Predictions – 2008 Part II

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World Predictions for the Year 2008 – PART II

These Predictions will cover from June 2008 to June 2009 – Posted Friday June 6, 2008 8:00am. CDT.


This is a one year Prediction Series:

Prediction #1Fire or brown out at substation – MidWest… ***UPDATE July 21, 2008 Headlines: Storm hits Iowa with 100 mph wind, causes blackout ‘….winds of up to 100 mph early Monday,knocking down trees and power lines and blacking out more than 200,000 homes and businesses….’ ..***UPDATE Jan 30, 2009 Headlines: ‘Over 600,000 still without power in Midwest…’  …***UPDATE Jan 30, 2009 Headlines: ‘Over 600,000 still without power in Midwest…‘ 

Prediction #2:   Navy on alert – in Persian Gulf…***UPDATE Aug 7, 2008 Headlines:  ‘Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran’ …..’The build up of naval forces in the Gulf will be one of the largest multi-national naval armadas since the First and Second Gulf Wars…’

Prediction #3Earthquake in Mexico…. ***UPDATE Aug 10,2008 Headlines: ‘Magnitude 4.6 -BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO ‘ …. ***UPDATE Oct 16, 2008, Headlines: ‘Strong (6.5) earthquake off Guatemala-Mexico coast’… ***UPDATE April 27, 200 9 Headlines: Strong earthquake felt in Mexico City‘ …’Powerful earthquake rocks tall buildings in Mexico City‘ … 

Prediction #4Western power grid goes down – black out… ***UPDATE Sept 15, 2008 Headlines: ‘Ike remnants blamed for Midwest deaths, blackouts’…’..Residents of the Midwest faced blackouts affecting more than 2 million homes and businesses…’

Prediction #5:  Canada speaks out against US in Iraq…

Prediction #6:  Snow or unusual weather in New York/New England (July/August)…***UPDATE Aug 10, 2008 Headlines: ‘August Heat Iced by Hail’ …..’Hail storms cut the afternoon temperatures from a balmy 80 to 55 degrees today. Heavy pellets about the size of a bottle cap fell in great force within a 30 minute time frame in this fast moving storm ..’

Prediction #7:  Food shortages seen due to vehicle gridlocks…

Prediction #8:  Record high temperatures set for South (drought)… ***UPDATE Aug 3, 2008 Headlines: ‘Texas plagued by heat, drought, water parasite, wildfires’ …’Saturday’s high of 104 around Dallas was the ninth straight day of triple-digit heat, a stretch that began at the end of the fourth-hottest July on record in North Texas’

Prediction #9:  Wildfires seen in mid-west and Texas…***UPDATE Aug 3, 2008, Headlines: ‘Texas plagued by heat, drought, water parasite, wildfires’***UPDATE March 2, 2009 Headlines: ‘Texas wildfire destroys 28 homes, a dozen businesses southeast of Austin’.

Prediction #10:  Arkansas tornado comes at night – severe damage… ***INFO April 09, 2009 Headlines: ‘Heavy storms rake Midwest; tornado hits Ark. town’ …’A tornado struck a small Arkansas town on Thursday night, causing minor injuries, as part of a severe storm system moving quickly across the nation’s midsection’ … ***UPDATE April 10, 2009 Headlines: ‘Tornado wallops Ark. town; 3 killed, dozens hurt’ …’Tornado devastates small Arkansas town, killing 3 and injuring dozens; home searches begin’ …

Prediction #11:  Disease scare in China forces some countries to pull out of Olympics…

Prediction #12:  Another earthquake seen hitting China before the end of the year… ***UPDATE Aug 1, 2008 Headlines: ‘CHINA: EARTHQUAKE IN SICHUAN MAGNITUDE 6. 1’ ….  ***UPDATE Aug 30, 2008 Headlines : ‘6.1 Magnitude Quake Kills 22 in Southwest China’ …***UPDATE Oct 6, 2008 Headlines: ‘Tibet Earthquake Kills at Least 30’…&…’6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Tibet’…***UPDATE Dec 26, 2008 Headlines: ‘Thousands evacuated after quakes hit SW China’

Prediction #13:  Protest seen in Thailand streets… ***UPDATE July 23,2008 Headlines: ‘Cambodia on brink of war with Thailand’ ….. ‘The crisis started last Tuesday when three protesters from Thailand were arrested in disputed territory by Cambodian soldiers.’ ….. ***UPDATE Sept 02, 2008 Headlines: ‘US Embassy warns Americans to avoid Thai protests’ …***UPDATE Oct 06, 2008 Headlines: ‘Thai police clear protesters from parliament’***UPDATE April 08, 2009 Headlines: At least 40,000 at mass protest in Bangkok

Prediction #14 :  New planet/solar system discovered by early 2009… ***UPDATE Oct 28, 2008, Headlines: ‘Evidence found of solar system around nearby star’ … ‘For the first time, astronomers think that they’ve found evidence of an alien solar system around a star close enough to Earth to be visible to the naked eye’ … ***UPDATE April 22, 2009 Headlines: Scientists Spot Earth-Like New Planet‘ …

Prediction #15:  Black dust/smoke in the air makes people sick***UPDATE July 1, 2008, Headlines: ‘Calif. smoky haze causing spike in doctor visits’…….‘Our waiting rooms are full of people with sore throats, itchy eyes and sniffles,’ said Kevin Hamilton, a respiratory therapist with Sequoia Community Health Center in Fresno…’ ***UPDATE June 30, 2008,Headlines: ‘Calif. firefighters battle more than1,400 blazes ……’Two of Northern California’s more than 1,400 wildfires choked parts of the Sierra Nevada foothills, darkening a100-mile stretch between Sacramento and Reno with clouds of black smoke.’ 

Prediction #16:  Violence on US/Mexico border increases many dead in one city near Texas…  ***UPDATE  June 25, 2008 Headlines: ’20 people killed in Mexican border city’……..’Police say 20 people have been killed in less than three days in this crime-ridden border city’s latest wave of violence………. Ramirez says that this year alone more than 500 people have been killed in Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso,Texas’  …. ***UPDATE Aug 14, 2008 Headlines: ’30 dead in worst weekend of Mexico violence this year’ … ‘More than 30 people died in the worst weekend of violence this year in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua’

Prediction #17: Reports of false oil shortage to run up price angers many in US… ***INFO Sept 12, 2008 Headlines: ‘Rumor leads to gas shortages’…‘Sheriff’s office blames media…***INFO Sept 22, 2008 Headlines: ‘Atlanta gas shortage spurs driver ‘panic’ ‘

Prediction #18:  Edward Kennedy back in hospital 2nd time – (may not leave)… ***UPDATE Sept 26, 2008 Headlines: ‘Kennedy taken to hospital’ ***UPDATEJan 20, 2009 Headlines: ‘Sen. Kennedy collapses at Obama inaugural lunch’  ***UPDATE Jan 20, 2009 Headlines: ‘Sen. Kennedy collapses at Obama inaugural lunch. ***UPDATE Aug 24, 2009 Headlines: ‘Mass. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77’

Prediction #19:  Caroline Kennedy enters politics (runs for office). ..***INFO Aug 20, 2008, Headlines:  ‘CNN:Caroline Kennedy floated for VP. … * **UPDATE Aug 21, 2008 Headlines:‘Caroline Kennedy: Obama’s Ambassador to Britain?’…***UPDATE Dec 5, 2008 Headlines: ‘Caroline Kennedy interested in NY Senate seat’… ***UPDATE Dec 15, 2008 Headlines: ‘Caroline Kennedy to seek Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat

Prediction #20:  Explosion seen around a US Embassy overseas in middle East…   ***INFO July 9, 2008 Headlines: ‘Attack outside US consulate in Turkey, 6 dead’ …***UPDATE Sept 16, 2008 Headlines: ’16 die in attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen’ 

Prediction #21:  Chilean earthquake seen… ***UPDATE Aug 21,2008 Headlines: ‘Moderate quake shakes northern Chile’ (5.4)… ***UPDATE Sept 10, 2008 Headlines: ‘Magnitude 6.0 earthquake rocks northern Chile’ … ***UPDATE April 17, 2009 Headlines: ‘USGS: 6.0 quake strikes off coast of Chile … ***UPDATE Feb 28, 2010 Headlines: ‘Chile quake toll tops 700 as tsunami devastation emerges’
‘Chile’s quake toll topped 700 as rescuers searched for survivors and the extent of the disaster became clear in coastal areas where giant waves swept away homes, even as the government apologized for failing to issue a tsunami alert’

Prediction #22:  Female college student goes missing in Mexico City…

Prediction #23:  Missing pilot Steve Fossett’s plane found in mountains… ***UPDATE Oct 2, 2008 Headlines: ‘Sheriff: Search teams find Fossett wreckage’… ***UPDATE Oct 30, 2008 Headlines: ‘Searchers find 2 bones near Fossett crash site’…’Sheriff says human bones, shoes with bite marks are found near Steve Fossett crash site’

Prediction #24:  Passenger tire recall seen due to faulty tires deflating/accidents… ***UPDATE:  June 12, 2008 Headlines: ‘Fatal Rollover Prompts Probe into Chinese-Made Tire Valve Stems Safety’ & ‘Distributor recalls 6 million Chinease-made tire valve stems’ …***UPDATE Oct 21, 2008 Headlines: ‘Government investigating Ford tire valves ‘

Prediction #25:  Concern over China spy satellite over US…

Prediction #26:  Gas shortages in North-East causes panic… ***UPDATE Sept 13, 2008 Headlines: ‘Region’s gas stations largely deserted following Friday’s panic buying’ ….***UPDATE Sept 18, 2008 Headlines:  ‘Parts of the nation still having gasoline shortages’….  ‘The crunch is especially severe in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic’…***UPDATE Sept 26, 2008 Headlines: ‘Gas Shortage In the South Creates Panic, Long Lines’…’Drivers in Charlotte reported lines with as many as 60 cars waiting to fill up late Wednesday night’

Prediction #27:  Pregnancy announcement for Jenna Bush…

Prediction #28:  Wedding plans seen around Royal Family…

Prediction #29:  New large oil field discovered in Alaska… ***UPDATE July 23, 2008 Headlines: ‘Arctic May Hold 90 Billion Barrels of Oil, U.S. Says’ …..’One-third of the undiscovered oil is in Alaskan territory, the agency found in a study released today .’

Prediction #30:  Two trains collide in Northern US… ***INFO Sept 12, 2008 Headlines: ‘Two TrainsCollide In Los Angeles’… ***INFO Nov 20, 2008 Headlines: ‘Calif. trains collide; no major injuries reported’

Prediction #31:  US Air Force pilot crashes malfunctioning plane – ejects safely… ***UPDATE June 06, 2008 Headlines: ‘Air Force: Moisture caused $1.4 billion bomber crash’ …..’It’s fortunate the crew was able to safely eject’…***UPDATE Dec 8, 2008 Headlines: ‘F-18 fighter jet crashes in San Diego residential area”

Prediction #32:  Confusion/chaos surround Olympic games not starting on time… ***UPDATE  Aug 21, 2008 Headlines: ‘Athletic events delayed’ …’Torrential rain in Beijing this morning has delayed athletics events at the Beijing Olympics .’…

Prediction #33:  Bad weather unrelenting in several States with Tornadoes everywhere at once… ***UPDATE Sept 2, 2008 Headlines: ‘Hurricane Gustav’s tornadoes’ ….’The Storm Prediction Center recorded 17 tornado reports from Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi ‘

Prediction #34:  100’s of people will die this year from storms and Tornadoes – record number set this year… ***UPDATE Nov 26, 2008 Headlines: ‘Atlantic Hurricane Season Blows Away Records’ …‘Six consecutive named storms ? Dolly, Edouard, Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike ? struck the U.S. mainland, something that had not been seen in recorded history’

Prediction #35:  Tornadoes will appear in places they have never been seen before (I see a place with sand like the desert)… ***UPDATE Aug 15, 2008 Headlines: ‘Strong storms spark rare tornado warning near Flagstaff (Arizona)

Prediction #36:  Mysterious lights in sky appear over New Mexico…

Prediction #37:  Large number (maybe 24 or more?) of US Marines/solders killed in Iraq/Afghanistan by a suicide bomber at one time – see some females soldiers killed – (could be during Holiday?)… ***INFO Dec 1, 2008 Headlines: ‘Iraq: bombs kill more than 30 in Baghdad, Mosul’ …‘Bombs target Iraqi and US security forces in Baghdad, Mosul, killing more than 30:…

Prediction #38:  US Congressman commits suicide…

Prediction #39:  More Senators/Politicians linked with Prostitutes in sting operations… ***UPDATE Oct 13, 2008 Headlines: ‘Congressman’s $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress’ & ‘Fla. Congressman said to be involved in 2nd affair’ …***UPDATE Nov 14, 2008 Headlines: ‘Aide to Boxer Fired After Being Charged in Child Pornography Sting’ …***UPDATE Nov 14, 2008 Headlines: ‘Mass. lawmaker accused of harassing women resigns’

Prediction #40:  Hillary will still be a part of the Presidential Race this Fall… ***UPDATE Aug 14, 2008 Headlines: ‘Clinton’s Name Will Be Put in Nomination’…. ‘Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name will be placed into nomination at the Democratic National Convention’ … ***INFO Nov 13, 2008 Headlines: ‘Report: Obama Considering Hillary For Secretary of State’

Prediction #41:  Stroke or illness seen around Senator McCain, or Cindy,(hidden from press?)… ***INFO Aug 13,2008 Headlines: ‘Cindy McCain Taken To Hospital After Harsh Handshake’

Prediction #42:  Heated exchange between McCain & Obama at town hall meeting (McCain mostly)…

Prediction #43:  McCain goes blank at press meeting – forgets what to say, rambles causing questions about his health from the press… ***UPDATE July 9, 2008 Headlines: ‘Media laughs as McCain stumbles on serious women’s health question’..

Prediction #44:  Illness seen around a male Supreme Court Justice…

Prediction #45:  Space rover on Mars gets stuck, loses communication… ***UPDATE Oct 31, 2008 Headlines: ‘ Mars lander loses radio contact with Earth base ‘… ***UPDATE Nov 10, 2008 Headlines: ‘NASA loses contact with Mars lander, ends mission

Prediction #46:  Space Shuttle Flights delayed or limited due to debris issue… ***UPDATE Sept 1, 2008 Headlines: ‘Concern about Hanna prompts NASA to delay shuttle move’… ***UPDATE Sept 5, 2008 Headlines: ‘Storms Delay Shuttle Missions to Hubble, Space Station’…. ***UPDATE Sept 10,2008, Headlines: ‘NASA Worried About Shuttle-Space-Junk Collision’… **INFO Nov 19, 2008 Headlines: ‘ LOST IN SPACE: Missing tool bag forces changes to Endeavour plans’

Prediction #47:  Some Small banks are taken over by FDIC due to financial problems in South… ***UPDATE July 2, 2008, Headlines:  ‘Small Banks’ Reckoning Day Is Coming….According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., $45.4 billion of the $631.8 billion in construction loans outstanding at the end of the first quarter were delinquent’ (Mostly banks in Ak, Ga,Tenn, NC, Az, and Fla)…  ***UPDATE Aug 1, 2008 Headlines:’FDIC takes control of Fla. bank, fourth to fail since July 11 ….’One week ago the agency took control of First Heritage Bank of Newport Beach and First National Bank of Nevada in Reno…’… ***UPDATE Aug 29, 2008 Headlines: ‘Integrity Bank Becomes 10th U.S. Failure This Year’ …. ‘Integrity Bank of Alpharetta, Georgia, was closed by U.S.regulators today’ … ***UPDATE Nov 8, 2008 Headlines: ‘ Regulators shut banks in Texas, California ***UPDATE Nov 21, 2008 Headlines: ‘ Georgia bank 20th to fail this year‘… ***UPDATE Dec 5, 2008 Headlines: ‘FDIC shuts failed bank in Georgia’…

Prediction #48:  Mass bloodshed seen in India from suicide bombers… ***UPDATE July 27, 2008 Headlines: ‘In e-mail,Islamic group claims India blasts’ ……’An obscure Islamic group claimed responsibility for a series of synchronized explosions that killed at least 45 people in western India’…***UPDATE Sept 13, 2008 Headlines: ‘Five bombs explode in Indian capital, 20 killed’ ….***UPDATE Oct 13, 2008 Headlines: ‘India’s PM blames wave of violence on extremists’ … ***UPDATE Oct 21, 2008 Headlines: ‘Police: Blast in India’s northeast kills 14’…***UPDATE Nov  27, 2008 Headlines: ‘125 dead, 327 injured in Mumbai attacks’…

Prediction #49:  Pakistan becomes politically unstable by Fall, connected to US Presidential race… ***UPDATE Aug 7, 2008,Headlines:  ‘President Musharraf of Pakistan to be impeached’ ….. ‘Pakistan’s political crisis came to a head yesterday after the country’s ruling coalition moved to impeach President Musharraf…’…***UPDATE Aug 18, 2008, Headlines:  ‘Musharraf resigns as Pakistan president’ …. ***UPDATE Sept 10, 2008, Headlines: ‘Fourteen killed in grenade attack in Pakistan mosque’ ….***UPDATE Sept 13, 2008 Headlines: ‘Pakistan blast toll rises to 53; 2 U.S. service members among the dead


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