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World Predictions made before 2008

These are a few of the Predictions I made over the past few years during various Lectures/Workshops   


Prediction #1In 1988, the events surrounding 9-11 in NYC was predicted a full 12 years before it happened including the number of people killed being in the 1000’s., location, buildings falling, and time range.  However, I didn’t know that planes would be used but I tried to warn everyone I knew about the event to no avail.  I don’t know of anyone else in this country that made this prediction over 12 years before it happened…      

Prediction #2:   I did predict seperately that several Planes would hit buildings/skyscrapers in several cities, but at the time I didn’t tie it to the 9-11Twin Towers falling but I did predict them at the same time. (New York City, Chicago, Pa.)    

Prediction #3In 1992, Hurricane Andrew was predicted 4 months before it hit Fla and the exact number of deaths and path of the hurricane were foretold. (I missed the time by exctly 30 days but everything else was correct – I stated it would be in July but it hit on the exact day in Aug as I predicted) .  

Prediction #4In early Sept 1992, I canceled a trip to Cairo, Egypt after predicting an earthquake that would occur in Oct 1992 while I was there, I predicted that 500 people would die. (less than 3 weeks later a 5.9 earthquake hit on Oct 12, 1992 killing 552 people in Dahshour, Egypt)…  

Prediction #5:  Predicted in 1988 that by the turn of the century that criminals would be turned in for bounty on television for rewards by our Government and individuals (Americas Most Wanted and US Government rewards for Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and others come to mind).

Prediction #6:  Predicted in 1988 that by the turn of the century personal freedom will be greatly jeopardized by our govt and would begin a time of great spying on Americans by our govt. by instilling fear & by threat of terrorist acts to limit freedoms… (Patriot Act was enacted).

Prediction #7:  Foretold in 1988 that the 1990’s would be named the Decade of the Woman due to major accomplishments by women in Politics and the workplace….

Prediction #8:  Foretold that “goose pimples” were actually tiny muscles for at least 10 yrs before science discovered them as muscles in the early 90’s…  

Prediction #9:  Predicted the elections of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush , Bill Clinton, George W. Bush.

Prediction #10:  Predicted that Eric Rudolph would escape standing trial for the murder of Officer Robert “Sande” Sanderson, and the Olympic Village bombings 6 months before trial (he was spared a trial by a Plea bargaining agreement in April 2005).

Prediction #11:  Predicted the death of Nascar’s Dale Earnhardt in a race related accident 6 months before his deadly crash in 2001.

Prediction #12:  Foretold the rise and great popularity of Country Music star Shania Twain before you could even buy any of her records in the USA.  I even went as far as going to numerous Chain music stores and tried to get them to buy her music (which they couldn’t)…..I just wished I could have bought stock in her music because I would have been a millionaire overnight!

Prediction #13:  Warned people all over the country in lectures that a strange illness will befall the soldiers that came back from Desert Storm and no one will be able to tell the source of the illness until it was too late for many people.  (Gulf War Syndrome!)

Prediction #14:  Predicted in 1980 many of the E-Coli restaurant food contaiminations that hit Jack-n-the-Box and others during the 1980’s .

Prediction #15:  Predicted in 1980 that President Reagan would defeat the Air Controllers strike (PATCO)..and fire them.

Prediction #16:  In 1985, Predicted the 1986 NASA Challenger Shuttle disaster.


There were many more predictions made but these are just some of the highlights!    

    Please email me if you see something I’ve missed in updating this website..

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