the public wanted and it would be a slick way to take care of two services at the same time without anyone knowing what was going on…I’ve stated this privately and I stand by this statement today……

I think people are forgetting that Casey didn’t fall far from the tree….

You’ve just got acquainted with the real Cindy Anthony, she just outsmarted the press and the public!

Lee Anthony used a Laptop computer to record his message about Caylee and it will be Jose Baez that takes this computer to Casey so she can see the family eulogy for herself!!  She didn’t need to watch it on TV since she will see it on the Laptop during a visit by her Attorney…


Posted Mar 20, 2009 2:20am

I know there’s a lot of interest in the outcome of the DNA test on who the father of Caylee was suppose to be and I feel it’s someone that’s was or is in the Military…A one night stand after a night clubbing..I see the name of Mark, or David possibly involved around this issue.

I still see more problems concerning Beaz and Casey being too cozy, or rumors of them being caught doing something inappropriate at the County Jail….


Posted April 21, 2009 11:20pm

Something occurred to me while writing on Shannon’s blog (SOLVING THE DISAPPEARENCE OF CAYLEE MARIE… ) ..about Kronk in her “Roy Kronk Doesn’t Want To Give Up Phone Records” Blog:

“I believe it was Roy Kronk who got word to the Anthony’s PI where to look for the body!!  I think I’ve just discovered who was on the phone with the Anthony’s PI when he was looking for the remains in Nov……..It would stand to reason that only Casey and Kronk knew where to find the remains of Caylee………..RIGHT??”

“I’ve written a lot about Kronk in my Blog and I know for sure that he saw Caylee’s remains in the trash bag back in August….I also stated that someone ‘kicked’ the remains up the hill….so they would be found….that could have been Kronk kicking the bag open so the remains could be found easier!!……I predicted that she would be found in Aug, and she was…..By Kronk, but he tried to pull a ‘sneeky-pete’ with the cops so THEY would find them but they were too lazy to fully check his story out…..”

“People can say all they want about Kronk being innocent in this case but he’s not….He should have pointed out completely to the police what he saw in the bag…..He played it safe hoping someone else would find Caylee and then figured out that everyone involved in looking for her couldn’t locate the remains without his help…”

“Now if the phone records show he was talking to the Anthony PI in Nov, then we have “the rest of the story”..


Shannon has done a GREAT job of keeping up on the Caylee story & listing super Blogs, so I try to list my opinions there as opposed to my Predictions here….So visit her site to see the latest breaking news in this case…..Monte


If you have any information on the case of Caylee Marie Anthony, please notify the authorities by using the phone numbers below:

Orange County Missing Persons Unit
407-836-HELP (4357)

Detective Yuri Melich
office 407.254.7000 (ext. 70633)

Crime line: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)



  • Christina Edwards  So there was a slip today on Nancy Grace. She spoke quickly in regards to Caylees father and said Lee was taking a paternity test. Do you have any thoughts regarding this topic of INCEST?

    2 years ago

    • World PsychicHi Christina,I don’t believe there’s any truth to the topic..Hugs, Monte

      2 years ago

  • Christina Edwards  Please Monte, please tell me your positive they are going to put this selfish girl in jail forever? I hope your vision was correct. I really would hate it if she was let off. I pray your right!Have a wonderful day

    2 years ago

    • World Psychic  Hi Christina,Don’t believe any hype over this case on NG or the talking heads…she won’t be freed..Hugs,

      2 years ago

  • Princess Pandora…Th…  I have to say once again this is so heartbreaking. I think more than anything watching the telephone conversation with Casey and her parents and to not hear once…forget about me GO FIND MY BABY! Or not see any panic. worry or sign of hurt,loss or pain because of the fear of not knowing what has happened to your child. I think that scared me. I was angry..sickened and saddened. It has made me more aware of the love I have for my little one and how nothing is promised to us tomorrow. My son asked me on more than 2 occasions “Mommy why are you crying now?” and hugged and kissed me to comfort me. I thought ….even a 4 yr old has the ability to comfort and express their love to another. Of all bonds Mother and child. I am sickened every time this story comes to mind. And cannot say enough prayers for Caylee or the ache it brings. “You are at peace little angel and the world has lost a beautiful soul ….yet one that will stay forever in our hearts and mind”.

    2 years ago

  • Becky Lynn Holmes Newbe…  This is such a sad sad story. I live in the Orlando area, and it has affected the people here deeply. I saw a very little bit of the memorial today. I couldn’t watch it very long, I feel to deeply and it was very sad. I thought it was very interesting what you said about the family using it to provide them an opportunity to have a private ceremony. But it looked to me that they were there the entire time. This does not mean they still did not have a private ceremony. Caylee is an amazingly wise soul. I keep feeling like this was her purpose. I know that may sound odd. I’m not saying her purpose was to live a short time, but rather it was to bring people together. She has managed to touch the hearts and souls of people all over the world. We are all blessed!

    2 years ago

  • Christina Edwards  You are awesome. Everything you have said has come true thus far! I am sincerely astonished lol I love it! I feel badly for George but the rest of the family……not so much. That baby deserved more, and for Cindy and Lee to be defending Casey, in my opinion is equivilent to spitting on Caylees soon to be grave. I am trully sick of this family. I have always felt badly for George. He needs to get away from these crazy people he calls family. I am no longer following this case until trial.They all give me a headache! I just pray for Caylee to rest in piece and fly with the other angels. Hopefully she isn’t aware of the lively happenings and she finds happiness on the other side. Do you believe the death penalty could be back on the table? Will Lee Anthony end up serving time behind bars? Most importantly how is Caylee? Sorry for all the questions, I am fascinated by your skills and truly believe in you :)Have a wonderful night
    Christina… Show more

    2 years ago

    • World Psychic  Hi Christina, Thank you for your comments and concern for Caylee… Yes, I’ve always known that George is the only person that was trying to do the right thing, unfortunately, he’s married to a mentally questionable wife…. No, the death penalty won’t be back on the table when the case goes back to trial….for many reasons…. No, Lee will get off with a slap on the wrist, it’s just a ploy to get him to talk…. Caylee is fine in heaven and doesn’t know what’s going on here, she’s with a family member.

      2 years ago

  • Caylee Anthony  Monte,You said. “Dr. Henry Lee will provide key testimony for the Defense at trial that will cause a setback for the Prosecution after a very obvious ‘evidentuary’ mistake was made interpreting some evidence.”In the new document dump, I will try to find it, When the defense was allowed to examine the evidence from the trunk of Casey’s car and the evidence from the inside of Casey’s home, Dr. Henry Lee found items that had been overlooked. During the defense’s examination of the evidence several OCSO investigators were present. While the defense was there, they were only allowed to examine the evidence, so they weren’t allowed to collect anything. Dr. Lee found many missed pieces of hair within that evidence, and pointed it out to investigators. There was a piece of hair on a soda can, a piece of hair missed on the pizza box, and another piece of hair I believe (not sure where found, can’t remember) The investigators collected it after Dr. Lee pointed it out to them. This has not made it into the news, and was something I saw when reading the documents. I will try and locate the exact pages for you, and get back with you.Seems you have another accurate prediction that could be related to this tidbit….

    2 years ago

    • Caylee Anthony  grrrr….I noticed I wrote the evidence inside Casey’s home, I meant the “trash” that was collected inside the Anthony home. I type to!

      2 years ago

    • Caylee Anthony  Not sure if I made it clear that the evidence Dr. Lee found was on items that had ALREADY BEEN PROCESSED! So the state missed those hairs.

      2 years ago

  • Cherry Walker  George Anthony hospitalized. Threatens suicide!
    http://www. myfoxorlando. com/myfox/pages/Home/Detail;jsessionid=9237C9F10F1EB43AA3F52B33C804EAD8?contentId=8299251&version=34&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1. 1. 1&sflg=1

    2 years ago

  • Smile Today  Hi Monte,I am glad you wrote that blog!!!I totally agree with you on how Nancy was so rude to Ginnette on last nights show! I actually picked up the phone and tried to call in, but I could not get through. I definetly think Ginnette, Gale and any other psychic who helped on this case should be Thanked for all their help and prayers and I know if something ever God for bid happen to my son you guy’s would be the first people I turn to!! If she is so against psychic’s then she should not have them on at all and keep her comments to herself. I agree with you on how would she handle if one of her kid’s came missing as I am sure she would take anybody and anyone who will help!!! Maybe she should do a show about how much psychic have and continue to help so many people and cases!! We all love you and love and appreciate all you do, so don’t ever let someone like Nancy Grace get you down.
    Keep doing what you are doing and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Dawn…

    2 years ago

  • K K  Lee Anthony going to be charged!Guess it is old news but I just heard it!http://www. myfoxorlando. com/myfox/pages/News/Detail?contentId=8151426&version=1&loca
    le=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=3. 3. 1

    2 years ago

  • Mary Ann    Monte, thank you as always for your insight and your gifts! My heart is broken for this lil girl who should have been God’s gift as she was meant to be to this family who she was supposed to be protected by according to God’s words. Monte, be blessed and as all of us wish this should have never happened period. Angel blessings Mary Ann
    • 2 years ago
    • Christina Edwards  If this information is true,which you are almost always right,I might add……………….THEN I HOPE TO GOD THEY ALL FRY…..They allowed an innocent 2 yr.old to rot in a field….how sad….NO IMMUNITY for them….they are as Casey Anthony always says “ABSOLUTELY” HEARTLESS. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      2 years ago

    • K K  Just in Bones were Caylee! 🙁

      2 years ago

    • magical Merlin  Do you think the grandmother knew about all along? She sounds so defending her daughter. I don’t know why I’m having bad vibes about the grandmother all long and probably knew what her daughter did to the baby.

      2 years ago

      • Cherry Walker  You originally predicted Caylee would be found in August. I believe this was the case. The “Meter reader” made a flurry of calls August 11, 12, 13th. I believe he found the remains or was shown the remains and compelled by someone to move them. If he takes a polygraph he will fail.

        2 years ago

      • World Psychic  Hi,Yes, she has always known who killed Caylee, everything after that has been a smoke screen..Thanks for your comments..Monte

        2 years ago

    • MEDIUM/CLAIRVOYANT WHI…  Keep up the good work my friend!

      2 years ago

    • Cherry Walker  Thank you for sharing this. I also would like to add some of the things that I have sensed.
      GA or LA will attempt suicide. I tend to think that it will be George and his health will rapidly deteriorate afterward. It will come out at trial that Casey planned to kill both her parents at some point. LA helped to move or hide Caylee and if the authorities search his home they will find very important evidence.
      Casey will publicly accuse father and/or brother of incest.

      2 years ago

      • World Psychic  Hi Cherry, SUPER!! You did hit that one and you’re right about the LA too!…. Hugs, Monte

        2 years ago

      • Cherry Walker  I just wanted to point out that I predicted GA would attempt suicide (comment posted Dec 14). I stand by the rest of my comment as well.

        2 years ago

      • World Psychic  Hi Cherry,I agree with some of what you’ve shared and I’m trying not to say too much since a lot of people are watching my Blogs…Lee is very emotional (the opposite of Casey) and he may try to run away or hide before the trial….He won’t be able to handle the pressure and I agree that his life is hanging by a thread right now out of fear that people will find him out.I’m sure that Casey will weave her web far enough to snare a lot of innocent people before all is…

        2 years ago

    • Lori Love Artist and ps…  wow,you have seen a lot concerning this case,when I looked into it weeks ago I saw her in water,but thats about it,thanks for sharing this info,you are so insightful,peace.

      2 years ago

    • janice powers  My blessing goes out to CAYLEE the little angel.

      2 years ago






Case: Caylee Anthony – Missing 3 yr old Caylee of Orange County, Florida.

Posted April 25, 2009 – 09:50 Central time..

This will be a continuation of the previous Blog since I’m out of space in adding to them.


I have started seeing some images that will surprise many people following this case in the news:

The judge will soon begin gaining more control over the players in this case and issue gag orders before trial..(Due to Cindy?).

As many as 4 (I actually see up to 6 possibly being cited) people will be charged with Contempt-of-Court or Perjury in this case before the trial ends..

At least 2 people, or half that were charged with Perjury/Contempt, will receive some jail time for irritating the Judge.

A difference in this case and the infamous O.J. “trial of the century” will be that the judge presiding over this case is not Judge Ito and is going to kick some butt when witnesses and Attorneys get out of hand….He will rule with an iron gavel…..One warning the first time, then you’re busted the next time if you step out of line….

Major tension will be felt by everyone in the courtroom….Especially the Press & Attorney’s…He’ll set the tone early in the trial and take no foolishness from anyone…..

Expect to see a controversy involving Nancy Grace over inside information leaking out from or about the Jury concerning evidence..

Some reporters will be ejected from the Courthouse for breaking the Judge’s strict rules over press coverage….He’ll threaten to kick most reporters out before the trial even begins…

Expect to see Attorney Jose Baez charged with Contempt-of-Court soon for crossing the line with the Judge…this should occur by July/August..

Gloria Allred may get involved in this case by representing a female witness…This could be a family member or friend of Casey’s like Amy..

I still see a part of this trial starting in the Fall….this could represent Pre-Trial Discovery hearings and Motions by Baez to delay the case further…

Baez will attempt to force the Judge to free Casey on Bond but that’s not going to happen….The Judge’s concern will be that Casey will run or be harmed by the well as the current conduct of her parents in the media.

By Summer, those that are still drinking the Casey Koolaide will be disappointed when new evidence concerning Cindy’s private conversations with someone about Casey will come to light.

There are several new “key” witnesses that are holding back what they know until this case gets closer to trial…to avoid the media..

Casey’s Grandmother will reveal a bombshell about Casey and Cindy before Fall.

I see illness/danger around Casey’s grandmother…the strain with Cindy is taking it’s toll on her seeing Cindy/George deny what they know as the truth..

One key witness will be injured/die in a auto accident before this trial goes to Court…It appears to be one of Casey’s former boyfriends..

One of Casey’s former boyfriends will go to jail before trial…I see he may be in jail during the trial when he’s called as a witness..

I’m being told that a lot of major evidence has not  been revealed yet in this case and is being vetted before it will be released…involving records or documents..

Dr. Lee will be involved in a verbal controversy during trial with the Judge when he crosses the line in making statements about evidence collected by the Prosecution..

The Judge presiding over this case will be very impatient with the press coverage and Attorneys….The pressure will get to him very early in the first week of trial as a delay by Baez sets him off..

This case will not drag out like the O.J. case because the Judge will streamline and limit testimony..

I see at least one female Jurer being replaced before the trial ends either for misconduct or illness.

The presiding Judge will eventually be recognized as the hero in this case for bring justice in Caylee’s behalf…

This case is far from a Death penalty case at this time and will be difficult for the Prosecution to pursue, I still believe it won’t be that when the trial comes around…

It will be the majority women seated on the jury that make the verdict for Life in prison for Casey Anthony……The Judge will punctuate that verdict..

There will be major problems with some witnesses playing on both the Presecutions side, and the Defense at trial causing confusion in Court…When they have to sit in front of Casey and face her…


If you have any information on the case of Caylee Marie Anthony, please notify the authorities by using the phone numbers below:

Orange County Missing Persons Unit
407-836-HELP (4357)

Detective Yuri Melich
office 407.254.7000 (ext. 70633)

Crime line: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)




    2 years ago

  • Susan  This is amazing and I am waiting for all of it to happen. Caylee should be here not her mother. You do such good work Monte and I thank you for sharing it with everyone.

    2 years ago

  • ~ lmin76 ~  Yep. It is going to be a circus.

    2 years ago

  • brittany neal  Bless little caylee. She was so beautiful. I’m glad to hear that their will be justice.

    2 years ago

  • Judy Daniel  interesing !!!!!!!! I sure hope a lot of this comes true. Hugs

    2 years ago


    2 years ago


{ 15 comments… read them below or add one }

Nancy January 22, 2012 at 4:18 pm

Great Reading i just found your blog and will be following you in the future….
thank you Ya ans some questions i was wondering about ..As well..

Psychic Monte January 23, 2012 at 5:40 am

Hi Nancy,

Thank you!


Alexandra September 19, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Hey Monte, I hope that this case will be overturned. I am currently watching Dr. Phil with the Anthony’s, I like all of George’s answers; I feel he is being very truthful. Cindy is coming out of denial too (thank God!). Maybe these statements they’re making on Dr. Phil will be the ones to help overturn this case. Do you know what has been going on in Casey’s life recently?

Psychic Monte September 20, 2011 at 3:45 am

Hi Alexandra,

I don’t feel that the case will be not overturned since it’s a done deal now. Casey is just catching up on doing all the things that she couldn’t do while in jail and going through a makeover so that she can try to convince people that she’s a good person…No chance of that happening!.


Alexandra September 20, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Well, maybe we can ‘hope’ on the case overturning.

Psychic Monte September 22, 2011 at 8:43 am

Hi Alexandra,

Unfortunately, the case can’t be overturned since that would be double jeopardy on Casey. But, if she gets into more trouble it will be worse on her now.


commonsense August 2, 2011 at 12:11 am

Hi Monte,

Your may want to update your post… Please note that the prosecution had 3 lesser charges for the jury to consider. There was aggravated child abuse and agravated manslaughter of a child. The jury could have convicted on a lesser charge. As you said, they just didn’t bother deliberating because they wanted to go home…

Do you think that Casey ever used cloroform or xanax to make Caylee sleep. A friend mentioned that Caylee would sleep through loud parties and get off and cry and get scared and then just pass out again.

If there was no babysitter, where was Caylee during the day??

worldpsychic August 2, 2011 at 3:18 am

Thank you!

Yes, I was aware of the lessor charges but the Jury didn’t have any material proof as they said to convict Casey for anything serious.

I don’t feel that the chloroform was used in the death of Caylee, but the Xanax was probably used to put her to sleep and from what I can see, she suffocated in the car.

Caylee was with Casey most of the time, but she would leave her in the car or with a boyfriend when she needed time to party.


Anonymous July 21, 2011 at 1:13 pm

Monte, I read the previous comment regarding the question about facebook and whether or not Casey could be behind writing some of the comments. I am on Twitter and there is someone on there claiming she is the “real” Casey. I believe this is her. She is saying certain things that would indicate that it is indeed really her. Her narcissism is apparent in her posts. It appears to me that this is all a game to her and her only goal is to be noticed and made a “celebrity” out of this tragedy. My question to you is, is will justice ever be served for little Caylee here on earth? Do you see Casey returning to jail anytime soon? Will the truth ever come out regarding the “indivual” who helped Casey in moving little Caylee’s body to the swamp? And also how much Casey’s parents helped in covering up the crime, i.e., cleaning up evidence and throwing away certain items to help Casey?

Thank you for your insights. I love reading your predictions and the accuracy and detail you bring is truly amazing. God bless,


worldpsychic July 22, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Hi Leslie,

I would feel more comfortable saying that Cassey was on Twitter than Facebook.. But there are a lot of people with more time to play these games than Casey..

Yes, I do feel that Casey will end up back in jail or worse in the coming months..It will take some time but she’ll eventually get into trouble again when the money runs out..

I don’t know that all of the details surrounding Caylee’s death will come out but you can bet that Cindy did a lot to cover up the crime. Even though she should have been charged for some of her actions, I understand the reluctance of the police to pursue that..

Lee holds the key to the truth and is the greatest link in getting those details out to the public one day.

Thank you Leslie for your support!


tammy July 19, 2011 at 12:55 am

monte, today i was on facebook reading a thing in the casey anthony updates comment. there was one girl out 2000 or more comment, this girl for some reason. the way she was talking and going on. it made me think she is casey anthony hinding behind a different name. after i posted that i believed that casey anthony was on there talking behind a fake name. this girl never commented again. could u tell if it was her. i just hope that casey anthony can live a life that they angels and god can forgive her. i very sad that had to happen to beautiful young child like little ms. caylee

worldpsychic July 20, 2011 at 8:10 am

Hi Tammy,

I’m sure that a lot of Casey supporters would not want to publicly make themselves known on a public website, so I’m not surprised that someone used an alias.

I doubt that it was Casey is behind these comments since she’s probably trying to adjust to being free right now. But you can never tell that another family member could be behind them?

Thank you for your comments & questions,

Luke July 18, 2011 at 8:56 pm

I had this strange feeling you were going to update your blog with this. I had been on vacation in Panama City Beach, FL during most of the most recent trial and I found myself constantly double checking your blogs at night while watching HLN and other related channels. It was astounding to me how much your blogs added up with the “missing pieces” that weren’t covered in the trial. I’ve heard a lot of people on TV keep saying “there’s something ELSE” “there is something else we just don’t know” — well, if they read your blogs, they’d have a little bit more clarity and insight as to what that something is. Just a question… what are your feelings on the lightning that struck a tree near where she was found after the verdict?

worldpsychic July 20, 2011 at 8:32 am

Hi Luke,

My only concern is that some of the things that I saw within the first 6 months of Caylee being missing weren’t followed up on by the Florida investigators.

I know that a lot of PI and Law Enforcement personnel were reading my blogs due to some emails that I received, but I was never contacted for the insight about seeing a white car close to the house on the right side of the road…I only stated that some clothing was tossed out to the North of the Anthony residence, and more to the South if the home. To this day, I can still see Caylee’s face pressed against the plastic bag like a death mask.

I probably could have located her remains in July if I had found a sponsor to fund a trip to Fla during that time but I have to surrender my involvement to the Angels since they know what’s best.

Lee knew a lot more than he said and that’s one reason he stayed away from the search parties and family drama. He knew that it was all for show. Casey now wants to contact him but I doubt he will do anything to bring attention to himself. He did what he had to do to help his sister in court and will stay out of her life if possible.

I earlier saw a sign like a sighting of Caylee would take place near the home and the Lightning strike is from the wrath of people wanting justice for Caylee. It’s a sign one way or another that Spirit is watching over Caylee and justice will prevail soon..


Alicia April 25, 2017 at 12:29 pm

I just heard about this lightning strike on the tree just a cpl feet away from where Caylees remains were found that shattered bark over a police car sitting near by. I saw one of your vlogs that said Cayley would appear and I truely believe that you were right that this was her way of showing the people that justice was not served

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