Predictions – 2010 Part III

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World Predictions for the Year 2010 – PART III

These Predictions will cover from Nov 2009 thru Nov 2010 – posted on Oct 14, 2009 @ 9:13 pm

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This is a one year Prediction Series:


Prediction #1I do see and feel that a lot of tension is building in this country over the fear that our economy will not do better in the coming year. While some retail sectors will suffer early into 2010, I do feel that the service industry will pick back up….Let’s face it, even though the economy is bad doesn’t mean that we have to live in a cave. So many areas like travel, hotels, car rental, resorts will again start back up in (early) 2010…   ***UPDATE Jan 06, 2010 Headlines:  ‘Service Sector Growing Again, But New Jobs Are Few‘ …

Prediction #2:   I don’t see the US getting involved in the Iran/Israel drama any time soon. If Israel decides to take on Iran by itself, then some of our allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia will not back Israel…  ***UPDATE Dec 8, 2009 Headlines:  ‘Turkey To Israel: Cross Our Airspace To Bomb Iran & We Will Respond Like An Earthquake‘ …

Prediction #3The current Medical coverage debate will carry over into 2010 with more inside information and deals being revealed. If it doesn’t get approved this year a lot of people fear it won’t happen at all…  …***INFO Jan 05, 2010 Headlines: ‘Democrats begin work to finalize health bill’ …’President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats embarked Tuesday on the tough work of ironing out differences between House and Senate health care legislation with the aim of quickly approving a bill as midterm elections near’ . ..***INFO Feb 05, 2010 Headlines: Obama admits health care overhaul may die on Hill…’ ..  

Prediction #42010 will bring a voter revolt to the new elections that year..At least 3 Dems will lose their seats to Rep or Independent candidates this year… ***UPDATE Nov 3, 2009 Headlin es: ‘GOP Wins Va. Gov Race a Year After Obama Won State‘ … ***UPDATE Nov 3, 2009 Headlines: ‘Republican Christie Captures NJ Governors Seat ‘ ... ***INFO Nov 16, 2009 Headlines: ‘Hoffman ‘unconcedes’ in N.Y.-23 House race’ …. Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has “unconceded” in New York’s special House election after reports that the vote margin narrowed between him and Rep. Bill Owens (D)‘ … ***UPDATE Jan 19, 2010 Headlines: ‘GOP’s (Scott) Brown Wins Mass. Senate Seat in Epic Upset’ ..

Prediction #5:  The conflict in Afghanistan will get much worse before Christmas, the US really can’t win there and we should have taken notice of what happened to Russia when they attacked Afghanistan many years ago. That country can never be won militarily and we can only hope for a partial alliance, if any. If the US seeks to destroy the drug producers (like being considered Oct 6, 2009) it will open the door for our ultimate defeat. You can’t take away their only source of revenue and think that they would welcome us with open arms. Not only that, but we’ll make enemies out of many tribes that now support us…    ***UPDATE Dec 31, 2009 Headlines: ‘CIA Director: 7 CIA Workers Killed in Afghanistan’ …’The Taliban claimed responsibility Thursday for infiltrating a CIA post with a suicide bomber who set off an explosion that killed seven American intelligence staffers and wounded six others in an attack believed one of the worst in the agency’s history’ ... ***UPDATE Dec 31, 2009 Headlines: ‘US troop deaths soared in Afghanistan in 2009’ …’US troop deaths in Afghanistan soar in 2009 as insurgents deploy thousands of homemade bombs’ …’U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan doubled in 2009 compared with a year ago as 30,000 additional troops began pouring in for a stepped-up offensive and the Taliban fought back with powerful improvised bombs’***UPDATE Jan 24, 2010 Headlines: Soviet war veterans warn US on Afghan strategy’ …’The United States is repeating the mistakes that the Soviet Union made in Afghanistan, Russian veterans say, convinced the USSR’s disastrous near decade-long war there harbours deep lessons for Western forces’ INFO Feb 19, 2010 Headlines: ‘U.S. Military Afghan War Casualties in 2010 Almost Double Those from Same Period in 2009’

Prediction #6:  California should be experiencing a major earthquake by Christmas (or early in the New Year)..something in the neighborhood of a 6.0 -7.3 scale event…   ***UPDATE Dec 30, 2009 Headlines: ‘Quake near Mexican border shakes San Diego area’    …***UPDATE Jan 10, 2010 Headlines: ‘6.5 quake shakes buildings on California coast..‘ …

Prediction #7:  Somalia will become a deadly battleground for the US Navy soon. I have seen militants attacking a US Naval Vessel which will escalate into a future conflict for the US. Expect to see the US drawn into a military battle with those terrorists…

Prediction #8:  I keep seeing the name Jimmy Hoffa, so I expect to see something in the news either about finding his remains or discovering information about his fate..I feel this will be in the next few months..This could also include illness/danger around Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.

Prediction #9:  Christmas will bring some fatalities to Americans either overseas or here in the States by the hands of terrorists during the holidays… ***UPDATE Dec 25, 2009 Headlines: ‘Terror on Northwest Flight 253: Bomb On Plane Linked to al-Qaeda’ …’A passenger on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 landing Friday afternoon in Detroit tried to blow up the flight in an attempted terrorist attack — but the bomb failed, say authorities’…  ***UPDATE Dec 30, 2009 Headlines: ‘Eight Americans Killed by Afghan Suicide Bomber Were CIA’ ***UPDATE Dec 31, 2009 Headlines: ‘Taliban Claims Attack That Killed Eight Americans’ …’The Taliban on Thursday claimed an attack by a suicide bomber on a US base in eastern Afghanistan that killed eight Americans possibly working for the CIA.

Prediction #10:  I see more flooding around the Southern portion of Texas/Louisiana during the next few months, it could be due to a late hurricane or tropical storm…

Prediction #11:  I’ve had a vision for many years of (previously unknown) undeveloped film (or even pictures) of the JFK assassination being discovered, at least 3 men were involved in the assassination that day with some disclosure coming in 2010… ***UPDATE Jan 16, 2010 Headlines: ‘New unseen video of JFK on day he was assassinated released’***UPDATE Jan 16, 2010 Headlines: ‘Home Video Shows JFK the Day He Died’ ..’A newly released home movie of President John F. Kennedy’s arrival in Dallas, Texas on the day of his assassination went on display this week at a Dallas museum’***UPDATE Jan 16, 2010 Headlines:

Prediction #12:  Danger/Illness around President Obama during the holidays (close call during travel?)… ***UPDATE Dec 28, 2009 Headlines: Obama leaves golf course abruptly, speeds home’…’KAILUA, Hawaii (AP) – President Barack Obama has abruptly ended a round of golf and sped toward his family’s vacation home for what is being described as a “personal matter.” An ambulance was seen speeding toward their compound…

Prediction #13:  Rare eclipse surprises scientist now to Jan 2011…  ***UPDATE Jan 16, 2010 Headlines: Longest solar eclipse for 1,000 years turns Sun into a blazing ring of fire‘ …‘The sun is reduced to a ring of gold against the black sky as the Moon slips between it and Earth.This solar eclipse yesterday lasted for 11 minutes and eight seconds, setting a record that will not be beaten until December 23, 3043′...          


****BELOW Added to Blog Nov 18, 2009 06:45 am


Prediction #14 :  Expect to see more major prehistoric discoveries since I’ve known for a while that this was coming and why.  Scientist will be able to extract DNA and create once extinct dinosaurs and find lost cures for many diseases in the near future….I also see the discovery of a full prehistoric male…2010 will be an exciting year for scientist all over the world as they re-write history….  ***UPDATE March 24, 2010 Headlines: ”Rare’ fossil of new dinosaur species found in US” ..
It had a body the size of a sheep, a long neck and tail, and lived some 185 million years ago. Scientists call this dinosaur find “a rare skeleton of a new species.”… Paleontologists unearthed the partial remains of the plant-eating creature, named Seitaad ruessi, in the red rocks of the Navajo Sandstone region of the western US state of Utah.
The bones were found just below stone and adobe dwellings of the ancient Anasazi people in a site known as the Eagles Nest
. …
***UPDATE March 24, 2010 Headlines:  Gene research reveals fourth human species’ …The discovery by Svante Pääbo and colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, is based on DNA sequences from a finger bone fragment discovered in a Siberian cave.  It further enriches the scientific picture of human life in the recent geological past. “Forty thousand years ago the planet was more crowded than we thought,” said Terry Brown, an expert in ancient DNA at Manchester University. …***UPDATE March 24, 2010 Headlines: ‘Possible new human ancestor found in Siberia’ …(Reuters) – Genetic material pulled from a pinky finger bone found in a Siberian cave shows a new and unknown type of pre-human lived alongside modern humans and Neanderthals, scientists reported on Wednesday…The creature, nicknamed “Woman X” for the time being, could have lived as recently as 30,000 years ago and appears only distantly related to modern humans or Neanderthals, the researchers reported.

Prediction #15:  Expect to see a woman in her late 70’s being pregnant soon!.

Prediction #16 :  An assassination attempt of Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai will occur before March 2010 and unfortunately, he won’t survive his term in office…


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