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World Predictions for the Year 2010 – PART IV

These Predictions will cover from Dec 2009 thru Dec 2010 – posted on Dec 05, 2009 @ 9:13 am

(NOTE: This Blog was submitted by request and translated on the French web site (‘Need to Know’) on December 05, 2009 and posted on Dec 14, 2009

Here’s a translated link to the 2010 Predictions site, you may have to copy the link and paste it in your browser and then click on the picture of me or the TOPIC 2010 Clairvoyance link to get there:   HERE!
Some of the predictions listed here are on another blog but many are new… With a few that have already come true since they were posted..


This is a one year Prediction Series:

Prediction #12010 will be a year of economic change for most people especially around April. I see the financial markets running against a wall during that month. January through March will see a smoother ride than the end of 2009 but that will run out in April when the stock market crashes due to a domino affect of bad debt hitting home…The Dow Jones Stock Market will fall below, or near 9000 again….    ***UPDATE Jan 06, 2010 Headlines: ‘Service Sector Growing Again, But New Jobs Are Few‘ … ***UPDATE Jan 07, 2010 Headlines:  ‘Unemployment-Claims Data Signal Job Gains Are Near…’A government report Thursday on claims for unemployment aid signaled that layoffs are easing and that the economy could be on the verge of posting the first monthly gain in jobs in two years‘ … ***INFO Jan 24, 2010 Headlines: ‘USA: The MASSIVE RETURN OF FEAR!! Is Wall Streets DOW about to crash 1,000 points?’

Prediction #2:   North & South Korea will begin a peace process after a standoff before Summer’s end. The death of one or both leaders of these countries will be the catalyst for that change…Confusion and fear over who will lead North Korea in the future and a worsening economic collapse will foster a new era of reconciliation. Lasting Peace will finally come within the next 2 years!!…   ***INFO Dec 21, 2009 Headlines: ‘N.Korea Says It May Open Fire Near Disputed Sea Border’ …’North Korea Monday warned South Korean ships to avoid the disputed Yellow Sea border area where a clash broke out last month, saying its coastal artillery would target the area in firing exercises’  ….  ***INFO Jan 13, 2010 Headlines: ‘North Korea says it will allow more US tourists’ …’BEIJING (AP) – North Korea said Wednesday it will begin to allow in more American tourists after years of heavy restrictions on visits to the isolate country, according a tour operator‘ …

Prediction #3A secret “Love child” tied to Senator Ted Kennedy revealed in the news during this year…(a Female is seen)….   

Prediction #4The war in Afghanistan will come to a deadly stalemate before the end of Summer, the US will suffer major loses and demands for a pullout will come too late as the Afghanistan government falls due to bloodshed…Expect a partial withdrawal of US forces by next Christmas. ***INFO Feb 19, 2010 Headlines: ‘U.S. Military Afghan War Casualties in 2010 Almost Double Those from Same Period in 2009’***UPDATE July 30, 2010 Headlines: “US Casualties in Afghanistan Soar to Record Highs” ..’In a summer of suffering, America’s military death toll in Afghanistan is rising, with back-to-back record months for U.S. losses in the grinding conflict. All signs point to more bloodshed in the months ahead, straining the already shaky international support for the war .’  …

Prediction #5:  Danger or a close call will change the way President Obama travels in the future, a stray bullet is accidentally fired from someone close to him while he is exiting or entering his motorcade vehicle..

Prediction #6:  The Pacific Ring of Fire will trigger many storms and threats of a Typhoon/tsunami originating from the Conga trench, the Philippines will suffer another wave of high water along with Malaysia, Vietnam, and China by October/November. …***UPDATE Feb 26, 2010 Headlines: ‘Quake, minor tsunami hit southern Japan’ …’Japan’s Okinawa island received its biggest seismic jolt in almost 15-years on Saturday when a powerful earthquake struck, triggering minor tsunami tidal waves’ … ‘The 7.0 magnitude quake was measured at a depth of 22 kilometres (14 miles) and was centred 81 kilometres east-southeast of Naha in Okinawa, the US Geological Survey said‘ ….***UPDATE Feb 27, 2010 Headlines: ‘Huge Quake Hits Chile; Tsunami Threatens Pacific’ …’One of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded struck Chile on Saturday, toppling homes, collapsing bridges and plunging trucks into the fractured earth. A tsunami threatened every nation around the Pacific Ocean — roughly a quarter of the globe ‘.

Prediction #7:  Expect to see major prehistoric discoveries where scientist will be able to extract DNA and secretly create once extinct dinosaurs and find lost cures for many diseases in the near future….I also see the discovery of a near complete prehistoric male…2010 will be an exciting year for scientist as they re-write history and new discoveries in the Middle East will stun the world….. ***UPDATE March 24, 2010 Headlines: ”Rare’ fossil of new dinosaur species found in US” ..It had a body the size of a sheep, a long neck and tail, and lived some 185 million years ago. Scientists call this dinosaur find “a rare skeleton of a new species.”… Paleontologists unearthed the partial remains of the plant-eating creature, named Seitaad ruessi, in the red rocks of the Navajo Sandstone region of the western US state of Utah….The bones were found just below stone and adobe dwellings of the ancient Anasazi people in a site known as the Eagles Nest. …***UPDATE  March 24, 2010 Headlines:  Gene research reveals fourth human species’ …The discovery by Svante Pääbo and colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, is based on DNA sequences from a finger bone fragment discovered in a Siberian cave.  It further enriches the scientific picture of human life in the recent geological past. “Forty thousand years ago the planet was more crowded than we thought,” said Terry Brown, an expert in ancient DNA at Manchester University. … ***UPDATE March 24, 2010 Headlines: ‘Possible new human ancestor found in Siberia’ …(Reuters) – Genetic material pulled from a pinky finger bone found in a Siberian cave shows a new and unknown type of pre-human lived alongside modern humans and Neanderthals, scientists reported on Wednesday…The creature, nicknamed “Woman X” for the time being, could have lived as recently as 30,000 years ago and appears only distantly related to modern humans or Neanderthals, the researchers reported.

Prediction #8:  The US will be forced to sign unfavorable trade/military concessions with other countries like China, Japan, and Canada that were once thought impossible, manly due to the collapse of foreign debt payments to these countries, the US will concede rights to other lands, or relinquish prior treaties..  ….***UPDATE July 28, 2010 Headlines: “Japan Wants US Marines to Move to Guam” ..’Japan’s government said Wednesday it had no plan to delay transferring some 8,000 US marines based on the southern island of Okinawa to the US Pacific territory of Guam by 2014′ ..

Prediction #9:  Russia will experience an extremely cold Winter that isolates its people and many people will freeze to death due to a lack of heating fuel. . ***INFO Dec 28, 2009 Headlines: ‘Winter freeze kills 79 in Poland’ ..

Prediction #10:  Many African countries will quarantine their borders by December to stop the flow of newly infected people with a rare disease. Thousands of people will create tent cities on neighboring borders where they will be fenced out…. ***INFO Feb 08, 2010 Headlines: ‘Bad Malaria Pills in Africa Raise Resistance Fears’ …’High rates of the most effective type of malaria-fighting drugs sold in three African countries are poor quality — including nearly half the pills sampled in Senegal — raising fears of increased drug resistance that could wipe out the last weapon left to battle a disease that kills 1 million people each year, according to a U.S. report released Monday‘ …

Prediction #11:  Cuba and the US will be normal trading partners before the end of 2010 with people freely traveling between the two countries. The US will provide millions of dollars in relief for the impoverish island when another Hurricane hits them around May – June… ***INFO Dec 16, 2009 Headlines: ‘U.S. travel industry gearing up for return to Cuba’ …’It’s too soon for Americans to plan a Cuban vacation of beach, mambo and mojitos, but the U.S. travel industry is gearing up for a return to its largest Caribbean destination before Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution‘ ….

Prediction #12:  I’ve had a vision for many years of (previously unknown) undeveloped film (or pictures) of the JFK assassination being discovered showing 2 or more men were involved in the assassination that day…Some new disclosures about the case will come out in 2010’… ***UPDATE Jan 16, 2010 Headlines: ‘New unseen video of JFK on day he was assassinated released’ ***UPDATE Jan 16, 2010 Headlines: ‘Home Video Shows JFK the Day He Died’ ..‘A newly released home movie of President John F. Kennedy’s arrival in Dallas, Texas on the day of his assassination went on display this week at a Dallas museum’ ***INFO Jan 25, 2010 Headlines: ‘Stone Says US in Denial Over JFK Assassination’‘Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone said Monday the United States remains in denial over the possibility that someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald could have assassinated John F. Kennedy, calling it a “national fairy tale.”…. .***UPDATE Nov 15, 2011 Headlines: “Lost John F. Kennedy Assassination Tapes on Sale” …’A long-lost version of the Air Force One recordings made in the immediate aftermath of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, with more than 30 minutes of additional material not in the official version in the government’s archives, has been found and is for sale...

Prediction #13:  Somalia will become a deadly battleground for the US Navy soon. I have seen militants attacking a US Naval Vessel which will escalate into a future conflict for the US. Expect to see the US drawn into a military battle with those terrorists..  ***UPDATE Nov 15, 2011 Headlines: “Somali Pirates Attack US Navy Ship‘  ..          

Prediction #14 :  France will become an political & economic force starting this year due to prior careful planning and a conservative approach to the world’s markets….Fame and recognition will eventually come to President, Nicolas Sarkozy, when many countries look to him for economic advice… ***INFO July 30, 2010 Headlines:Sarkozy threatens immigrants who target police” …’Sarkozy wants to take away French citizenship of immigrants who attack police… President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday that he wants to revoke the French citizenship of immigrants who put the lives of police officers in danger as part of a “national war” on delinquency’

Prediction #15:  At least 3 volcanoes will become more active this year that were once silent. One in Hawaii, one in the Philippines, and one in Yellowstone National Park…Two of these will start to erupt with danger coming to people nearby… ***UPDATE Dec 13, 2009 Headlines: ‘Yellowstone’s Plumbing Exposed’ …’A related University of Utah study used gravity measurements to indicate the banana-shaped magma chamber of hot and molten rock a few miles beneath Yellowstone is 20 percent larger than previously believed, so a future cataclysmic eruption could be even larger than thought’***UPDATE Dec 15, 2009 Headlines: ‘20,000 evacuated as Philippine volcano oozes lava…” … ***UPDATE Dec 21, 2009 Headlines: ‘Philippine Volcano Gets Louder, Could Erupt Soon’ … ‘Philippine troops on Monday pressed the last 3,000 villagers who have refused to heed government warnings to leave the danger zone around a volcano that experts say is ready to erupt‘…   ***INFO Jan 31, 2009 Headlines: EARTHQUAKE SWARM AT YELLOWSTONE; SECOND LARGEST RECORDED IN PARK...’ …’ Hundreds of Quakes Are Rattling Yellowstone’ … DENVER — In the last two weeks, more than 100 mostly tiny earthquakes a day, on average, have rattled a remote area of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, putting scientists who monitor the park’s strange and volatile geology on alert’ …. ***INFO Feb 02, 2009 Headlines: ‘Yellowstone Eruption Days Away?‘…’The current earthquake swarm at Yellowstone can now be called the longest and most eventful in modern history’

Prediction #16 :  Winter for most of the USA and Southern Canada will be much colder in 2010 with ice storms crushing small towns all over the Northern US…States like New York, Michigan, Minnesota, and the Plains States will be without power for extended periods of time……. ***UPDATE Dec 09, 2009 Headlines: ‘At Least 14,000 Lose Power in Vt. Due to Storm’ … ***UPDATE Jan 01, 2010 Headlines: ‘Winter of 2009-2010 Could Be Worst in 25 Years’ …… ***UPDATE Jan 04, 2010 Headlines: ‘Winter Could Be Worst in 25 Years for USA’CHILL MAP… ‘3 Deaths Due To Cold in Memphis’‘PAPER: GAS SUPPLIES RUNNING OUT IN UK’… ‘Vermont sets ‘all-time record for one snowstorm’… ‘Iowa temps ‘a solid 30 degrees below normal‘… ‘Historic ice build-up shuts down NJ nuclear power plant’… ‘Miami shivers from coldest weather in decade’….. ***UPDATE Jan 06, 2010 Headlines: ‘Next Arctic Blast blows even colder’… ‘Persistent cold tightens grip on nation’…. ‘Weekend Freeze Looms for Gulf Coast’‘Florida races to save crops’… ‘Cold snap spurs power rationing in China’.. …***UPDATE Jan 11, 2010 Headlines: ‘FEDS: December was 14th coldest in 115 years..‘ … ***UPDATE Jan 29, 2010 Headlines: ‘Ice, Snow Chill Southern Plains Amid Power Outages’ …’A powerful storm dumped snow, sleet and freezing rain on the southern Plains Thursday, disrupting power to thousands of homes and businesses, canceling flights and shutting down major highways across three states’***UPDATE Feb 07, 2010 Headlines: ‘ICE AGE: WEST WING NEARLY BURIED IN SNOW’‘Historic storm’‘Paralyzing nation’s capital’‘200,000+ without power in DC metro’…’*90,000 In NJ’‘Nearing all-time storm total snowfall record for Baltimore’‘Snow measurements for DC/MD/VA/WVA’‘Multipe Roof Collapses Around Region‘…‘Up to 30 inches in parts of Philly’***UPDATE Feb 07, 2010 Headlines: ‘Worst snows in modern history hit DC’ ***UPDATE Feb 11, 2010 Headlines: ‘East Coast Digs Out From Storm for Record Books’ …’Crews in Maryland worked to rescue motorists stranded on highways in snow drifts up to 8 feet and utility workers scrambled to restore power to more than 100,000 customers a day after a powerful storm disrupted the lives of some 50 million people from the southern plains up through the East Coast’ . ***UPDATE Feb 26, 2010 Headlines: ‘Storm Cuts Power to a Million Customers in East’***UPDATE Feb 27, 2010 Headlines: ‘Northeast Storm’s Wake: Nearly 600k Without Power’ ...’Utility crews pushed through deep drifting snow and fallen trees Saturday to restore electricity to homes and businesses that lost power during a slow-moving winter storm that pounded the Northeast with heavy snow, rain and hurricane-force winds

Prediction #17:   Fires due to Arson will torment fire fighters and the police in the States of California and Washington. At least 3 fires in California will be blamed on an arsonist and I see North Hollywood being one of these locations…The California fires appear to be related to a grudge by a lone male.. ***UPDATE July 28, 2010 Headlines: “Calif. wildfires burn 30-plus homes, threaten 150” …’Wildfires burn more than 30 homes, threaten dozens of others and force evacuations in Calif.‘.. ..***UPDATE July 30, 2010 Headlines: “1,500 homes under evacuation orders in LA County” …’1,500 homes under evacuation orders in northern Los Angeles County as wildfire grows” …

Prediction #18:  Floods in the Midwest will once again harm the farmlands of the US with threats of another flood around New Orleans or South East Texas is seen by May 3rd….***INFO Mar 06, 2010 Headlines: Upper Midwest braces for severe spring flooding’ …’Spring could bring disastrous flooding again to the Upper Midwest, government forecasters are warning. And folks along the Red, the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers are taking precautions, especially after calamities last year and the year before‘ ..***UPDATE July 07, 2010 Headlines: “Mexico, Texas Evacuate Homes as Rio Grande Floods”  ..’Reservoirs along the Texas-Mexico border rose to their highest levels in decades after days of drenching rain, forcing officials to close two border bridges Wednesday, dump water into flooded rivers and evacuate tens of thousands from homes as a new storm headed toward the region. .

Prediction #19:  I keep seeing the name Jimmy Hoffa, so I expect to see something in the news either about finding his remains or discovering information about his fate..I feel this will be in the next 6-9 months..This could also include illness/danger around Jimmy Hoffa, Jr…    ***INFO Sept 05, 20101 Headlines: “Union thug Jimmy Hoffa Jr: “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.” …When Hoffa says “take these son of bitches out” we don’t think he’s talking about going down to the malt shop and asking for two straws... …

Prediction #20:   An assassination attempt of Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai will occur before March and unfortunately, I don’t see him surviving his term in office.

Prediction #21:  The Swine Flu will all but disappear in 2010…leaving as fast as it arrived.. ***INFO Jan 08, 2010 Headlines: ‘Glut: Truckloads of Unused Swine Flu Vaccines in NY‘… .***INFO Jan 16, 2010 Headlines: ‘Nations scrap orders for GSK swine flu jab’ …’Demand for vaccines to combat H1N1 influenza has fizzled out because the pandemic has proven to be less aggressive than was first feared’ …… .***UPDATE Feb 05, 2010 Headlines: ‘US swine flu epidemic shows signs of being over’ …’ATLANTA (AP) – Is the U.S. swine flu epidemic over? Federal health officials won’t go so far as to day that, but on Friday they reported for the fourth week in a row that no states had widespread flu activity’ …’U.S. cases have been declining since October. An official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says swine flu cases are still occurring and are likely to continue a while longer at some level’ …’. But another expert said a future large wave of cases now seems very unlikely. The expert, Vanderbilt University’s Dr. William Schaffner, said the epidemic has “one foot in the grave.”

Prediction #22:  President Obama will initiate Immigration Reform legislation by Summer which stirs controversy in the streets of America as protesters collide with each other….causing a major political divide in this country greater than the medical reform debate..

Prediction #23:  Major earthquake seen in Syria and Turkey by November or late Fall… around 5.3-6.0 or larger…  ***UPDATE March 08, 2010 Headlines: ‘ 6.0 Earthquake Hits Eastern Turkey, Kills 57′ …’A strong earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of 6, hit eastern Turkey on Monday’

Prediction #24:  Jeff Gordon (#24) will win the 2010 Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint race in February… . MISSED!! ***UPDATE Feb 14, 2010 Headlines: ‘Jamie McMurray Wins 52nd Annual Daytona 500’ ..



***Posted on Dec 21, 2009 in a Scranton, Pa newspaper:

  Several of the above predictions were submitted to the Scranton, Pa newspaper: “ ” including with the following:


Prediction #25:  Suicide attempts seen around both John Travolta (after Spring) & Tiger Woods before April..




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